Odyssey Test Prep Reviews

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My only regret is that I didn’t find this sooner!

After over a month with Kaplan, my LSAT score had increased by a single point. After just one week with JD, my LSAT score jumped 10 points. If it wasn’t for Odyssey Test Prep, I would not have managed to get the score I needed in the short period of time I had. I’m now heading to BU Law in the fall, and 100% have Odyssey Test Prep to thank. My only regret is that I didn’t find this sooner.

– Brittany N.


The best in the business!

The one-on-one skype sessions allowed me to really hone in on the question types that I was struggling with the most, and I honestly don’t think you can find this level of expertise in a more convenient package. Highly recommended!

– John D.


Would highly recommend!

Jon and his team are excellent and know the LSAT inside and out. I worked specifically on logic games and already notice an improvement. Would highly recommend. Thanks!

– Matthew


Knowledgeable and patient tutor!

I was able to gain a better understanding of a particular question type of the Logical Reasoning section with just one lesson, I can finally see why I had been choosing the wrong answers in the past. I think it’s amazing.



Best decision I made for getting ready for the LSAT!

Odyssey Test Prep was by far the best decision I made for getting ready for the LSAT. The tutors this company has on staff are top notch and know what their doing. I came to Odyssey with a 150 LSAT score and my score increased 20 points to a 170 within the time that I worked with them which is something that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. So if you’re looking to increase you’re LSAT score go with Odyssey it will be the best move you can make.

Timothy M


My experience with Odyssey was excellent!

My experience with Odyssey was excellent. They was there for me every step of the way in my LSAT preparation. They were always accessible and accommodating to my scheduling needs. They know the content of the exam inside and out and have a knack for explaining the material in a way that clicks with students. So glad to have worked with Odyssey during my prep for the LSAT!

Catherine L




Thank you thank you to Odyssey!

Odyssey Test Prep helped me to greatly improved my score (I went from 77th percentile to 94th). I really appreciated how up front they were about how many hours I needed to put in independently a week based on my goals, working full time, and the amount of time before the exam. At the end of the day, your ability to improve your score rests in your ability to set aside the time to study, and Odyssey excelled in creating a supportive environment where I was able to learn the tools of the trade from my incredibly knowledgeable tutor and hold myself accountable for putting in the time.

– Thumbtack Customer


Odyssey has great tutors!

They helped me really understand the test and raised by score by 8 points. I’ll be attending my top choice law school in the fall!

– Amelia K.


Odyssey helped me improve…

Odyssey helped me improve my logical reasoning skills with the drills in the logical reasoning book, and the online course gave me a solid foundation in logic games. As I got closer to the exam, we reviewed practice tests I’d taken and went over all my questions. Also sessions were reasonably priced compared private tutoring sessions as the bigger companies. With my LSAT score after tutoring I was accepted at NYU, Penn, Berkeley, Stanford, Cornell, Michigan and Georgetown.

– Grace M.


I would definitely recommend Odyssey Test Prep!

I would definitely recommend Odyssey Test Prep for anyone preparing for the LSAT! I booked a handful of private tutoring sessions in the 6 weeks leading up to my exam to fine-tune my methods and it was a huge help. My tutor was extremely helpful and worked me through the barriers I was trying to break as I got closer to test day.

Mike P.


Odyssey has been a huge help as I prepare for the LSAT!

I took the exam in June after months of self-study, but received a score that was lower than expected and not representative of the time I put into preparing. In my second attempt, Odyssey has showed me how to study smarter and more efficiently. They have gone over several methods that allow me to move through the questions much faster. After just a couple of sessions my score improved significantly so that most of my recent practice tests have gotten closer and closer to my target score. I feel much more confident, especially with Logical Reasoning which was previously a problem area for me. They are very easy to work with and explain things clearly, breaking down difficult questions into familiar concepts. I would highly recommend working with them!!

Debleena M.


Hiring Odyssey was the best decision I’ve made!

