NYU Law School Acceptance Rate: A Comprehensive Guide to Admission


When you think of the elite law institutions, NYU Law ranks among the top. Its reputation isn’t just built on age-old laurels; it consistently exemplifies excellence in its teaching faculty and diverse student body. The school’s name carries weight. This respect is earned, as the NYU Law School acceptance rate, revealing its selectiveness, has always been a testament to its commitment to admitting only the best.

Importance of Understanding NYU Law School Acceptance Rate

For those aiming to get their foot in the prestigious door of NYU Law, understanding the acceptance rate isn’t just about crunching numbers. It’s about realizing the competition, gauging where you stand, and understanding what it takes to be a part of this institution. 

Knowing the NYU School of Law acceptance rate gives potential students a clear picture, setting realistic expectations. Moreover, specific metrics like the NYU LSAT score become crucial to help you understand how likely you are to get accepted and what academic standards the school values.

In the following sections, we will dive deeper into these metrics, the intricacies of the application process, and tips that might help you make the cut.

Programs Overview

The New York University School of Law is a beacon for legal scholars worldwide. Renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and diverse range of offerings, NYU Law provides students with unparalleled opportunities in the realm of legal education. 

1. JD Program: A standard three-year program leading to a Juris Doctor degree.

2. JD Dual Degrees: Merges the JD with other master’s programs, enabling students to diversify their legal expertise. Options include:

  • LLM: Master of Laws tailored to specific legal specializations.
  • MA: Master of Arts for interdisciplinary studies.
  • MBA: Master of Business Administration for law-business synergy.
  • MPA: Master of Public Administration, combining law with public service.
  • MUP: Master of Urban Planning for legal professionals in urban development.
  • MSW: Master of Social Work integrating law with social welfare.

3. LLM Programs: Graduate-level courses for students aiming for specialization in law.

4. JSD Program: An advanced program leading to the Doctor of Juridical Science, showcasing mastery in legal research.

NYU Law School Class Profile

To better understand your chances at NYU Law School, let’s look at NYU Law School admissions statistics and details about the new students at NYU Law.

Check your scores against this NYU Law information. But remember, it’s not just about numbers. Good essays can help if your grades or test scores are slightly lower.


Fall 2023 Entering JD Class Profile*

Number of Students 430 full-time day students
LSAT Score
75th Percentile 174
50th Percentile 172
25th Percentile 168
Undergraduate GPA
75th Percentile 3.96
50th Percentile 3.90
25th Percentile 3.77
Colleges Represented 100+
States Represented 37 states plus DC and PR
Gender Distribution 60 percent women
Students of Color 47 percent
Years Out of College
1 to 4 years 70 percent
5 or more years 10 percent
Advanced/Professional Degrees 8 percent

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NYU Law School Acceptance Rate

Given NYU’s exceptional ratings and esteemed academic reputation, you’d likely think landing a spot there would be nearly impossible. NYU sets high standards, but believe it or not, they accept around 15.70% of those who apply! That might sound low, but when you stack it up against other top-tier law schools, NYU seems more approachable. Take Yale Law, for example, which has an acceptance rate of 6%. Or Stanford, which sits at 7%. Harvard’s acceptance rate is only 10%, making it one of the most competitive schools to gain admission to. While NYU is still challenging, it is less intimidating than some top-ranked law schools.

To get a clearer picture of law school admissions trends and see where you might stand, consider visiting Law School Numbers. It’s a community-driven platform where prospective students share their application details, LSAT scores, and GPA, allowing you to compare and gauge your chances at various law schools.

New York University 2023-2024 Rankings



Best Law Schools 5
Business/Corporate Law 4
Clinical Training 5
Constitutional Law 5
Contracts/Commercial Law 5
Criminal Law 1
Dispute Resolution 29
Environmental Law 4
Health Care Law 52
Intellectual Property Law 3
International Law 1
Legal Writing 104
Tax Law 1
Trial Advocacy 68

NYU holds the impressive 5th spot in the US News law school rankings. The importance of law school rankings isn’t just about prestige. These rankings indicate a school’s reputation, its faculty quality, the caliber of its curriculum, and its success in positioning graduates in prominent roles.

For aspiring lawyers, attending a higher-ranked school can mean enhanced career opportunities and richer networking experiences. For law schools, a top ranking can draw in the best students and faculty, further elevating their standing in the legal world.

NYU Employment Statistics

Attending NYU Law represents a significant investment in one’s legal education. Given the substantial costs associated with a full-time academic year there, it’s heartening to see the notable success of its alumni. The employment track record of NYU Law graduates stands as a testament to the quality of education and opportunities the institution provides. 

Employment Sector Percentage of Class of 2021 Median Salary
Law Firms 70.68% $215,000
Public Interest/Government/Judicial Clerkships 27.13%
Corporate/Academic 2.19%
Overall   $215,000

How to Get Into NYU Law School

NYU Law School Admissions Requirements

It’s important to note that each institution may have its own specific law school requirement, so thorough research and preparation are key.

