Navigating Law School Success at Cardozo School of Law


Founded in 1976 as part of Yeshiva University, Cardozo School of Law in New York City stands out in legal education. Formerly known as Yeshiva University School of Law, it was renamed to honor Benjamin N. Cardozo, a respected former U.S. Supreme Court Justice. The school adopts a fresh teaching approach, emphasizing both theory and practical skills to prepare students for success in the complex field of law. With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Cardozo Law School fosters a vibrant community of students, faculty, and alumni, consistently maintaining a strong position among the nation’s top law schools.

Cardozo Law School building

Cardozo School of Law Ranking

Cardozo Law School, a part of Yeshiva University Law School, consistently achieves high rankings, showcasing its excellence across various legal areas. Its impressive academic standings reflect a commitment to delivering top-notch education and producing skilled professionals in diverse legal fields. The Cardozo Law School rankings, from the past to the present, are crucial in shaping how people see the school and the opportunities it offers in legal education. These rankings act as a clear measure of the school’s impact, helping potential students and stakeholders understand Cardozo’s position and reputation in the legal community.

USNW Best Law Schools #69 in the latest rankings
Part-time Law #5
Business/Corporate Law #60
Clinical Training #83
Constitutional Law #48
Contracts/Commercial Law #54
Criminal Law #25
Dispute Resolution #5
Environmental Law #131
Health Care Law #118
Intellectual Property Law #14
International Law #84
Tax Law #46
Trial Advocacy #108

Academic Programs at Benjamin Cardozo School of Law

Studying at Cardozo Law means having access to some of the best majors for law school for skilled professionals. J.D. builds basic legal skills, LL.M. focuses on areas like Intellectual Property Law, and J.S.D. is for scholars. MBE combines legal and business skills. Cardozo offers Online LL.M. and MSL for flexibility—smart investments equipping law students with essential tools for success.

J.D. Degree

The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law offers a comprehensive J.D. Degree program designed to equip aspiring lawyers with essential legal knowledge and skills. The curriculum includes foundational and specialized courses, providing a robust educational foundation. Students engage in a challenging academic environment, guided by experienced faculty, and gain practical experiences to prepare for real-world legal practice. The program aims to shape future legal professionals by fostering a deep understanding of the law and enhancing critical thinking skills.

LL.M. Degree

The Cardozo School of Law’s LL.M. Degree is ideal for those with a J.D. or equivalent, offering specialized expertise in areas like Intellectual Property Law through focused coursework and research. This program transforms graduates into experts, providing a competitive edge in the legal job market by combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

Doctor of Juridical Science

The J.S.D. Degree program at Cardozo School of Law is designed for those passionate about legal research and scholarship. Students engage in advanced legal studies, mentored by distinguished faculty, to contribute significantly to academic discussions in their chosen legal field. The program’s uniqueness lies in its capacity to deepen individuals’ understanding of legal theory and make a lasting impact on the field.

Master of Business and Law

Cardozo’s MBE program is designed for professionals seeking a blend of legal expertise and business skills. This interdisciplinary program ensures graduates have a well-rounded understanding of both domains, preparing them for roles requiring seamless integration of legal and business principles. Through a fusion of law and business courses, the MBE program provides a distinctive perspective, empowering graduates to navigate complex challenges.

Online LL.M. in Intellectual Property

Cardozo offers an Online LL.M. in Intellectual Property for working professionals and those seeking flexible learning. This program allows students to explore intellectual property law while balancing work responsibilities. The online format provides worldwide access to high-quality education, offering a convenient option for career advancement in Intellectual Property Law.

Online Master of Studies in Law

Cardozo offers an Online MSL program in Data and Privacy Law for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of this field. The program covers the latest developments and equips students with skills to navigate the rapidly changing landscape. The online format ensures accessibility, allowing working professionals to gain specialized knowledge without disrupting their careers.

Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law Stats

To secure admission at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, aspiring law students should grasp essential statistics. Familiarizing themselves with key numbers will guide their goals, offering a clear path toward achieving excellence in legal education.

New York Law School Ranking #6 in the state’s law schools
Cardozo School of Law Median LSAT 164
Median GPA at Cardozo Law School 3.76
Acceptance Rate at Cardozo Law School 33.80%
Cardozo School of Law Admissions 315 out of 3414 applications
Cardozo Law School Bar Passage Rate 81%
Annual Tuition at Cardozo Law School $67,792 to $98,501

Students pose outside the Cardozo School of Law building.

Cardozo Law School Admission Requirements

Admission success at Cardozo Law School begins with a thorough exploration of their admission requirements. Aspiring law students can acquire valuable insights into the Cardozo admissions process, ensuring they approach it with focus and strategy to secure a spot in this esteemed institution.

  • Admissions Roadmap:

Boost your chances of getting into Cardozo Law School by following the clear Admissions Roadmap on the official website. Familiarize yourself with important deadlines: submit Early Decision by December 1, 2023, and for the May term and Fall term, meet the Priority Deadlines of March 15, 2024, and April 1, 2024, respectively.