Prior to hiring Odyssey as a tutor, I was struggling with LSAT prep despite taking a TestMasters course and 7sage. My score was not improving regardless of the hours I put in. That’s when Odyssey came along and everything changed. After just one tutoring session, my sore went up 5 points! It felt absolutely incredible. They helped me tremendously with my weak points and gave great advise and tricks on how to tackle certain types of problems. I wish I had found out about Odyssey Test Prep sooner, wouldn’t have wasted my time/money on TestMasters. If you are still debating between TestMasters and Odyssey Test Prep, go with Odyssey – you will not regret it!! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they are always available for their students. Also, the Logic Games course is amazing. I have improved tremendously in the LG section and though I hate to admit this, I actually enjoy doing Logic Games now.

Mariam H.


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Tutoring with Odyssey has been a great experience!

Tutoring with Odyssey has been a great experience. I was really struggling with the test and took the Test Masters course, but found that it wasn’t helping me get to the areas I was really misunderstanding. Through our sessions, we focused on my weakest points and they helped me bring my score up far beyond what I thought was possible. They are also very responsive to emails and questions and always worked around my extremely busy schedule.

– Mai-Lee P.


Odyssey seriously saved my “LSAT life”!

When I first began studying on my own for the test, I had really no sense of direction of what to focus on or how to go about improving my techniques and learning how to tackle the questions (particularly the logic games section.) Not only was JD patient and always kind throughout the process, but the materials and advice he provides are invaluable and cannot be found in those cheap “Kaplan” (or similar) books. His tips and tricks for the logic games have raised my average score on that section an insane amount and I feel 100% more confident going into the LSAT than I would have without his tutoring and direction. Also, JD provided me tutoring lessons through skype, and before we began I was very skeptical on whether that would be effective for teaching. However, it was actually more convenient and after two minutes, I had completely forgotten we were talking through a screen! He makes all the lessons feel very personal and focused on your improvement. If you are thinking about taking the LSAT at all – don’t hesitate to contact JD! I’m not even sure if I will be applying to law school, but because of JD’s help I will have that option open to me if I so choose.

– Kate G.


I am a satisfied customer!

I have just started working with one of the tutors from Odyssey and I am extremely pleased. Odyssey was great and connected me with an appropriate tutor for my needs.

– Leann W.


Odyssey has been a great tutor!

They are always available when I have a question and willing to spend as much time as necessary explaining the solution to the problem to ensure I understand it. They are also very positive and encouraging which is invaluable when it comes to a challenging exam.

Frank D.


Odyssey was great!

They were very helpful and worked well with my learning disability. My scores improved and I’m heading to my dream school next week!

Amelia K.


Odyssey was awesome to work with.

I spoke to him when I started studying for the LSAT after 2 of my friends had worked with him and gotten into their first choice schools. He’s really patient and the variety of learning tools helps you work your way through the courses. He’s also really good at making sure you’re mentally prepared for the test when things start to get stressful.

Casey S.


I was able to score in the 99th percentile and couldn’t be happier!

I have no doubt that my score would have been nowhere near where it was had it not been for Odyssey. Their tutoring takes an individualized approach that helped me maximize my score on both my strongest and my weakest sections. They worked with my hectic schedule and provided a clear, weekly study plan to help me study. From my first diagnostic through exam day, they were there to guide me through the craziness of LSAT prep! They are accessible, communicative, and most importantly knowledgeable. With Odyssey’s guidance, I was able to score in the 99th percentile and couldn’t be happier!

– Alexandra S.


My Odyssey Tutor was incredible!

I came to Odyssey in a crunch — less than a month before I was scheduled to take the LSAT — and they helped me raise my score 11 points in three weeks! I had taken a Kaplan class in the two months prior to working with Odyssey, but my score had not improved at all. From my diagnostic test to my final test in the course – I did not even improve by one point. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong, as I had attended every class and completed all the proposed Kaplan homework. Frustrated, I searched for the tutor with the best reviews and found Odyssey. They have a very clear way of laying out RC and LR question types and explaining exactly what their answers should look like. The logic games module is also unbelievably helpful. Having used both Kaplan’s method and Odyssey’s method, I know how effective Jon’s teaching style and materials are and would recommend them to anyone serious about improving their score.

– Carly R.


Odyssey has fantastic tutors and I highly recommend their services.

