A Complete Guide to New York Law School Ranking


New York City, known as the city that never sleeps, boasts exceptional law schools. You will experience a unique and diverse legal community by pursuing a law degree in this state. The law schools in New York are state leaders and nationwide front-runners, offering cutting-edge resources, renowned institutions, and limitless opportunities.

New York reigns supreme regarding educational opportunities, particularly in esteemed law schools that draw in ambitious individuals pursuing a legal career. However, the challenge lies in determining the ideal choice for you. By carefully examining the New York law school ranking, you can gain insights into the quality and reputation of these esteemed institutions.

This article will tackle the best law schools in New York City for the 2023-2024 academic year. Learn why studying law in NYC is a wise decision. 

Top 10 Law Schools in New York

There are 15 accredited law schools. However, we will provide you with the  Top 10 Law Schools in New York with their corresponding law school rankings:

1. New York University

New York University, or NYU, is one of the standout law schools in the vibrant city of New York. Holding the 5th spot in the nation, the NYU Law School ranking speaks to its high quality and renowned programs.

NYU’s programs in criminal, tax, and international law are the best in the country and each has a focus on a different area of law. Its intellectual property law ranks third, while its corporate law and environmental law programs rank fourth. NYU’s contracts and constitutional law programs also hold fifth in national rankings. 

An intellectual powerhouse with over 100 faculty members and a diverse array of study areas, the school attracts some of the brightest minds in law. However, admission is highly competitive, with an NYU Law School acceptance rate of just 15.7%. The median law school GPA for accepted students is 3.88, and the median LSAT score is 172.

Pursuing legal studies at NYU is a significant investment, with an annual tuition fee of around $76,290. While this reflects the school’s prestigious status, the return on this investment is profound, offering students an enriching education, exceptional networking opportunities, and a remarkable 98.7% first-time bar passage rate. 

2. Columbia University

Columbia University holds a prestigious place in the T14 category and is recognized as the eighth-best law school in the nation and one of the top law schools in NYC. This prime position in the New York law school ranking and elite T14 status reflects its exceptional education and draws aspiring legal professionals from all over. Columbia attracts innovative and ambitious minds with its world-class faculty, hands-on legal opportunities, and comprehensive curriculum. 

The university has a very selective acceptance rate of 11.9%, meaning that only the best minds are given consideration. Applicants must showcase exemplary credentials, with past accepted students holding a median GPA of 3.87 and an LSAT score of 173.

The annual tuition fee is the highest in the US at $78,278, an investment that mirrors its unparalleled stature. The cost of attending Columbia, including the LSAT cost, represents a significant investment in one’s legal education. However, with an impressive 96.5% first-time bar passage rate and unparalleled opportunities for career advancement, the return on this investment is substantial. 

3. Cornell University

Cornell University, recognized as the final T14 law school in New York State, enjoys a special reputation as a prominent figure in the New York State law school sector. Ranked 13th nationally, it’s particularly celebrated for its longstanding and prestigious international and comparative legal education programs. 

Despite its historical legacy, Cornell maintains a forward-looking stance, consistently innovating with a curriculum that includes 23 clinics, practical courses, and diverse externships. This approach and rigorous law school requirements have earned it the top spot for job placement at large law firms in the NYC law school rankings.

The university’s small class sizes cultivate a warm and collaborative community, providing opportunities for networking and personal growth. With a first-time bar passage rate of 92.2%, Cornell remains a prime choice for aspiring legal professionals. 

Admission to this esteemed institution reflects its high standards, including law school requirements such as a median GPA of 3.87, a median LSAT score of 172, and a selective acceptance rate of 17.4%. The annual tuition fee of $74,183 mirrors Cornell’s stature as a distinguished New York State Law School System member.

4. Fordham University

Fordham University holds the 29th position in the nation, reflecting its prominence in the New York law school ranking. It’s also acclaimed as the third-best for its part-time law program. Fordham is renowned for its academics who are intellectually curious, inventive, and dedicated to the practice of law. Fordham further solidifies its standing in the legal community with a notable first-time bar passage rate of 92.2%.

The university provides a vibrant and diverse community, presenting unlimited opportunities for growth and learning. With 18 renowned and unique clinics, Fordham’s experiential education spans various legal specialties such as community economic development, corporate social responsibility, criminal defense, entrepreneurial law, and more. 

Admission is competitive, with only 18.8% of applicants meeting Fordham’s standards, including a 3.72 GPA and a 167 LSAT score. Tuition costs at this respected institution are $69,166 a year, reflecting its esteemed status among the best law schools in NYC.

5. St. John’s University

St. John’s University, situated in Jamaica, New York, holds a significant place in the New York law school ranking, being the 60th-best law school in the nation. Established in 1925, the university has refined its curriculum to focus on developing essential practical skills.

Referred to as the “go-to law school” for its record in placing graduates in the 100 biggest law firms, St. John’s ensures a promising career path. The acceptance rate is 39.9%, and students can be considered for admission by achieving an LSAT score of 162 and a GPA of 3.66. Though tuition costs $68,992 a year, the university’s reputation for quality education and strong connections within the legal community justifies the investment.

6. Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University’s Cardozo Law School is a notable name in the New York law school rankings, securing the 6th spot in the state and ranking 69th in the nation. Known for its fifth-ranked part-time program and excellence in dispute resolution, it stands as a distinctive law school in New York City.

