We believe that virtually anyone has the potential to increase their LSAT score at least 20 points beyond their original diagnostic. Our job is to provide LSAT coaching to help you fulfill that potential and meet your LSAT score goals.

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Big moments in life require great mentors, we’ve been in your shoes and know how to navigate the challenges of the LSAT. Preparing with Odyssey LSAT Prep with one of our tutoring packages maximizes your study time with highly effective expert instructors to provide LSAT coaching, unparalleled techniques, and customized tutoring plans. Our unique and holistic approach routinely yields score increases that allow our students to attend the best law schools in the nation, with huge scholarships.

  • $18.5M in scholarships earned
  • Highest increase 32 points (145-177) (26th percentile to 99th)
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Gain the competitive edge with our LSAT resources and access the best In-Person LSAT Tutoring or Online LSAT Tutoring. Odyssey’s personalized LSAT tutoring packages is crafted to meet the unique needs of each student. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Get started on your path to law school success with LSAT Tutoring today.

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Achieve your fullest potential on the LSAT with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Specifically designed to provide you with the right knowledge and strategies, our comprehensive LSAT course will give you the confidence you need to conquer the LSAT. Find the best match to your preferred learning style whether Online or In-Person!

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“Dave was such a great and patient tutor who determined my strengths and targeted my weaknesses effectively. Highly recommend and thank you!”

“LSAT expertise aside, Jon is simply a great person. Over and over again, Jon convinces me that he is committed to my success.”

“I began in the upper 140s and peaked in the low 160s. After just 8 hours I was able to reach 170s and walked into the test with confidence.”


Odyssey LSAT Tutoring
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Ben HouriBen Houri
23:08 07 May 24
Kendall HallKendall Hall
15:25 20 Nov 23
I started my Odyssey LSAT journey by working with Joe who was a fantastic tutor and helped me reach my goal score. Joe was patient and encouraging. Logic games was originally my worst section, but thanks to Joe, it quickly became my best section! Joe helped me realize my potential, even when I doubted myself. He worked tirelessly with me to help me reach my goal. He was invested in me, not only as a client, but as a person. Thank you Joe and Odyssey for helping me reach my goal score!I continued my Odyssey journey with Will, Odyssey's admission consultant, who is THE BEST! Will was extremely responsive and always made time to meet with me, even when it was last minute. He is incredibly knowledgable and knows all the ins and outs of the admissions process. Will helped me develop a strategic plan for my applications which kept me organized and focused. I worked closely with Will to brainstorm my personal statement and optional essays. He also assisted me with editing my application materials. Will was there for me throughout the entire process, whether I had a small question or a big one. Will even picked up on my writing style and knew when my essays were lacking versus complete. The admissions process is extremely daunting, but with Will, I never felt lost, confused, or stressed, which was such a gift. Aside from Will's incredible consulting help, he is also extraordinarily kind and patient person. It was a privilege to get to know Will and work with him. He is the best of the best. Will helped me get into my top choice school!! I could not have done it without all his help. Thank you Will for helping me achieve my goal!
Adriana NunezAdriana Nunez
14:58 26 Aug 23
I've been working with Nathalie B. at Odyssey for a few weeks now and have definitely seen an improvement in my scores. Nathalie is extremely organized, patient, and thorough in her explanations. With her help, I've figured out what my weak points are and the effective strategies to improve in these areas. I've had a positive experience with Odyssey overall and cannot recommend Nathalie enough!
Khanam ShakeebaKhanam Shakeeba
02:54 28 Feb 23
Odyssey is definitely top tier when it comes to LSAT prepping. I went into this program completely unaware of what steps to take next for my law school journey but rest assured, Paul was able to mentally prep me for my next moves. I decided to take 1-on-1 tutoring with him since it felt like it’d be the most helpful for me right now and I have no regrets in this decision. His lessons are very organized and he makes sure that everything he teaches is utilized when it comes to practicing the questions. I loved his tips and tricks to get through the questions with ease and confidence. I am certain that I will score better with his guidance than I could do on my own and I am truly grateful for his knowledge. Definitely worth the investment!
Priya AgarwalPriya Agarwal
21:53 16 Nov 22
Eric was an amazing tutor! He helped me understand my own thought process when it came to answering LSAT questions, and showed me how to improve my strategy for each section based on how my brain already worked. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this was, and how much it increased my confidence. He was also always super quick to respond throughout the entire process, and always very patient. Definitely the most valuable tutoring experience I've had. Highly recommend!
Christiana JegedeChristiana Jegede
21:43 16 Oct 22
Odyssey is a great resource for students who want to study for the LSATs. I spoke to Jon first, and he was understanding of my financial situation and very helpful. I was soon after assigned to Mary. Mary is an amazing tutor. I am a college student currently studying for the LSATs and with her knowledge of this, she tailored the practice according to my availability and skills. She is always available in and out of class times, very patient, and attentive to the specific skills that you need to hone. I am grateful that I can use Odyssey and the tutors available!
Stephanie RiveraStephanie Rivera
22:21 22 Mar 22
Daniella is my current LSAT tutor here at Odyssey, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed by her knowledge with the LSAT. She’s a stellar tutor and I am feeling confident that I’ll score high on my LSAT because of how well she is tutoring me! I am hoping for a 170+ and Daniella is giving me great support in believing that I will be able to achieve that goal. Also, Daniella has helped me pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses within the LSAT, and is helping me build my skills rapidly. She has helped me gain more confidence throughout our lessons, she is very flexible with scheduling, and is extremely understanding and patient. She absolutely knows how to tailor to your needs and adapt to your learning processes.As such, Daniella never fails to reassure me about any of my fears regarding the exam (LG section, timing etc). I knew during my consultation with Jon, the minute he told me that he wanted to pair me with Daniella because he felt we would be a great match, that he was absolutely correct. We both work so well together and I am glad to continue my LSAT endeavors with her!

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