Alex approached Odyssey early in his LSAT journey, seeking an experienced and diligent tutor to help him realize his potential. After weighing various options and receiving a recommendation from a family friend, he chose Odyssey. He was matched with one of our LSAT experts capable of clearly explaining all aspects of the test. This relationship has not only bolstered Alex’s confidence but also led him to recommend Odyssey to others aiming to maximize their LSAT scores!


Nenad’s story is a testament to the power of personalized LSAT tutoring. After spending 8 months studying with another program, Nenad consistently scored in the 141-143 range on her preptests. Discouraged but determined, she reached out to Odyssey and was matched with a brilliant tutor who understood exactly what she needed to achieve her goals.

Over the course of just 5 months, Nenad saw an incredible increase of over 30 points* in her LSAT score. She was able to consistently achieve scores in the upper 99th percentile, a remarkable feat that speaks to the effectiveness of her tutor and the program here at Odyssey. By working with a tutor who could identify her weaknesses and develop a study plan tailored specifically to her needs, Nenad was able to make incredible strides in her LSAT prep and ultimately achieve her dream score.

On test day, Nenad felt confident and well-prepared thanks to the guidance and support of her tutor. With a deep understanding of the LSAT and the skills needed to succeed on the exam, she was able to tackle the questions with ease and ultimately achieve her goal score. This success opened up a world of possibilities for Nenad, including the opportunity to receive great scholarship offers from top law schools. Overall, Nenad’s experience with Odyssey Test Prep is a shining example of the transformative power of personalized LSAT tutoring.

  • Increase your score by 30+ points and get into the upper 99th percentile consistently.

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Mackenzie’s story highlights the importance of personalized support and guidance when it comes to preparing for standardized tests. Despite her months of self-studying for the LSAT, Mackenzie found that she was not making progress towards her goal score. However, after going through Odyssey’s free strategy session, she was able to receive a customized study plan and was matched with a tutor who had a deep understanding of the LSAT’s strategies and material. This allowed her to receive targeted feedback and identify areas where she needed more support, which ultimately led to significant improvements in her LG timing and a final score of 175 on test day.

Furthermore, Mackenzie’s success in achieving her dream score was not the end of her LSAT journey. She also worked with our Admissions Consultant for her law school applications, who guided her through the entire process to ensure a smooth sailing experience. This kind of support can be invaluable, particularly for those who are new to the admissions process or who may be uncertain about the next steps to take. By working with a knowledgeable consultant, Mackenzie was able to navigate the complex application process with confidence and ease.

Overall, Mackenzie’s experience with Odyssey underscores the benefits of personalized support and guidance when it comes to achieving academic goals. Whether it’s preparing for standardized tests or navigating the admissions process, having access to a dedicated team of experts who can provide individualized support and feedback can make all the difference in achieving one’s goals.

  • Improve your LG timing and get your dream score.



Daniella’s LSAT journey highlights how proper guidance and a strong support system can help students achieve their goals. Within just six months, she was able to improve her LSAT score from 156 to 175! 

Her phenomenal tutor helped her gain a better understanding of the thought process behind LSAT questions and improved her strategy for each section. By identifying her weaknesses and tailoring her study plan accordingly, the tutor enabled Daniella to perform to her fullest potential on test day. Although her goal was to achieve a score of 170, Daniella exceeded her expectations by scoring 175, reflecting her hard work, dedication, and the support provided by Odyssey.

Daniella’s admission to NYU and Columbia is a testament to the quality of education provided by Odyssey’s LSAT tutoring program. Her impressive score, combined with the guidance of Odyssey’s Admissions Consultant, made her law school application process seamless. Thanks to Odyssey’s effective LSAT tutoring and support system, Daniella is now well-positioned to pursue a promising legal career.

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Tommy had been struggling to achieve his desired score on the LSAT and decided to seek help from Odyssey. He opted for in-person LSAT tutoring to get a more personalized and tailored approach to his learning.