I came to them in a crunch — less than a month before I was scheduled to take the LSAT — and they helped me raise my score 11 points in three weeks! I had taken a Kaplan class in the two months prior to working with Odyssey, but my score had not improved at all. From my diagnostic test to my final test in the course – I did not even improve by one point. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong, as I had attended every class and completed all the proposed Kaplan homework. Frustrated, I searched for the tutor with the best reviews and found Odyssey. My tutor had a very clear way of laying out RC and LR question types and explaining exactly what their answers should look like. The logic games module is also unbelievably helpful. Having used both Kaplan’s method and Odyssey’s method, I know how effective Odyssey’s teaching style and materials are and would recommend them to anyone serious about improving their score.

– K T.


Highly recommend.

Odyssey helped me raise my LSAT score by almost 10 points in a month! They were great to work with and able to explain the material in multiple ways until it really clicked. Highly recommend.

Hannah P.


I highly recommend Odyssey Test Prep!

Thanks to Odyssey, I was able to improve my score 15 points from where I started out. I am far from an exception; Odyssey makes a high score possible for every single person. If you are ambitious about the LSAT, Odyssey is one of the best you can work with. They have a way of breaking down the LSAT into simple, digestible components that anyone can master. The program they teach reduces the LSAT – in all it’s complexity – into small, comprehensible parts. They will teach you the fastest, most effective strategies to get through the test with ease. They are also easily accessible to his students. If you need further explanation after class, send an email and they will answer your questions in-depth.

Once again, I highly recommend Odyssey Test Prep. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me on here.

Helena G.


There is nobody better…

Studying for the LSAT can be such a daunting experience. Unlike anything you learn in school this exam requires you to think in an entirely new way. There is nobody better to help you navigate the ins and outs of the LSAT than Odyssey. The logic games course is better than any other resources I have seen. The strategies I learned through the private tutoring and the resources I gained through Odyssey helped me increase confidence going into the December exam. My scores continued to increase during the time we worked together and I’m confident that I will be happy with the results.

Meghan C.


I highly recommend Odyssey!

I had an absolutely amazing tutor. My worst section on the LSAT was the games section where I only got 8 right the first practice test I took. Now I habitually get a perfect score on the games section or one wrong at most on it. Again I highly recommend Odyssey! It’s been a fantastic experience overall.

– Tim M.


Thanks Odyssey 🙂 I’m forever grateful!

On the LSAT, I received a score that was not the highest of all my practice exams, but because Jon prepared me for the test so well, it was still a great score that has helped me get accepted to 8 top 20 schools, including multiple top ten and Ivy League institutions – (all with a meager GPA might I add!) So, if you’re hesitating – let this be your signal to stop right now and do the best thing you can to set yourself up right for success.

– Kate P.


I highly recommend them if you’re looking for any type of help with the LSAT.

Odyssey tutoring is amazing and whatever your goal is with the LSAT they will get you there. They know the test inside and out and are extremely patient and easy to work with. I began in the upper 140s and peaked in the low 160s. After multiple sessions with them I was able to hit my goal and got the score I needed to be a competitive applicant in top law schools.
They tailored a study plan to my needs and each session was thoroughly reviewed every prep test and answered every question I had. They targeted and corrected my weaknesses and with their extensive knowledge of the test was able to breakdown and explain any areas of difficulty providing me with the tools and techniques needed to attack the test effectively. Also with Odyssey you get access to the online LG course with explanations for every game which helped me reach consistent perfect scores on the LG section. They are very accommodating and always answered within 30 minutes. They are dedicated to getting you to your goal and make every effort to provide you with the best service. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for any type of help with the LSAT.

– Jenn M.


Saved my LSAT score!

Odyssey taught me how to do the logic section of the LSAT. When I first contacted them, I was scoring a 162 on practice tests. After 8 hours of tutoring over a couple of months, I scored ten points higher on the LSAT itself. This score (172) allows me to be an extremely competitive candidate for some of the best law schools in the nation. They are extremely knowledgeable about the test; they were always well prepared for our sessions and had the answers to all of my questions. They were able to explain the complicated principles so that I could understand and apply them with ease. They knew what practice materials were best and how long I should be spending on practice each day. I was very glad that I chose to do one on one tutoring rather than a larger course, as they tailored all of the instruction to my specific needs. They were also very accessible – and responded to all of my text messages within the day, and were extremely flexible when it came to the time and location of the sessions. They were perfectly willing to travel to meet me wherever I happened to be, and even helped me when I got lost on the way. I would strongly recommend Odyssey as an LSAT tutor. Not only are they patient and competent, but also easy and fun to work with.



