Your Full Guide to NYU Law School Tuition


When people talk about great schools, NYU School of Law is one of the first law schools that comes to mind.  It has more than 375 courses, 16 different areas of study, and more than 95 full-time teachers. It is known for having good academic programs. Over 30 centers and more than 80 student groups at NYU Law give students more than just the chance to learn from books. 

However, a big factor to consider is the cost of studying here. NYU Law School tuition is a major investment, and this article will look closely at the NYU Law School cost and how to pay for law school, helping future law students understand what they’re signing up for financially.

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Short Overview of NYU Law School 

With almost 200 years of history, the New York University School of Law has been a center for top-notch academics and innovative programs. The best graduate programs in business and finance, foreign law, and taxation are all available here for students to fully immerse themselves. Students learn about many fields from a staff of over 100 well-known and respected professors. Some examples are constitutional law, criminal law, and environmental law.

At NYU Law School, education is more than just knowing the law. Practical classes, such as transactional classes, simulation exercises, and clinical chances, give students real-world experience. The school also pushes you to take classes in other university divisions to get a broader view of law. 

The NYU Law building is right in the middle of Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan. The neighborhood is full of fun and interesting places besides the university. Some of the best lawyers and lawmakers in New York are regular visitors to the school, and students can talk to them both inside and outside of class. Visitors from high-level government officials, judges, and representatives of many international and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) make this connection even stronger. This dynamic environment fosters global connections among students while making learning more enjoyable.

How Much Does NYU Law School Cost

If you intend to attend law school, one issue to consider is the expense. The NYU Law School tuition fee is $76,878 for both residents and non-residents. This is significantly higher than the national average tuition of $55,993 for private law schools. Additionally, the tuition at NYU Law is still more than the state average of $66,989 when compared to comparable private law schools in New York.

Notably, NYU Law School does not provide a law school part-time program. Therefore, keeping in mind the high cost of tuition, prospective students must budget for full-time study. With the outstanding education that NYU Law offers and the associated costs in mind, knowing this information is essential to making an informed decision regarding your legal education.

New York University Law School Tuition Increase Over the Past Five Years

NYU Law School Tuition Over the Years
The graph presented depicts the yearly increase in tuition fees for NYU Law School, providing valuable information.
Between the academic years of 2018 and 2024, there has been a noticeable and steady increase in the cost of NYU Law School. The rise in tuition at NYU Law School is attributed to various underlying factors.

The NYU Law School Tuition for 2018 was $66,204. After five years, the tuition fee rises to $76,878. This increase has multiple significant causes. Improvements to campus and academic buildings make a big difference. The expenditures inevitably increase as NYU Law upgrades and modernizes its facilities and instructional materials. Maintaining the excellent caliber of instruction at NYU Law largely depends on paying faculty members competitive compensation.

Furthermore, it is impossible to ignore the need for legal education at a renowned university like NYU Law. The law program’s demand and reputation are growing, and with them is the financial commitment needed to keep this prestigious level of instruction fresh.

This tendency emphasizes to potential students the importance of careful financial planning. Important stages in preparing for a legal education include considering the NYU Law School tuition per year and projecting potential future hikes. By being aware of these factors, students may ensure that their education decisions are well-rounded and consider the short- and long-term financial commitments associated with attending NYU Law School.

Breakdown of New York University Law School Tuition and Fees

2023-24 Estimated Federal Student Expense Budget Estimated Cost
Tuition 76,878
Health, Registration, Service, and Tech Fees 3,136
Housing and Meals 26,800
Books and Supplies 1,500
Health Insurance (basic) 4,346
Miscellaneous 1,144
Loan Fees 220
NYU Law School Cost of Attendance 114,024

When considering the NYU Law School cost of attendance, it’s essential to understand the financial aid budget set for students. This budget sets the total financial help a student can get in a given year. This can be loans or a mix of grants and loans. Students can’t take more money than what’s allowed in the budget. The budget is changed annually to account for costs and spending changes. This amount is just an estimate, and it could change.