  • Law School Part-Time Program:

Cardozo Law School offers flexibility with a law school part-time program, giving you the option to express your preference when applying. By indicating your choice, you show your commitment to legal education while effectively handling other responsibilities.

  • Crafting a Standout Law School Resume:

Improve your application by creating a law school resume that highlights your accomplishments. Provide a detailed summary of your academic and professional experiences, focusing on skills and achievements relevant to the legal field.

  • Law School Letter of Recommendation:

Secure two strong letters of recommendation for your Cardozo Law application by choosing recommenders who can vouch for your academic or professional skills. Highlight qualities that present you as an excellent candidate for legal studies, showcasing the distinctive strengths you would bring to the program.

  • LSAT Score:

Improve your Cardozo Law School application by aiming for an LSAT score between 159 and 166, with the median score being 164. Prepare thoroughly for the LSAT, and if necessary, contemplate retaking the test to ensure your application reflects your best performance.

  • Law School Personal Statement:

Craft a compelling personal statement that mirrors your unique qualities and experiences. Take advantage of this opportunity to express your passion for the law and elucidate why Cardozo is the ideal match for your legal education journey.

Cardozo Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

The present tuition at Cardozo Law School falls between $67,792 and $98,501. To alleviate financial pressures, prospective law students can investigate law school scholarships and loans. These avenues offer vital financial assistance, enhancing the accessibility of Cardozo’s legal education for committed students striving to achieve their academic and professional objectives.

Cardozo YU Loan

Cardozo’s YU Loan, available for J.D. students based on financial need, academic standing, and fund availability, offers terms including an interest-free period during enrollment and a 9-month grace period post-graduation. With a fixed 5% interest rate and repayment of up to 10 years, applications for the 2023-2024 academic year can be submitted starting June 1, 2023. It’s important to note that this loan differs from federal options and isn’t eligible for federal repayment or forgiveness programs, nor can it be combined with federal or private loans.

E. Nathaniel Gates Scholarship

The E. Nathaniel Gates Scholarship recognizes individuals who are the first in their family to attend college or face obstacles in pursuing a legal career. Named after Professor Gates, a respected Cardozo faculty member, and a first-generation college and law school attendee, the scholarship reflects his commitment to supporting those overcoming challenges to contribute meaningfully to the legal field.

Taking the LSAT for Cardozo Law School

Preparing for the LSAT is vital for aspiring law students seeking admission to Cardozo Law. To succeed, familiarize yourself with the LSAT score range and employ effective preparation strategies. This guide provides practical tips for LSAT takers, such as utilizing the best LSAT prep courses, personalized tutoring, and free consultations. Services like Odyssey Test Prep offer valuable resources and guidance, assisting aspiring test-takers in aligning with their LSAT goals. Utilize these insights to enhance your LSAT preparation and boost your chances of achieving the required score for Cardozo Law School.

1. Understanding Cardozo’s LSAT Score Range

Be familiar with the LSAT score range for Cardozo Law School, which usually falls between 159 and 166, with a median score of 164. Understanding this range will assist you in setting a practical target for your LSAT preparation.

2. Effective LSAT Prep Strategies

Explore effective LSAT preparation strategies to maximize your performance on exam day. Consider enrolling in a reputable LSAT prep course, like Odyssey Test Prep, known for providing top-notch resources and guidance. Enroll in our LSAT Prep Course to excel on the exam and pave the way for admission to Cardozo School of Law. Utilize the expertise we provide to refine your skills and increase your chances of achieving your target score.

3. Personalized LSAT Tutoring

Enhance your LSAT preparation with personalized tutoring sessions. Seek LSAT tutoring services, which can provide tailored guidance based on your strengths and weaknesses. Enroll in our personalized LSAT tutoring, excel in the LSAT, and stand out among applicants to secure a spot at Cardozo School of Law. Our tutors’ focused approach can significantly impact your performance by aligning your learning to your goals at your own pace.

5. Free LSAT Consultation

Take advantage of LSAT free consultations offered by reputable test prep services. Odyssey Test Prep, for instance, provides free consultations to help you understand the best approach for your LSAT preparation. Use this opportunity to gain insights into your specific needs and how to address them effectively.

6. Law School Admissions Consulting

Consider engaging in Law School Admissions Consulting to ensure your overall application aligns with Cardozo’s expectations. Services like those provided by Odyssey Test Prep can guide you through the law school admissions process, increasing your chances of success.  Partner with our admissions consultants to craft a compelling application tailored to Cardozo School of Law.

By integrating these key insights into your LSAT preparation, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of the exam and increase your likelihood of meeting Cardozo Law School’s LSAT score requirements.


Cardozo is indeed a respected institution dedicated to legal education and developing future leaders. With a rich history and diverse community, Cardozo provides students with a rigorous curriculum and valuable hands-on experiences. Recognized by the Law School Admission Council, the school maintains high admission standards, emphasizing the selection of qualified candidates contributing to a vibrant intellectual environment. Prospective legal professionals considering Cardozo can trust its commitment to academic excellence and the caliber of students admitted through the LSAC-guided process.

The Cardozo experience equips graduates with a strong legal foundation and essential values and skills for success in the dynamic legal landscape.