Odyssey did an excellent job of matching Tommy with a tutor who was flexible and exceptional. The tutor was able to grasp Tommy’s needs and learning style quickly, allowing them to develop a study plan that was conducive to his individual learning. The tutor was also very accommodating and often adjusted their schedule to fit Tommy’s busy lifestyle, making the learning experience more seamless.

Through his LSAT tutoring with Odyssey, Tommy was able to improve significantly and reach his target score. He attributes this success to the exceptional tutor provided by Odyssey, who was patient and had a unique way of breaking down complex concepts into simpler terms. Tommy felt that his tutor’s approach to tutoring was different from a more general approach he had experienced before, making the sessions more effective.

Tommy would undoubtedly recommend Odyssey Test Prep to anyone looking to improve their LSAT score. The personalized approach and the exceptional quality of their tutors make Odyssey a top choice for LSAT tutoring. The experience has not only helped Tommy achieve his academic goals, but it has also given him a newfound confidence in his ability to excel in challenging academic endeavors.

  • Get a tailored tutoring experience and see significant improvement immediately.


Stephanie, like many others, had a lot of anxiety taking the test and was struggling to achieve her desired score on the LSAT. She contacted Odyssey Test Prep for a free consultation and was matched with an impressive tutor. Stephanie’s tutor was very knowledgeable about the LSAT and had years of experience tutoring students for the exam. The tutor was also very flexible with scheduling and was extremely understanding and patient, which made Stephanie feel at ease during the sessions.

Stephanie felt that her tutor was able to tailor the tutoring sessions to her specific needs and adapt to her learning processes, which allowed her to make significant progress in her LSAT preparation. Doing in-person tutoring also helped Stephanie’s confidence as her tutor never failed to reassure her about any of her fears regarding the exam.

Stephanie’s goal was to achieve a score of 170 or higher, and her tutor provided her with such great support and encouragement that she was able to get a score of 173! Stephanie believed that her tutor’s expertise and guidance were the catalysts for her to achieve her goal and get into the law school of her dreams.

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  • Experience a personalized, flexible, and supportive approach to your LSAT Prep with the help of our Elite LSAT Tutors.


Alexander was determined to achieve his full potential on the LSAT, and knew that he would need an experienced and diligent tutor to help him reach his goal. After weighing the pros and cons of different LSAT tutoring services, he ultimately reached out to Odyssey, which had been recommended to him by a family friend.

Alexander preferred in-person tutoring and was thrilled to learn that we offered this option. His tutor was a mastermind of the LSAT, with years of experience tutoring students for the exam. The tutor was able to explain, outline, and differentiate every type of question with ease, which made the learning experience much smoother for Alexander.

Alexander felt that his tutor was able to challenge him to perfect his strongest areas while also demonstrating what he needed to do to improve on his weakest. Throughout their time together, Alexander’s confidence with the test skyrocketed, allowing him to make significant progress and raise his score a tremendous amount.

  • Challenge yourself to perfect your strongest areas and gain confidence on test day.


Omar’s LSAT journey was a challenging one. Despite studying for over a year and a half, he struggled to break into the 170s after two attempts. Feeling demotivated and frustrated, he was ready to give up on his dream of attending law school. However, when he reached out to Odyssey, we immediately got to work to help him achieve his goals.

The key to Omar’s success was the personalized approach taken by his tutor. The tutor identified Omar’s weaknesses and created a study schedule tailored to target those areas effectively. This approach proved to be highly effective as in just 3 months of working with his tutor, Omar was able to get a score of 171! A significant improvement from his previous attempts.

What’s more, his tutor not only helped him with his LSAT prep but also provided the confidence and support he needed to succeed. He became a great friend to Omar and a huge motivational force throughout the process. This personalized approach made all the difference for Omar, who was able to achieve his dream of attending law school thanks to the support of Odyssey and his fantastic tutor.

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Anderson had put in a lot of effort to prepare for the LSAT, studying various resources and books to gain a comprehensive understanding of the test. However, despite his efforts, he struggled to achieve his target score. That’s when he turned to Odyssey Test Prep and was matched with one of our top LSAT tutors. He was ready to commit months of hard work to improve his score, but he was pleasantly surprised when he saw improvements within just a few days of working with his tutor.

