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Odyssey provides the best private LSAT tutoring in Philadelphia. We’ve successfully guided hundreds of students in the Philly metro region to enhance their LSAT scores by over 20 points. Discover how Odyssey’s comprehensive LSAT tutoring program is empowering students to elevate their careers.



Top in-person LSAT Tutors in Philadelphia, Guaranteed! Odyssey’s individualized LSAT Tutoring has empowered hundreds of students in Philly and nearby regions to achieve 170+ on the LSAT. Be it in-person or online one-on-one LSAT Tutoring, our LSAT tutors, who are highly accomplished educators with exceptional training, go the extra mile for our students.

  • We’ve assisted hundreds of students to gain admission into top 10 law schools such as Harvard University, Columbia University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University.
  • Customized one-on-one tutoring – we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach.
  • Flexible tutoring locations – your place, our place, or anywhere in between. We can also conduct your sessions online!
  • Our track record? We’ve consistently improved scores.
  • Hundreds of Odyssey Students reach 170+
  • We guarantee you’ll love your tutor or your money back*

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We’ve helped hundreds of students elevate their LSAT score and we’re confident that we can help you. We guarantee you’ll love your experience or your money back.

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Looking for LSAT classes and courses in Philadelphia? Odyssey’s personal LSAT class is meticulously tailored to each individual’s specific needs. If you’re thinking about taking group classes, we strongly advise you to schedule a free consultation. We will evaluate your current needs to determine which areas of study will have the greatest impact on your progress. It’s possible that a personalized one-on-one LSAT class will help you get ahead faster.

Your LSAT Class Instructor is dedicated to inspiring your success! We teach the LSAT to accommodate your learning style and concentrate on the areas where you can make the most significant strides. Many of our students witness score increases of 20+ points! Our LSAT Classes are delivered by highly specialized and exceptionally successful instructors who possess the skills necessary to elevate your score.

At Odyssey, we genuinely care about your journey! Our LSAT Class Instructors are passionately committed to helping students succeed. We take great pride in our specialized techniques and our use of the most effective methodologies. Are you ready to take your LSAT score to the next level? Schedule your Free Strategy Session below!



If you’re ready to get on the path to an unbelievable LSAT score then contact us today to schedule a free Strategy Session to discuss your goals, jumpstart your study plan, and get matched with the perfect LSAT Strategist.

Every point on the LSAT is so precious, you can’t afford to leave anything on the table


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5 stars

“I had a great experience working with Dave! He was super patient, encouraging, and adaptable. He was especially helpful when it came to logic games and figuring out techniques to approach them methodically and efficiently.”

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5 stars

“I’ve had an Incredible Experience with Odyssey LSAT Tutoring so far. First, they’re very prompt in their response, their team is always there to answer all the questions you ever have in a time fashion manner.”

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5 stars

“Incredible. John makes you feel as if you have a personal Tudor guiding you every step of the way. He is such a kind guy. His logic game course is clear and helpful. I encourage it!”

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5 stars

“I worked with Jeff Gardner for 5 months and have nothing but good things to say about him and Odyssey test prep books. I gained 13 points during my 6 months with Jeff! Jeff was very knowledgeable about question types.”

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5 stars

“Dave is an awesome tutor! He broke down the exam in a way that made sense and gave me great test taking strategies, which gave me the confidence to tackle the exam on test day.”

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5 stars

“Before starting lessons with Dave from Odyssey Prep I was really struggling with the LSAT. I had been studying on and off for over a year and a half, had taken both online and in person prep courses, and sat for the LSAT twice, scoring a 163 and 167.”


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As a peace-loving Quaker escaping religious persecution, William Penn’s intention was to establish Philadelphia as a place of tolerance and freedom, and he was also committed to maintaining good relations with the local native tribes. That’s why he named Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love, from Greek philos (φίλος) meaning beloved or dear, + adelphó (ἀδελφός) meaning brother or brotherly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prepare for the LSAT

Show MorePreparing for the LSAT usually comes down to 3 paths, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

The first, and cheapest option is self-study. Typically students can spend under $500 and gain about 10 points from their first diagnostic practice test with this method, given they are self-motivated and use great resources.

The second option, which has a moderate cost, is taking a course. Usually students spend about $1,500 on these courses and get similar results to self-study; they gain about 10 points.

The final option, which is generally the most expensive, is private tutoring. Students typically spend $175/hr or more for a great tutor and reach total amounts of $2,500 – $5,000 to work with a private tutor. This route is certainly the most effective, with students seeing 20+ point increases from their first practice test.

How to Study for the LSAT

Show MoreStudying for the LSAT takes a few things to fall into place properly.
1. You must have allocated enough time to get a great increase. We typically recommend 3-5 months of studying with a minimum of 20hrs/wk during your studying.
2. You need to use the absolute best materials and methodology. Feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us to discuss your individual situation and get recommendations here.
3. You’ve got to work hard AND smart. You can take all the practice tests in the world, but if you don’t make meaningful adjustments between them you’ll find your score plateau pretty quickly.
4. You need to get your timing right. Most people could score very well on the test if it was untimed, unfortunately this is not the case. Make sure you allocate enough time and resources to getting your timing perfect before test day. Also, make sure the techniques you learn along the way are able to be scaled up to be used at pace on test day.

How to Pass the LSAT

Show MoreThe LSAT is not a pass/fail style test, so you can’t really pass it. The better you do, the better your opportunities for law school. It is scored on a scale of 120-180. Scoring in the 120s won’t be good enough to get into law school, nor will the 130s typically. The 140s will start to open some doors and the 150s you will be above the median (152) and have some good opportunities. The 160s will allow you to attend some great schools and the 170s will open the door at the most elite schools. The LSAT isn’t the only consideration in law school admissions, so the above is just a general guideline and students sometimes do buck the trends.

How to Start Studying for the LSAT

Show MoreYou should start studying for the LSAT by taking the June 2007, freely available diagnostic practice test under strict timed conditions. This will allow you to get acquainted with the test and to get a baseline score. Don’t worry, nearly everyone’s initial diagnostic is WAY lower than they were hoping but hard work and a great study plan can get you 20+ or even 30+ points on top of that diagnostic test score.

How to Study for the LSAT on Your Own

Show MoreSource the best self-study materials and spend 2-3 months mastering the concepts. Once you feel you’ve mastered the concepts then spend 2-3 months practicing timing using official LSAT practice sections and tests.

How Much Time to Study for the LSAT

Show More3-5 months is the typical time that students spend studying for the LSAT. During this period we recommend at least 20hrs/wk of studying to get the job done.

*We do require that you meet specific criteria to be eligible for our Score Increase and 10+ Point Increase Guarantees. If you do the work, we guarantee you’ll get results. View eligibility criteria here.

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