Your Law School Guide: Get to Know Cardozo Law School Ranking and Admissions


Are you looking into Cardozo Law School Ranking? Cardozo Law School, affiliated with Yeshiva University, stands as a prominent institution known for its competitive admissions, distinguished faculty, and commitment to fostering legal professionals with a strong academic foundation.

In the ever-competitive world of legal education, understanding the nuances of an institution’s prestige and selectivity is critical. In this blog post, we set our sights on the renowned Cardozo Law School, focusing on its ranking and acceptance rate.

We’ll unravel what makes this institution stand out and what aspiring law students need to know as they set their sights on legal expertise. Join us as we take on this insightful journey into Cardozo Law School’s standing and the gateway it offers to legal education.

Cardozo Law School’s Reputation and Rankings

In the dynamic world of legal education, the standing of a law school is a compass guiding aspiring lawyers toward their academic aspirations. Cardozo Law School, nestled in New York City, has woven its narrative through the annals of legal history. It leaves an indelible mark on the academic scene, a sentiment echoed by its association with Yeshiva Law School.

Named after Benjamin N. Cardozo, the distinguished jurist, Cardozo Law School began in 1976. Since then, it has embodied academic excellence and a progressive approach to legal education in harmony with the ethos of Yeshiva Law School. Historically, rankings held less sway, yet Cardozo’s reputation began taking root through dedicated faculty and successful alumni.

Rankings in Recent Years

Cardozo Law School has consistently maintained a competitive standing in recent years. The Cardozo Law School ranking in 2023 finds itself among the top law schools. Its reputation is firmly established and respected within the legal community. Cardozo Law School is currently ranked at #69 (tie) in the nation, reflecting its position among the top law schools according to recent assessments.

The factors influencing these rankings are multifaceted, encompassing academic quality, faculty expertise, research output, and the successful trajectory of its graduates, all while considering Yeshiva Law School tuition. The institution has continually adapted to the evolving needs of legal education, embracing innovative teaching methods and fostering an environment that nurtures critical thinking and legal scholarship.

Its commitment to excellence and high standards make it an appealing choice for those pursuing a dynamic legal education. Cardozo Law School’s legacy will undoubtedly endure, shaping the legal profession and society as it evolves.

Factors Influencing Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Rankings

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law’s standing in legal education is shaped by several critical factors. Let’s delve into what influences its rank:

1. Academic Prestige

Cardozo Law School’s academic prestige is a cornerstone of its ranking. The institution’s rigorous academic standards, quality of education, and faculty credentials are vital factors in determining its position among other law schools.

2. Bar Exam Success Rates

The success of Cardozo Law School graduates in bar exams significantly impacts its ranking. High pass rates demonstrate the effectiveness of the school’s curriculum and preparation in readying students for the legal profession.

3. Employment Rates

The rate at which Cardozo Law School graduates secure employment in the legal field upon graduation is a crucial determinant of their rank. High employment rates reflect the school’s success in preparing students for fulfilling legal careers.

4. Research and Scholarly Output

Cardozo Law School’s research contributions, scholarly publications, and academic citations affect its ranking. Pioneering research and impactful scholarly work enhance the school’s reputation and position in academic circles.

5. Alumni Success

The success and influence of Cardozo Law School alumni in the legal profession contribute to its rank. Notable alumni achievements, positions held, and contributions to law and society elevate the school’s standing.

By excelling in these critical areas, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law solidifies its position among the esteemed law schools, earning a commendable rank in the competitive landscape of legal education.

Cardozo Law School: Acceptance Rate, Rankings, and Tuition Fees

Cardozo Law School in NYC blends academic excellence with urban vitality. Renowned for its academic prowess, it boasts a competitive acceptance rate and consistently impressive rankings. It offers a comprehensive legal education experience with tuition fees that may vary based on program specifics and residency status. Here’s a quick look at essential factors.

Cardozo Law School has consistently committed to excellence, securing a notable #69 (tie) ranking in recent years, affirming its standing among the top law schools nationally. Cardozo Law consistently ranks among top-tier law schools due to its academic excellence, renowned faculty, and lively campus life.

  • Acceptance Rate at Cardozo Law School

With an acceptance rate of 33.8%, Cardozo Law School reflects a competitive admissions process, attracting candidates with strong academic and professional qualifications. Cardozo’s acceptance rate varies yearly, signifying the school’s selectivity for dedicated students with strong academic potential and a passion for the law. Submit a solid application to enhance your chances.

  • Cardozo Law School Passing Grade and Academic Standards

Yeshiva University’s Cardozo Law School boasts rigorous academic standards, ensuring a challenging curriculum that readies you for the legal profession.

  • Cardozo Law School Tuition Fees

Cardozo law offers an exceptional legal education, but remember to factor in tuition costs, which can vary. Cardozo Law commands an annual tuition of $69,826, reflecting the financial commitment required for students pursuing a legal education at this esteemed institution. Explore financial aid and scholarships to make your legal education more affordable.