The tutor’s expertise and guidance helped Anderson to use his existing knowledge to answer the questions more effectively. He was patient, attentive, and provided personalized attention to Anderson’s unique learning style. He also helped Anderson develop a deeper understanding of the test’s format and content, which gave him the confidence he needed to excel.

Thanks to his tutor’s dedication and support, Anderson was able to push himself to new heights and achieve a score in the 170s. Odyssey Test Prep provided Anderson with the resources and guidance he needed to succeed in the LSAT, and he is grateful for their help in realizing his law school dreams.

  • Get the push you need to get into the 170s.


Hailey was eager to tackle the test through self-study, but she quickly realized that she needed some guidance to expedite her progress. She turned to a tutor for assistance and was amazed at how much her score improved after just two sessions. With the help of her tutor, Hailey was able to increase her score by an impressive 6 points!

What made her tutoring experience exceptional was her tutor’s ability to explain the questions she had missed and provide her with the necessary tools to continue studying independently. He was incredibly attentive, supportive, and patient, which helped build Hailey’s confidence and motivated her to continue working towards her goal.

Hailey was grateful for her tutor’s personalized approach and felt that he truly cared about her success. The experience was a positive one for her, and she found that having a tutor to guide her through the process made all the difference. She would highly recommend seeking the assistance of a tutor to anyone looking to improve their test scores, and she would specifically recommend her own tutor for his expertise, dedication, and exceptional teaching skills.

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Julia’s situation is a common one – many LSAT test takers have full-time responsibilities outside of studying, which can make it difficult to find the time and energy to properly prepare for the test. Julia was feeling stuck and frustrated, knowing that she needed a more structured and individualized approach to her studying if she wanted to achieve her dream score.

That’s when she turned to Odyssey, and was matched with one of our expert LSAT tutors. What set her tutor apart was his ability to accommodate and be flexible with her lesson plans. This allowed Julia to work around her busy schedule, and also ensured that the lessons were tailored to her individual learning style and needs.

With her tutor’s guidance and support, Julia was able to break past her plateau and see marked improvements in her LSAT skills. She was equipped with the right pieces to help her reach her dream score, and felt much more confident and prepared for the test.

In conclusion, Julia’s experience with Odyssey Test Prep is a testament to the effectiveness of a structured and individualized approach to LSAT studying. With the right tutor, and the right plan, even those with busy schedules and full-time responsibilities can achieve their LSAT goals.


Khanam Shakeeba was a hopeful law school applicant who felt lost and overwhelmed about how to prepare for the LSAT. She recognized the need for guidance and support to achieve her goals but wasn’t sure where to turn. That’s when she discovered Odyssey Test Prep and enrolled in their LSAT tutoring program.

Initially unsure of what to expect, Khanam was put at ease by her phenomenal tutor. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in LSAT prep, the tutor helped Khanam feel more confident and focused about her goals.

The lessons were structured and focused, ensuring that Khanam made the most of her time and effort. The tutor provided tips and tricks that helped her navigate the questions with ease and confidence, and made sure that everything taught was utilized in practicing the questions.

After a period of working together, Khanam saw a huge improvement which gave her confidence. She was certain that with the tutor’s guidance, she would score better than she could on her own.

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Brittany had her eyes set on law school, but her LSAT scores were not up to the mark. She had previously enrolled in another program but felt frustrated and demotivated with the experience. She was in search of a personalized and effective LSAT prep program that could help her achieve her goals.

That’s when she found Odyssey Test Prep. Our program offered a more in-depth and tailored approach to LSAT prep, and she was matched with a fantastic tutor who was both professional and personable. The tutor took a keen interest in Brittany’s learning and well-being, making sure she felt supported and encouraged every step of the way.

In just a month of working with Odyssey, Brittany’s LSAT score went up by 10 points! Her tutor’s personalized approach and attention to detail made all the difference. He went above and beyond to help her with all aspects of her studying process, creating a special tutor-student relationship that was truly remarkable.


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