The student-focused environment ensures that professors are familiar with every student, fostering a supportive community for learning and networking. With an encouraging acceptance rate of 33.8%, Cardozo is accessible for candidates with GPAs of 3.76 and LSAT scores of 164. Even though the school’s tuition fee of $67,792 a year aligns with higher-ranking institutions, its commitment to individualized education and unique specializations makes it a sought-after destination for aspiring law professionals.

7. Albany Law School

Albany Law School, ranking 105th in the nation, is a distinguished law school in NYC dedicated to making a societal impact and serving the public since 1851. Albany Law is special because of its diverse legal clinics, including the Health Law Clinic, Immigration Law Clinic, Family Violence Litigation Clinic, and others. These clinics provide practical experience and comprehensive legal education.

With a relatively high acceptance rate of 50.2%, Albany Law opens doors to many aspiring legal professionals. To join the institution, applicants generally need a GPA of 3.48 and an LSAT score of 155. Tuition is $55,470 annually, offering a more affordable option for those seeking quality legal education in New York City.

8. Brooklyn Law School

Brooklyn Law School is ranked 111th nationally for the 2023-2024 best law schools. However, their part-time program is ranked 27th. It is a top choice for students who want to attend law school in New York City because of its high percentage of graduates employed at the largest law firms in the country. This reflects the quality of education and opportunities that Brooklyn Law provides.

With a favorable acceptance rate of 46.2%, the school opens doors to many aspiring law professionals. Brooklyn Law School requires a minimum 3.54 GPA and a target LSAT score of 160 for admission. The tuition fee is $68,321 annually.

9. Syracuse University

Syracuse University is a leading New York City law school and a prominent research institution. Ranked 122nd in the nation, it offers unparalleled opportunities and has a passionate faculty. The small classroom environment helps students form valuable connections with professors, aiding career and externship opportunities. 

Admission requires a 3.56 GPA and an LSAT score of 157, with about 41.7% of applicants accepted. Tuition at this esteemed law school is $59,482 a year.

10. University at Buffalo School of Law

The University at Buffalo School of Law ranks 125th in the Best Law School ranking. They are renowned for their commitment to fostering the development of superb, moral, and enthusiastic lawyers. Part of this mission is achieved through UB’s innovative legal clinics, including the Animal Law Clinic, Civil Rights and Transparency Clinic, Community Engagement Legal Clinic, Criminal Justice Advocacy Clinic, and more. 

UB, a well-regarded law school in NYC, requires a median GPA of 3.61 and an LSAT score of 156 for admission. The acceptance rate is 44%, which indicates a moderately competitive admissions process. Tuition is $28,488 for residents and $33,328 for non-residents.

2023-2024 New York Law School Ranking

Here are the 15 Accredited Law Schools in New York ranked by U.S. News and their corresponding admission details for reference.

School Ranking LSAT GPA Acceptance Rate Bar Passage Rate Cost
New York University 5th 172 3.88 15.7% 98.7% $76,290
Columbia University 8th 174 3.84 11.4% 96.5% $76,888
Cornell University 13th 172 3.87 17.4% 92.2% $74,183
Fordham University 29th 167 3.72 18.8% 93.7% $69,166
St. John’s University 60th 162 3.66 39.9% 92.2% $68,992
Yeshiva University 69th 164 3.76 33.8% 81.2% $67,792
Albany Law School 105th 155 3.48 50.2% 84.7% $55,470
Brooklyn Law School 111th 160 3.54 46.2% 79% $68,321
Syracuse University 122nd 157 3.56 41.7% 83.1% $59,482
University of Buffalo 125th 156 3.61 44% 73.1% $24,488 (in-state)
New York Law School 125th 155 3.53 51.5% 74.3% $60,866
Pace University 131th 152 3.39 51.6% 73.4% $52,348
Hofstra University 140th 156 3.58 44.7% 72.8% $66,554
CUNY School of Law 154th 154 3.42 35.3% 73.4% $16,013 (in-state)
Touro University 167th 150 3.11 51.4% 62.9% $55,630

Utilizing the Law School Numbers can assist you with admission by providing detailed insights into law schools’ acceptance rates, median GPAs, and LSAT scores. Using this tool, you can compare schools, and understand where you stand among applicants. More importantly, you can make a more informed decision that aligns with your career goals and educational needs.

Essential Strategies for LSAT Success

When applying to law school, your LSAT score is more important than your major in law schoolIn other words, if you want to increase your chances of getting into the law school of your dreams, you should concentrate on the LSAT. Additionally, having expert guidance can make a big difference. It is true that self-study is an option. However, personalized insights, targeted practice, and confidence-building strategies can help you perform your best on the LSAT. Here are some ways you can consider for LSAT preparation:

  • LSAT Prep Course: By enrolling in a quality LSAT Prep Course, you can get structured lessons and practice tests tailored to the LSAT. It’s an efficient way to cover all the bases and prepare to excel. Start your LSAT journey with the right prep course today.

  • LSAT Tutor: A one-on-one LSAT Tutor can provide personalized guidance, focusing on your specific needs and areas where you need improvement. This tailored approach can make a significant difference in your score.

  • Law School Admission and Consulting: Knowing the ins and outs of the application process can be just as crucial. Professional consulting on law school admission can help you present yourself in the best light and align your application with what New York’s best law schools are looking for. It’s time to get admitted to New York’s Best Law Schools with the right guidance.


New York has some of the top law schools in the country. To help you choose a law school, research the unique programs, and rankings, and visit campuses if possible. By thoroughly researching and utilizing the New York law school ranking, you can find the perfect school that aligns with your goals, needs, and career ambitions in the vibrant legal landscape of New York.

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