Odyssey is an excellent tutor.

I’m currently taking the logic games course that he offers. I went from getting almost half of the questions on each game wrong to getting almost all of them correct. I would definitely recommend Odyssey to students having trouble with logic games.

K. T.


Incredible LSAT tutor.

Incredible LSAT tutor. His strategies made me feel prepared and confident to take the LSAT in November. I highly recommend connecting with JD.



Fantastic lesson!

The odyssey team is excellent and they know the LSAT inside and out. I worked specifically on logic games and already notice an improvement. Would highly recommend. Thanks!

– Matthew


Great tutors and amazing online resources

The Odyssey program is worth every penny. It’s score report breakdown of strengths and weaknesses is extremely helpful. It helps you to focus on the types of questions you have difficulty with.

– William


Great sessions!

I worked with Odyssey; they are great at breaking down concepts and helping me simplify normally difficult questions so that I can attack them more efficiently. I recommend odyssey to anyone looking to improve their score on the LSAT.

– Bret


Helpful last-minute tips

Odyssey was helpful in giving me some last minute tips the week before the test. Nothing revelatory, but useful mental things to stop getting in my own way. Thanks!



Knowledgeable and Experienced

Odyssey has helped me with both major strategies and individual question patterns. More than anything, the LSAT is about knowing how to study efficiently in order to improve. Odyssey has helped greatly and my practice scores have already jumped from mid 150’s to high 160’s



Knowledgeable and great to work with.

Odyssey has amazing tutors who really cares about the students and take their time in reviewing the material with you. They help in understanding the LG, RC and LR sections seem so much clearer after having lessons with them. I highly recommend them.



Odyssey Is Unbelievable In The Best Way Possible

My Odyssey tutor is so observant and noticed even the littlest struggling areas I had by asking just the right questions. The methods and suggestions are beyond effective !! Cannot wait to see what is next!!

– Michelle



My odyssey tutor was very methodical and cut to the issues very quickly. Is keen at identifying personality dispositions that may distract from test taking and reinforces each question wrong as an opportunity for a reward. Rational, communicates well and is the epitome of a professional. Look forward to more time with him.

– Puneet


Odyssey is awesome!

Best tutor I’ve ever had. Worth every penny especially because of the extra tutorials and materials they give you.

– Christine


Logic Games Experts

Odyssey has been of tremendous help in helping me get through the logic games at a more efficient and quicker pace.



Odyssey helped me to get organized and get on the right track.

Odyssey helped me to get organized and get on the right track. We focused on how I will approach the Games Section.




Odyssey pointed out my weaknesses and outlined more efficient ways for me to tackle them. We worked through some problems and developed a constructive plan!



Great LSAT tutor and an inspirational coach.

I found Odyssey after my daughter didn’t do so well at her first LSAT. It was after I paid for an expensive course and a private tutor. Our Odyssey tutor was very good at finding her weakness and helping her work through it. There were few ups and downs as my daughter took her practice tests. Odyssey was my kid’s cheerleader, coach and tutor. Her average practice score has been 10 points above her last test score after working with Oydssey. If she could get her practice score tomorrow, she will have many good law school options. Odyssey is a great LSAT tutor and also cares about the students. I highly recommend them to any student who wants do well on his/her LSAT.

– Chen


Very helpful!

Odyssey is great. I’m taking the LSAT one step at a time, and their patience and knowledge is helping in that push!

– Vernon


Excellent tutor! Highly recommend

My Odyssey tutor is an amazing tutor and whatever your goal is with the LSAT he will get you there. He knows the test inside and out and is extremely patient and easy to work with. I began in the upper 140s and peaked in the low 160s. After just 8 hours I was able to reach 170s and walked into the test with confidence. He tailored a study plan to my needs and each session he thoroughly reviewed every prep test and answered every question I had. He targeted and corrected my weaknesses and with his extensive knowledge of the test was able to breakdown and explain any areas of difficulty providing me with the tools and techniques needed to attack the test effectively. Also with Odyssey you get access to the online LG course with explanations for every game which helped me reach consistent perfect scores on the LG section. Very accommodating and always answered within 30 minutes. He is dedicated to getting you to your goal and makes every effort to provide you with the best service. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for any type of help with the LSAT.