Cardozo Law School Tuition Fees and Other Data

Take an informative snapshot of Cardozo Law School—a renowned institution that bridges academic prowess and legal expertise. This table briefly outlines crucial admission statistics, tuition fees, and LSAT score requirements, providing aspiring law students with essential insights for their educational decisions.

Let’s delve into the vital data that shapes the Cardozo Law School experience.

Metric Data
Law School Ranking by US News #69 (tie)
Acceptance Rate 33.8%
Median LSAT Score 164
Median GPA 3.76
Annual Tuition Fees $69,826

Two ladies reading a book while using a laptop to search for the LSAT

Cardozo Law School Admissions

The path to law school can seem daunting, but fear not! We’ve laid a step-by-step guide to help you secure a spot at Cardozo.

Should I Go to Law School?

First things first, introspect. Ask yourself why you want to pursue law. Passion and dedication are vital as law school demands hard work and commitment. Ensure a genuine interest in the legal field drives you.

How Hard Is It to Get Into Law School?

Law school admission is competitive, including at Cardozo. They evaluate your GPA, LSAT score, recommendations, personal statement, and extracurriculars. However, getting admitted to a prestigious law school is achievable with determination and strategic planning. 

Law School GPA

Your undergraduate GPA is a factor in law school admissions. The Cardozo 1L class boasts a median GPA of 3.76, while the 25th percentile GPA is 3.46, and the 75th percentile GPA is 3.86. Aim for a high Law School GPA by dedicating yourself to your studies. Consistency and diligence will pay off in the long run.

Excel in the LSAT

The LSAT is a pivotal aspect of your application. If needed, prepare thoroughly, consider preparatory courses, and aim for a competitive score that aligns with Cardozo Law School’s requirements. The Yeshiva University (Cardozo) 1L class showcases a median LSAT score of 164, with the 25th percentile at 159 and the 75th percentile at 166. 

Research Cardozo Law School Data

Explore Cardozo Law School’s data, including admitted students’ average GPA and LSAT scores. Customize your application to align or surpass these standards, showcasing how you’ll enrich the institution.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement should reflect your passion for law, unique experiences, and what you can contribute to the legal community. Be authentic and compelling in narrating your journey and motivations.

Strong Letters of Recommendation

Choose recommenders who genuinely vouch for your academic capabilities and character. Opt for individuals who know you well and can highlight your potential as a law student.

Showcase Your Interests

Participate in extracurricular activities related to law or that demonstrate your leadership and teamwork skills. Showcase your dedication to the field beyond academics.

Cardozo Law School is achievable with proper preparation and dedication. Strategize your application, stay true to your goals, and let your passion for law shine. Best of luck on your journey to Cardozo!

Hitting the Right LSAT Score

The LSAT is crucial in Cardozo Law School’s admission process as it serves as a standardized measure assessing applicants’ analytical and logical reasoning skills, helping to gauge their aptitude for success in a rigorous legal education. As a result, getting the right LSAT score is crucial. Here’s how to hit the mark and maximize your potential:

Understand the LSAT

The LSAT assesses skills crucial for law school success. Familiarize yourself with its structure, question types, and scoring to create an effective study plan.

LSAT Free Consultation

Before diving into LSAT prep, consider a free LSAT consultation with an expert. Many reputable test prep providers offer free consultations to assess your needs and suggest tailored study plans.

Opt for LSAT Tutoring

Consider personalized tutoring for your Law School aspirations. Enroll in an LSAT tutoring service that offers personalized guidance, tailored strategies, and practice exams to improve and hit your target score. 

Join an LSAT Prep Course

LSAT prep courses are structured to provide in-depth knowledge, practice exams, and expert guidance. Research and choose a system that aligns with your learning style and schedule. Get into Cardozo Law School with our LSAT Prep Course!

Law School Admissions Consulting

Consider law school admissions consulting services. Professionals in this field can guide you through the whole application process, including LSAT strategies, personal statements, and overall application optimization.

Consistent Practice and Review

Regularly practice LSAT questions, review your answers, and understand the reasoning behind each. Consistency in practice enhances familiarity with the exam format and improves performance.

Simulate Test Conditions

Take practice exams in a simulated test environment to acclimate to exam conditions. This ensures you’re mentally and physically prepared for the actual LSAT.

Stay Calm and Confident

On test day, maintain a positive mindset, and trust in your preparation. Confidence in your abilities will go a long way in helping you perform to the best of your potential.


Inspired by a vision of legal education that transcends boundaries, Cardozo Law School remains steadfast in fostering intellectual growth, ethical responsibility, and a deep sense of justice. As we celebrate the achievements and milestones that have marked Cardozo’s rich history, we look forward to a future where the school’s impact on the legal landscape only deepens. 

Cardozo Law School, in alignment with the values upheld by LSAC, remains committed to empowering students and advancing the legal field, ensuring that its graduates continue to make meaningful contributions to society.

Here’s to Cardozo Law School, where excellence meets purpose and the seeds of greatness continue to be sown. Get into Law School like a Pro with our Admissions Consulting!

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