Odyssey LSAT Prep has some of the best private LSAT tutors in DC. Our tutors and courses have helped hundreds of students in Washington DC increase their LSAT scores by 20+ points. Life’s big moments require great mentors and Odyssey takes pride in forming relationships with students to better understand their learning style. Find out how Odyssey’s complete tutoring regimen is helping students attend T-14 law schools and catapult their careers.

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Work with DC’s best LSAT tutors, Guaranteed! Odyssey LSAT Tutoring has worked with many students in the Washington DC area to improve their LSAT scores. Many have score 170+ or increased their score by 20+ points. Whether you prefer in-person or online one-on-one LSAT Tutoring, our LSAT tutors are highly successful teachers who have scored 170+ on the LSAT themselves and are ready to go above and beyond for our students. They will analyze your learning style and determine the most efficient way for you to achieve your goal score.

  • We’ve helped students get admitted to top 10 law schools like Georgetown, Harvard, Columbia, UDC David and more.
  • Personalized tutoring strategies, Not a “one size fits all approach”
  • In-person or Online instruction available
  • We’ve never not improved a score.
  • Many Odyssey Students increase by 20+ points or reach 170+
  • We guarantee you’ll love your tutor or your money back

*We Guarantee you’ll love your tutor or your money back!


We’ve helped hundreds of students elevate their LSAT score and we’re confident that we can help you. We guarantee you’ll love your experience or your money back.

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Don’t wait! Make the decision to get on your way to a strong LSAT score and get accepted to that top law school of your dreams. High LSAT scores can earn you huge scholarships and easier acceptance to the school of your choice. From there, your career potential is unlimited! Every point on the LSAT counts, so don’t leave anything on the table.

Schedule a 30-minute LSAT strategy session today with Odyssey founder, Jon McCarty.


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lsat tutoring reviews in dc

“I had a great experience working with Dave! He was super patient, encouraging, and adaptable. He was especially helpful when it came to logic games and figuring out techniques to approach them methodically and efficiently.”

lsat tutoring reviews chicago

“I’ve had an Incredible Experience with Odyssey LSAT Tutoring so far. First, they’re very prompt in their response, their team is always there to answer all the questions you ever have in a time fashion manner.”

lsat tutor review from Mayze

“Incredible. John makes you feel as if you have a personal Tudor guiding you every step of the way. He is such a kind guy. His logic game course is clear and helpful. I encourage it!”

“I worked with Jeff Gardner for 5 months and have nothing but good things to say about him and Odyssey test prep books. I gained 13 points during my 6 months with Jeff! Jeff was very knowledgeable about question types.”

“Dave is an awesome tutor! He broke down the exam in a way that made sense and gave me great test taking strategies, which gave me the confidence to tackle the exam on test day.”

“Before starting lessons with Dave from Odyssey Prep I was really struggling with the LSAT. I had been studying on and off for over a year and a half, had taken both online and in person prep courses, and sat for the LSAT twice, scoring a 163 and 167.”

personal lsat tutoring review

“Jeff has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He completely reworked my approach to Logic Games, which made me much faster and more accurate. He’s also worked with me extensively on the Logical Reasoning section, since that’s always been where I’ve had the most trouble.”

“Jeff is a pleasure to work with! At first we met a few times in person, but I found that meeting virtually has been just as great and a lot more convenient. “

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“William was a wonderful LSAT tutor! I highly recommend him to anyone hoping to improve on any aspect of the LSAT or law school application process.”

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“I’ve had an Incredible Experience with Odyssey LSAT Tutoring so far. First, they’re very prompt in their response, their team is always there to answer all the questions you ever have in a time fashion manner. I therefore recommend Odyssey LSAT Tutoring to anyone and everyone out there who wants to improve the LSAT score.”

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“I’ve been working with Jeff Gardner since February 2020 to prepare for the July 2020 LSAT. I feel very confident that with Jeff’s help over the next month or so, I’ll be able to improve even more and get the 170+ score I’m looking for when test day rolls around. I can tell that Jeff genuinely cares about his students and wants them to succeed, and he’s very skilled in tailoring his tutoring to the individual needs of his students. I definitely wish I had worked with Jeff from the beginning and hadn’t wasted my time and money on a group prep course.”

odyssey lsat tutoring testimonial DJ

“I am truly impressed with the promptness and willingness Jon has helping me succeed. Logic Games course is superb; you won’t be disappointed.”

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“Incredible experience. I worked with Jeff Gardner for just over a month & not only did I improve my score but my speed & confidence along the way as well. Cannot thank him & Jon enough for their help.”

lsat tutoring review from Raquel

“Jeff Gardner was an AMAZING tutor! Went up a significant amount of points in a short time.”

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“Amazing service. The best investment in yourself that you can possibly make is using Odyssey!”

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“Jeff was an excellent tutor. He was able to quickly pinpoint my weakness and helped me improve my score by 10 points.”

private lsat tutoring reviews

“Dave was such a great and patient tutor who determined my strengths and targeted my weaknesses effectively. Highly recommend and thank you!”

mans review of lsat prep courses

“this LSAT prep will allow the JD candidate to learn and grow to apply what is taught through this LSAT prep.”

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“Jeff Gardner is the best tutor! He teaches in a way that makes the material engaging and easy to understand.”

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“The Odyssey Team were really helpful in my LSAT journey. I highly recommend using them for studying.”

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“Great services for those with LSAC Fee Waivers.”

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“The customer service was EXCELLENT in helping me navigate the website and answering all my questions in a kind and prompt manner”

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“Really great and helpful!”