– Jennifer


Great Tutor

My Odyssey tutor was not only a great guy but also a great tutor who knows his stuff. I highly recommend him if you’re studying for the LSAT. You also receive free access to the LG online course which is super helpful on learning the logic games section of the LSAT.



Amazing tutors!

Odyssey is really helping change on what I can learn with the LSAT. They definitely know the test inside and out and can really help understand the exam. Little by little i am seeing the difference. Looking forward to the future sessions.



Excellent Tutor

Odyssey is excellent. I’ve tried a variety of different test prep courses and materials, and their LG course and tutoring are by far the most effective test prep I’ve found.




Going over flawed questions in the logical reasoning part of the LSAT as well as discussing a wide variety of flaws made in arguments presented on the LSAT.


– Joshua


Very helpful LSAT Review

Very helpful timing practice and support during stretch leading up to exam, patient and helpful descriptions and diagnosis of issues.

– Ben



My Odyssey tutor is a terrific instructor with great knowledge of the LSAT. He is also very flexible with timing and really wants his students to do well in an efficient manner. A genuine good guy who can help you with your difficulties.

– Grisildis


Excellent Tutor. I highly recommend!

After trying three different LSAT tutors, I am very glad that I stumbled upon Odyssey. Their understanding of the LSAT far exceeds that of any other instructor I have encountered. I particularly appreciated the approach to the test, which was based on a thorough and careful analysis of my section and practice test results. Patient and thoughtful, my tutor was adept at helping me identify and correct my specific weaknesses on the test, and adjust my techniques to answer an unusual question or game. Their logic games course is also extremely comprehensive and well-designed. I highly recommend Odyssey to both new LSAT students and those who wish to increase their scores.



Easy to follow lessons

We reviewed sections I was struggling with and I finished the lesson with a better idea of what I need to study and how to approach the material. My odyssey tutor is an extremely knowledgeable and patient tutor. Highly highly recommended!



Great help – even just a week before the test!

I chose to prepare for the LSAT independently, and I was doing okay, but I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be a week before the test. I contacted odyssey wondering if they could meet on such short notice and if meeting so close to the test date would be helpful. Luckily, they made time to meet with me, and my two hour session with the tutor was very helpful! I was having trouble with the Logical Reasoning sections and getting about 12 wrong. My tutor went over some strategies and hints with me, and we then went through some questions I had gotten wrong before. He explained my mistakes clearly and helped me understand how to tackle such questions in the future. He gave me a study plan for my remaining week before the test date, and with that, I was able to score in the 97th percentile and got only 4 LR questions wrong. I wish I had scheduled another session with him to help me out with the reading section, because I’m sure that would have helped as well! Anyway, I definitely recommend meeting with an odyssey tutor for any LSAT help. They are patient, understanding, and very knowledgeable about the LSAT. From my experience, even just one 2-hour session can yield great results! Thanks, odyssey!



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Great Help and Amazing Resource!

My Odyssey tutor and I have been working these few weeks to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Between our review sessions and the online logic games module, I am going faster on LSAT sections. Yesterday, we worked on Reading Comprehension. He helped me realize how to approach the section differently to improve my score. I can honestly say that I feel more prepared for the exam from working with Odysse


– Kelli


Turning around a rudderless ship

As a person with no mathematical mind, Odyssey is really helping me reach better understanding. Specifically, my tutor patiently and accurately is helping me with the logic games portion of the LSAT. He has a system that works. His patient and accommodating demeanor allow for a pleasant process. I highly recommend Odyssey.

– Victor


Highly Recommend

My odyssey tutor is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He was very flexible on arranging tutoring sessions to fit my schedule. I would definitely use odyssey again if necessary!