  • Application Form

Applicants should diligently follow the provided directions and fill in all necessary sections. If certain sections aren’t applicable, they should be marked as such. Any requisite attachments should be added as specified.

  • Standardized Test Scores & CAS Report

The LSAT and GRE are acceptable standardized tests for NYU Law School applications. Test scores remain valid for a period of five years. Applicants must register for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), which compiles and summarizes undergraduate academic work. All foreign transcripts, barring those from study abroad programs affiliated with U.S. institutions, must be processed through the CAS.

  • Recommendations

A total of two recommendations are mandatory for the standard application process using the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service. Specific scholarships might necessitate additional recommendation letters focusing on an applicant’s dedication to public service.

  • Personal Statement

This is an applicant’s chance to offer more personal insights beyond the constraints of the standard application form. NYU Law gives considerable flexibility regarding the content and length of this statement.

  • Resume

Applicants must include a current resume to round off their application.

  • Additional Information

NYU Law values any extra information an applicant believes might bolster their application. This could range from explanations regarding test scores to personal stories of adversity or challenges.

If you are wondering about your chances of being admitted to law school, the Law School Predictor tool can help. This tool evaluates various metrics, including your undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores, to determine your likelihood of admission to different law schools.

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What NYU Law Looks for in Applicants

What does it take to be a stand-out candidate in the pool of NYU Law hopefuls? Here are the factors that NYU Law Admission considers.

Academic Excellence: Importance of GPA and Major Considerations

NYU Law, being its powerhouse, undeniably strongly emphasizes grades. The NYU law school average GPA is typically quite high, showcasing the caliber of students they onboard. This doesn’t mean you need a perfect score, but a competitive NYU law school GPA is often seen as an indicator of your dedication, ability to handle complex subjects, and commitment to academia.

LSAT Score: Importance and Average Range for NYU Law 

NYU Law School’s acceptance hinges significantly on this LSAT score. The NYU Law School LSAT score of accepted students tends to be in the upper echelons. It’s a standardized way for the school to assess applicants from diverse undergrad institutions and majors.

Extra-Curricular Activities: How They Add Value to Your Application

“Is it all about grades and test scores?” you may wonder. Not quite! NYU Law values well-rounded individuals. Your extra-curricular activities paint a picture of who you are outside the classroom. All these activities showcase your passion, leadership, and, most importantly, your potential contribution to the NYU community.

Personal Statement: Crafting a Narrative That Stands Out 

Your personal statement is your chance to tell your story in your own words. Crafting a compelling narrative can make a world of difference. NYU Law wants to know you—the person behind the scores and accolades.

How Successful Applicants Navigated NYU Law’s Admission 

The journey to getting accepted, given the tight NYU law school acceptance rate, can seem daunting. But fear not! Many people have successfully journeyed this path. A high LSAT score for NYU Law School is crucial for admission. Here are some proven and tested ways to better prepare for the LSAT.  

LSAT Prep Course

An LSAT Prep Course gives you structured study plans, tried-and-tested strategies, and a real shot at aiming for that high score. It helps gauge your strengths and weaknesses and provides actionable steps to elevate your performance. Start Your Journey to NYU Law: Sign Up for LSAT Prep Now!

LSAT Tutoring

Every student is unique, and while some might thrive in group studies, others need that one-on-one touch. LSAT tutoring offers this personalized touch. With tailored guidance that zooms in on your specific challenges, you can make rapid strides in your preparation. Get Tailored LSAT Tutoring for Your Goals! 

Law School Admissions Consulting

When applying to law school, it’s important to remember that the process is holistic and considers not just your academic achievements but also your personal qualities and experiences. This is where Law School Admissions Consulting shines. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the application process, these consultants can be your guiding star. The insights of an LSAT expert could be the difference between a rejection and that joyous acceptance letter. Get Into NYU Law: Expert Guidance Through Our Consulting Services!


The dream of stepping into the esteemed halls of NYU School of Law can be both exhilarating and a tad bit overwhelming. Given the competitive NYU law school acceptance rate, it’s clear that only the best and most prepared applicants make the cut. But, as with all things worth pursuing, the journey is as enriching as the destination. 

The LSAT score is the golden ticket, the first impression, the make-or-break factor. Aiming for that desired NYU LSAT score is a priority. But while numbers are significant, they’re just part of the story. NYU School of Law looks for passion, purpose, and potential – attributes that are often hard to quantify but shine through in well-crafted applications.

Having an experienced guide by your side can significantly boost your chances. At Odyssey, we are a dedicated team with the expertise, experience, and, most importantly, passion to guide aspiring law students like you. We offer LSAT Free Consultation, an initial assessment of aspiring law students’ LSAT preparedness, providing insights and recommendations for potential improvement. Let’s work together to unlock those doors of the NYU School of Law. After all, your dream deserves nothing but the best shot.

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