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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum covers all aspects of LSAT preparation, guiding you through the most challenging sections and equipping you with tried-and-true prep and test-taking strategies to ensure you’re fully equipped to excel on test day.

Dedicated Success Coach

You will have your very own personal, dedicated success coach who provides expert guidance, motivation, and effectively designed study plans that are tailored to your specific needs and learning preferences.

Admissions Roadmap™

Navigate the admissions process with expert guidance on timing, scholarships, and standout applications. Our proven strategies will help you craft an application that shines and secures your spot in your dream law school.

Score Support Center™

Gain access to top-notch LSAT resources, customize your study schedules, analyze your performance, and gain key insights to kickstart your LSAT prep journey. The Score Support Center allows you to fine-tune your preparation, track your progress, and accelerate your understanding of all essential LSAT concepts.

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Free LSAT Prep Course Online Highlights

  • Duration: 3 weeks, totaling 10.5 hours of expert instruction
  • Schedule: Weekly 3.5 hours sessions
  • Materials: Comprehensive study materials designed to cover every aspect of the LSAT
  • Personalized Feedback: In-depth practice test LSAT review analytics to pinpoint areas of needed improvement


Tutoring with Odyssey has been a great experience!

Tutoring with Odyssey has been a great experience. I was really struggling with the test and took the Test Masters course, but found that it wasn’t helping me get to the areas I was really misunderstanding. Through our sessions, we focused on my weakest points and they helped me bring my score up far beyond what I thought was possible. They are also very responsive to emails and questions and always worked around my extremely busy schedule.

– Mai-Lee P.

Best decision I made for getting ready for the LSAT!

Odyssey Test Prep was by far the best decision I made for getting ready for the LSAT. The tutors this company has on staff are top notch and know what their doing. I came to Odyssey with a 150 LSAT score and my score increased 20 points to a 170 within the time that I worked with them which is something that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. So if you’re looking to increase you’re LSAT score go with Odyssey it will be the best move you can make.

– Timothy M

My experience with Odyssey was excellent!

My experience with Odyssey was excellent. They was there for me every step of the way in my LSAT preparation. They were always accessible and accommodating to my scheduling needs. They know the content of the exam inside and out and have a knack for explaining the material in a way that clicks with students. So glad to have worked with Odyssey during my prep for the LSAT!

– Catherine L

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