– Taylor


True Professional

My odyssey tutor is a fantastic tutor who far exceeded my expectations. He is not only a master at the LSAT but a great teacher as well. His services were most beneficial to my preparation in the following ways. Firstly, he is very flexible in building a cohesive schedule to meet your needs. He also is very patient when going through material. This was especially helpful because his positive attitude motivated me to stay focused. Vital to any student, he possesses a vast arsenal of LSAT techniques and tips that significantly improve one’s efficiency and accuracy. Overall, he is a true professional whose services are worth every dollar.



Great Tutor!

Odyssey has been effective in filling in the gaps where I have been falling short on the LSAT. Prepare for a brain overload with new information, but it is for the better. If you have any “formal” LSAT training from a prep course be ready to assimilate new and intuitive strategies or replace what you thought you knew about the LSAT. Great resources and great instruction. Punctual in every aspect and very respectful. Two thumbs up!



Clear advice, responds to emails quickly.

My Odyssey tutor is an excellent LSAT tutor. Before contacting him, I was scoring an average of 151- for a few months straight. After two meetings, odyssey helped me to target my biggest weaknesses. Within a span of two weeks (3 hours worth of lessons), I was able to jump 10 points! He not only taught me how to approach questions, he taught me how review my practice tests so that my score can continue improve.



Amazing tutor who transforms weaknesses into strengths!

With Odysseys help, I’ve improved my logic game section drastically — in six weeks of prep, we’ve transformed it from a weakness into a strength. In my last two practice tests, I scored perfectly in both logic game sections. With two and a half weeks remaining until the Feb. 8 LSAT, I look forward to continued improvement and consistency. My tutor has helped me develop new techniques that will assuredly guide me on test day. Specifically, we’ve worked on eliminating careless mistakes and identifying rules in question stems. When I took the October LSAT, I was a nervous wreck two weeks prior. Now, I am confident that my hard work and new skills will reflect in my Feb LSAT performance. Odyssey’s motto is, “get one more point, per section right every time.” I’ve adopted this motto and have improved accordingly. What makes it even better is that (1) my tutor meets me at my house and (2) he utilizes every minute of our sessions — just as every question counts on test day, every minute counts in preparation. Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with Odyssey’s services, and happily recommend him to all prospective LSAT test takers!

– Dilder


Excellent tutor!

My odyssey tutor was great. I have not been in school in about 20 years. Besides rusty, I was also quite anxious about taking the LSAT. I am a single mother of 2 and could not take an evening prep course so I decided on a tutor. He was professional, courteous and encouraging and worked around my schedule. He used our time very effectively. And expected a lot from me in terms of study. I felt very much a “we’re in this together” learning relationship. I am a tough customer. He met my expectations and I would recommend him to anyone serious about learning the LSAT.

– Andrea


Best tutor!!!

Deciding that I want to take the LSAT was a big decision for me. I do not test well at all and feel like I always learned more with a one on one atmosphere. My tutor was very patient, tremendously smart, and is excellent at explaining all my questions that I constantly have. He gave me a positive hope of actually doing well on my LSAT. Without hesitation I recommend him to everyone looking to do well on the test.

– Tereza


Odyssey was incredible to work with!

My tutor patiently taught me the LSAT material from start to finish in our 15 lessons. He taught the material in a very straight forward way and made sure that I understood why I was getting answers wrong just as much as I was getting right, which allowed me to fully grasp the information and the steps needed to improve dramatically. He was very responsive whenever I had questions and very patient the whole way through. At the end of our lessons, I had improved 17 points and now aiming to add onto this amazing foundation to score even higher!

Chava Leah Cohen


Odyssey LSAT Tutoring is fantastic.

They really personalize the lessons to help students attack their weaknesses and have a really helpful logic games course. Highly recommend William Eck for private tutoring. He has an incredible teaching style & really helped boost my confidence. Highly recommend working with him!

Gabby Celia


Jeff has been absolutely wonderful to work with.