International students at NYU Law School are expected to cover additional financial obligations such as VISA fees, SEVIS, international travel, and settling in. These fees include the $185 US Visa Application Fee, $220-$350 SEVIS Fee, $90-$100 per semester NYU Global Services Fee, $230-$400 Early Arrival Health Insurance Fee, and $58-$120 Early Arrival Daily Housing Rate. Unless waivers are permitted, or alternative health insurance is offered, these costs should be factored into the budget. The additional costs associated with moving abroad and traveling can total anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000.

Understanding these financial aspects is crucial, especially when considering the average law school debt. Prospective students need to be fully aware of the financial commitment involved in attending NYU Law School, which extends beyond tuition fees to include these additional necessary expenses.

NYU Law School Financial Aid 

NYU Law School provides a variety of grants and scholarships as financial support for its students. The Dean’s Awards, which are dependent on need, merit, or a combination of the two and can cover up to full NYU Law School tuition, are open to any students who submit the online institutional financial aid application.

Given the high cost of legal education, NYU Law devotes a significant amount of its resources to financial aid. This covers the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), institutional grants, and law school scholarship programs. To ensure a fair procedure for all, admissions are assessed without taking the family’s financial situation into account.

In the United States, law students frequently rely on law school loans to finance their education. Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS federal loans, for instance, are accessible to citizens and permanent residents. In addition to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, private student loans are also extended to international students upon qualification. Furthermore, for applicants with financial constraints, exploring options like the LSAC Fee Waiver can be beneficial in reducing the costs associated with applying to law schools.

Scholarship Programs at NYU Law School

  • The AnBryce Scholarship Program helps students who have been through hard times and are the first in their families to graduate by giving them full scholarships and career development.
  • The Cybersecurity Service Scholarship pays for all students’ schooling if they want to work for the government in cybersecurity or computer security.
  • The Furman Academic Scholars Program awards full tuition and summer research funding for students aiming for legal academia, along with a personalized study program and faculty mentorship.
  • The Furman Public Policy Scholarship Program includes full tuition, a funded internship, a policymaker-focused seminar, a semester in Washington, D.C., and a course in public policy lawyering.
  • Students interested in international, transnational, and comparative law can apply for the IILJ Scholars Program, which provides possibilities for study, internships, and participation in IILJ activities.
  • The Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law & Business offers dual-class opportunities, mentorship, and scholarships up to full tuition for students interested in professions combining law and business.
  • Full-tuition scholarships for public service and justice for the Latinx community are available to recipients of the Latinx Rights Scholarship.
  • Reputably, the Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholarship Program offers complete tuition to students who have proven their commitment to public service.
  • For students who are ardently committed to providing civil legal representation for marginalized groups, the Sinsheimer Service Scholarship offers full tuition.

Intellectual Property and Technology Scholarships

  • The Desmarais Law and Technology Scholarship offers full tuition for students interested in law and technology.
  • The Desmarais LLP Scholarship provides full tuition for students with a focus on patent law.
  • The Engelberg Scholarship awards full tuition to students with an engineering or basic science background interested in intellectual property law.

Other Financial Support

  • The PILC Summer Funding Program guarantees funding for students working in public interest and government summer positions.
  • The NYU Law Venture Fund offers grants for students developing startups or interning at startups.
  • The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP Plus) helps qualifying alumni in public service manage their law school loans effectively.

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Final Thoughts: Is NYU a Good School for Law?

When it comes to NYU School of Law, the answer to the question, “Is law school worth it?” is unquestionably positive. Although attending NYU Law is pricey, it looks like a sensible investment given its excellent bar passage rate, highly esteemed NYU School of Law ranking, and various financial assistance. Because of its well-established reputation for academic excellence and professional accomplishment, prospective attorneys find NYU Law attractive.

The school’s commitment to offering students financial aid through various grants, scholarships, and debt reduction programs also lowers tuition prices.

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