LSAC Fee Waiver Guide: Qualifications, Steps to Apply, and Discounts


There are numerous benefits to pursuing a profession in law, but let’s be honest—it is not inexpensive. Financial difficulties, such as school fees or the price of early applications, are a necessary part of the journey. Additionally, one unavoidable expense that shows up early in the game is the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) fees.

For those who don’t know, LSAC is the online platform where you start your application to law schools. And yes, using their services comes with a price tag. But what if you can’t afford these fees? Does that mean your law career dreams have to be put on hold? Absolutely not. That’s where LSAC fee waivers come in.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to get an LSAC fee waiver to make your law school application process lighter on your wallet. We’ll cover who can get this LSAT cost waiver, how to apply for one, and what expenses it covers.

What Are LSAC Fee Waivers

LSAC Fee Waivers are financial assistance programs offered by the Law School Admission Council to help eligible candidates cover the costs associated with the LSAT and law school application fees. How to take LSAT for free? The basic LSAT cost is $222, which may be prohibitively expensive for some. The LSAC gives LSAT fee waivers to qualifying candidates in an effort to minimize the financial burden for law school applicants.

Who Qualifies for LSAC Fee Waivers?

LSAC fee waivers are available to law school applicants with demonstrated financial need who meet specific eligibility criteria. To qualify, candidates typically need to demonstrate significant financial need, as determined by their income and the federal poverty guidelines, and be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or eligible noncitizens.

The LSAC typically looks at applicants whose income is within 250-300% of the poverty guidelines when considering who gets their Tier 1 and 2 fee waiver packages. 

The following requirements must be met:

  • Citizenship in the United States or Canada.
  • Be recognized as a United States national.
  • Reside in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau.
  • Possess a U.S. permanent resident status, along with an Alien Registration Receipt Card, also known as I-151 or I-551.
  • Maintain temporary protected status within the United States.
  • Have been granted deferred action under the delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
  • Be a Canadian permanent resident.
  • Be a Protected Person/Convention Refugee in Canada.

In addition to meeting the conditions, you’ll need to complete a fee waiver application through the LSAC. You must also provide supporting tax forms and any other documentation that the LSAC requests. If you have special needs or disabilities, you may also be interested in LSAT Accommodations to make your test-taking experience more comfortable.

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What Does the LSAC Fee Waiver Include?

Applying to law school can be pricey, but LSAC fee waivers can offer some relief. The fee waiver program has been revamped into a two-tiered system to help more applicants who need financial aid. Each of these tiers covers different costs related to applying for law schools and taking the LSAT.

What are the Financial Requirements for a Tier 1 Fee Waiver Package?

When it comes to the LSAC fee waiver income limit, you could be eligible for financial help under two circumstances:

  • If you earn up to 250% of the federal poverty guidelines, you could qualify for Tier 1 financial aid.
  • Candidates in Tier 1 who are financially dependent may still be qualified if their income does not go below 150% of the poverty threshold. Your parents’ combined income and yours cannot exceed 300% of the federal poverty threshold.
LSAC Fee Waiver Tier 1 Associated Fee (waived)
Two LSAT test dates (within two years of the fee waiver period) $444
One CAS registration $200
Six CAS Law School Reports $270
One-year subscription to LawHub Advantage $115
LSAT Score Preview for two tests $90-150
One LawReady registration, LawReady Certificate, and Portfolio fee  $249

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What are the Financial Requirements for a Tier 2 Fee Waiver Package?

If you don’t meet the income limit for a Tier 1 LSAC fee waiver but still need financial aid, a Tier 2 package could be right for you.

The Tier 2 package’s LSAC fee waiver income cap is slightly more flexible than the Tier 1 package’s. Here’s how to qualify:

  • Earning an income within 250 to 300% of the federal poverty limit.
  • If you are a financially dependent candidate, your income shouldn’t exceed 200% of the federal poverty line. Furthermore, combined income with your parents should be between 300 and 350% of the federal poverty line.
LSAC Fee Waiver Tier 2 Associated Fee (waived)
One LSAT test date (within 2 years of the fee waiver period) $222
One CAS registration $200
Three CAS Law School Reports $135
One-year subscription to LawHub Advantage $115
LSAT Score Preview $45-75
One LawReady registration, LawReady Certificate, and Portfolio fee  $249

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Overview of the LSAC Services

The services are the same for both levels, but Tier 1 offers far more. The LSAC offers a variety of services, each of which will be briefly discussed now.

Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Fees

To register for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), applicants must submit their law school applications. Registration at law schools is CAS-required. CAS has a five-year subscription and costs $200. CAS gathers all your important papers, like transcripts and recommendation letters, and sends them to law schools. Almost all law schools ask for this when you apply.

LSAT Registration Fees

Taking the LSAT is a must-do step for law school. The registration fee for one LSAT is $222. While LSAT registration fee waiver Tier 1 covers the cost for two LSATs, Tier 2 covers just one.

Law School Reports

Law schools will need your Law School Report, which contains your LSAT scores and other important documents. Each report costs $45. 

LawHub Advantage

LawHub Advantage helps you prepare for the LSAT by giving you access to over 75 past official LSATs for a year. This service costs $115 and is a useful resource for your LSAT prep.

LSAT Score Preview

First-time LSAT test takers can buy a preview of their LSAT scores. This enables candidates to view their LSAT results and determine whether or not to keep them.


Finally, there’s LawReady, a new program by LSAC priced at $249. With the help of the new LSAC initiative, college students can learn about the legal field, acquire the skills needed for success, and explore the legal profession while navigating the admissions process and expanding their network.

How To Apply For An LSAC Fee Waiver

If you’re considering law school but are worried about the costs, LSAC cost waivers can provide much-needed LSAT financial aid. Let’s look at the steps to apply for this cost-saving benefit.

1. Pick the Right Time to Apply

Choose the deadline for your LSAC fee waiver application. This gives you plenty of time to gather the required documents and address any issues before the LSAT registration deadline, which is at least six months prior to your preferred test date(s).

2. Complete the Online Application

After that, complete the fee waiver application on your LSAC account. Ensure that all of your responses are truthful and correct.

3. Submit Supporting Documents

After successfully submitting your online application, there is a 45-day timeframe allocated for uploading the required paperwork. Attached are your federal tax forms (Form 1040) and a letter certifying tax submission. If eligible, include your DACA documentation.

4. Wait for a Decision

Once LSAC receives all the necessary paperwork, they will assess your application and conditionally accept or reject it. The LSAT can be taken during this period, but results will be disclosed only after the cost waiver decision is made.

5. What to Do if You’re Denied

If LSAC denies your fee waiver request, you may either appeal or pay the fees owed. You can appeal only once, and LSAC will review it within two weeks. If the appeal is denied, you’ll need to wait for the next fee waiver cycle.

6. Enjoy the Benefits

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With this guide, you’ll be able to navigate the ins and outs of the LSAC Fee Waiver. To qualify, you must meet specific income guidelines and provide supporting documents. The LSAC Fee Waiver is a valuable resource for making your journey to law school more affordable.

Odyssey Test Prep understands the financial challenges of pursuing a legal education, which is why we honor the LSAC Fee Waiver. If you’ve been approved for this waiver, it opens doors to various benefits and discounts on our services. Don’t miss out on our LSAT Free Consultation to get started.

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