I’ve been working with Jeff Gardner since February 2020 to prepare for the July 2020 LSAT. I’ve taken a group prep course before, but I did not feel 100% prepared, so I felt like I needed a more personalized tutoring experience so that I could fine-tune the skills I specifically needed to improve. Jeff has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He completely reworked my approach to Logic Games, which made me much faster and more accurate. He’s also worked with me extensively on the Logical Reasoning section, since that’s always been where I’ve had the most trouble. I was getting about 5-7 questions wrong per section. Just like with Logic Games, Jeff changed my approach to the questions, and made sure I was focusing on the things I should be focusing on. I saw immediate improvement — I’m now averaging about 1-2 questions wrong per Logical Reasoning section with over one month left before the July LSAT. I feel very confident that with Jeff’s help over the next month or so, I’ll be able to improve even more and get the 170+ score I’m looking for when test day rolls around. I’ve also loved working with Jeff on a personal level — he is encouraging, kind, and patient. He doesn’t mind explaining something to me several times in several different ways when I’m stuck. Tutoring sessions are always fun and engaging, so I actually look forward to them. I can tell that Jeff genuinely cares about his students and wants them to succeed, and he’s very skilled in tailoring his tutoring to the individual needs of his students. I definitely wish I had worked with Jeff from the beginning and hadn’t wasted my time and money on a group prep course.

Julia Gokhberg


Jake is great!

Jake is great! I’ve already seen an improvement in my confidence and the amount of questions i’ve gotten right on each of the sections! He’s attentive, uses great analogies to better explain LR concepts, and is extremely flexible ( I work 40+hours and have stuff come up often). Highly recommend!

– Salvador Andrade


The customer service was EXCELLENT

I learned of Odyssey LSAT Tutoring from the LSAC Website. The customer service was EXCELLENT in helping me navigate the website and answering all my questions in a kind and prompt manner. I’m waiting on my Logic Games Course book that was just sent out today and am excited to begin the online Logic Games course and improving my overall LSAT Score. Thanks for all your help Odyssey Team!

– Kevin Langevin


Best tutor!!!

My Odyssey tutor is the best tutor! He teaches in a way that makes the material engaging and easy to understand. I would do 2 hour sessions but they would go by so fast it felt like 20 mins. He helped me improve my score by 11 points in just a little over a month.

– Melissa Gaglia


The Odyssey Team were really helpful!

The Odyssey Team were really helpful in my LSAT journey. I highly recommend using them for studying.

H Hassan



Dave was such a great and patient tutor

Dave was such a great and patient tutor who determined my strengths and targeted my weaknesses effectively. Highly recommend and thank you!

Shiva Sachdeva


Jeff was an excellent tutor.

Jeff was an excellent tutor. He was able to quickly pinpoint my weakness and helped me improve my score by 10 points.

Maria Hatzipetros


Odyssey is great!

This LSAT prep has the skills with the breakdown for any study whether beginner or well experienced, this LSAT prep will allow the JD candidate to learn and grow to apply what is taught through this LSAT prep. This LSAT prep also has 80 practice test via online to work on!!!!!!!
How awesome is that.

– shemiah rutledge


Amazing service.

Amazing service. The best investment in yourself that you can possibly make is using Odyssey!

– Jake Drucker


I could not have broke 170+ without them!

Before starting lessons with Odyssey Prep I was really struggling with the LSAT. I had been studying on and off for over a year and a half, had taken both online and in person prep courses, and sat for the LSAT twice, scoring a 163 and 167. This was particularly upsetting because my PT’s had been all over the place ranging from the mid 160’s to low 170’s and I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t ever be able to build consistency and seriously considered giving up! However, after Odyssey and my fantastic tutor Dave, I was able to score a 171 on test day!

My lessons with Dave enabled me to take my LSAT studying to the next level. Dave identified my weakness and developed a study schedule to effectively target them. Dave helped me develop insight into LR questions so that by my test date I was consistently only missing one or two questions per LR section. Not only did he solve my consistency problem but he also was a great friend and huge motivational force that gave me the confidence and support I needed to succeed! Lessons with Dave were a huge difference maker and I could not have broke 170+ without him!

– Omar Haddad


My Odyssey tutor was an AMAZING tutor!

My Odyssey tutor was an AMAZING tutor! Went up a significant amount of points in a short time. He was great at finding approaches to guide me through my difficulties in the LSAT, which I couldn’t get for a long long time. Got into my top school choices and am forever grateful!!

Sharon Z



Dave is an awesome tutor!

Dave is an awesome tutor! He broke down the exam in a way that made sense and gave me great test taking strategies, which gave me the confidence to tackle the exam on test day. After spending money on so many other LSAT prep companies, I finally found one that helped me out of my score plateau.

Karen N


I would recommend Odyssey to anyone looking for an LSAT tutor!

I worked with Jeff Gardner for 5 months and have nothing but good things to say about him and Odyssey test prep books. I gained 13 points during my 6 months with Jeff! Jeff was very knowledgeable about question types. Him and I worked on LR and RC during our tutoring sessions and I used the LG website portion through the website. Jeff did a better job than I did at identifying my repeating errors during our sessions so we could better focus. His knowledge of all the LR questions types and their different forms was incredibly helpful with turning my weakest section into my strongest. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for an LSAT tutor!

John D


a pleasure to work with…

My odyssey tutor is a pleasure to work with! At first we met a few times in person, but I found that meeting virtually has been just as great and a lot more convenient. It is also really easy to reach and keep in touch with him, in case something happens and I need to change my tutoring time slot. He is really knowledgeable about LR, which was the section that I struggled most with. Working with him has greatly increased my confidence in LR because he forces me to really focus on and identify the mistakes I kept making. I often find myself asking “What would Jeff do?” when looking at difficult questions and in Jeff’s voice, “Does this HAVE to be true??” for Necessary Assumption questions!

Jia Liu


Odyssey was a great tutor.

We began working together in February up until my LSAT in July this month. I feel I have improved drastically since our first session from the tips, techniques, and strategies he taught me. William was super flexible and very understanding of time changes. The transition from in-person to Skype sessions after COVID-19 was seamless and William was able to keep the same high level of quality that we had begun with.

Kenneth Belanger


Odyssey sets itself apart

I have used other LSAT resources like the powerscore books and the LSATMax course and I have left a good review for them and so I feel it is important to address that. They were good resources for learning the material of the LSAT. And just knowing the test material will help you immensely. However my experience with Odyssey sets itself apart by going one step further with the personal tutoring I received.  Jeff who has received high praise as one of their tutors deserves it. He helped me realize that  even though I may have known the test material,  I wasn’t actively using it to it’s full extent. What I thought would take months of hard practice quickly became improvements in days not by teaching me something new or that I hadn’t known, but by helping me use what I already knew to understand and answer questions. I highly recommend getting the tutoring. For people who are good at self studying I imagine it can only help and quicken their study process and for people like me who aren’t that great at learning the test through self study I don’t think there is any other option if you want to get into the 170s.

Anderson Dalmeus


My tutor was a wonderful LSAT tutor!

We focused on Logic Games, and he helped me significantly improve my score in that area, but he also had great tips for the other two sections. He was very receptive to my questions about applying to law school and the LSAT in general, and always had valuable insights to offer (which he was always eager to share and explain). I highly recommend him to anyone hoping to improve on any aspect of the LSAT or law school application process.

Emily McCarty



great experience!

I had a great experience working with Dave! He was super patient, encouraging, and adaptable. He was especially helpful when it came to logic games and figuring out techniques to approach them methodically and efficiently. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn the basics or increase their score!

Tessa Jayne Silverman


I’ve had an Incredible Experience with Odyssey LSAT Tutoring so far.

First, they’re very prompt in their response, their team is always there to answer all the questions you ever have in a time fashion manner. Their website is very easy to navigate and I have an overall satisfaction with how they explain concepts and make them digestible and teachable. Their Logic Course book is very informative and relatable and I therefore recommend Odyssey LSAT Tutoring to anyone and everyone out there who wants to improve the LSAT score.

Victor Ekung


Can’t thank my tutor enough!

Can’t thank my Odyssey tutor enough for his guidance, patience and help! I’m excited to attend my first choice school in the Fall.

Lizzie Snyder


Incredible experience.

Incredible experience. I worked with Jeff Gardner for just over a month & not only did I improve my score but my speed & confidence along the way as well. Every session was challenging but enjoyable & questions that were seemingly impossible a month ago became a warm up as time went on. No task is too great when you’re working with Jeff. Cannot thank him & Jon enough for their help.

Alexander Baum


You won’t be disappointed!

I have a fee waiver through LSAC, and was browsing through courses when I came across Odyssey. I am truly impressed with the promptness and willingness Jon has helping me succeed. Logic Games course is superb; you won’t be disappointed.

Isaac Jeantete


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