Understanding the UVA Law School Ranking and Admission Statistics


Have you ever wondered what it is about the University of Virginia (UVA) Law School that places it so high on the list of top law schools? We will closely examine everything from the UVA Law School ranking and impressive range of programs to the expertise of its teaching staff. Plus, we’ll shed light on those extra special opportunities that give UVA an edge over other law schools.

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UVA Law School Overview

The University of Virginia School of Law, founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, has garnered global renown for its superior legal education. The school is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, near Washington, DC, and offers a unique setting for legal education. It has a long tradition of producing excellent lawyers and citizens devoted to preserving ethical standards and serving their communities. 

It is widely regarded as one of the nation’s top law schools. The loving and inclusive environment of the university distinguishes it, building strong ties between students and professors. This strong feeling of community is a fundamental reason why UVA Law consistently rates among the highest American law schools in terms of student happiness. 

At UVA Law School, students learn more than just the letter of the law. They share experiences and grow together in a collaborative spirit inside and outside the classroom. This creates a lasting network, extending beyond their three years at the school, enriching their professional and personal lives in countless ways.

2023-2024 UVA Law School Ranking

Ranking Category
#8 Best Law Schools (tie)
#8 Business/Corporate Law
#69 Clinical Training (tie)
#5 Constitutional Law (tie)
#8 Contracts/Commercial Law (tie)
#7 Criminal Law (tie)
#21 Dispute Resolution (tie)
#26 Environmental Law (tie)
#46 Health Care Law (tie)
#22 Intellectual Property Law (tie)
#10 International Law (tie)
#46 Legal Writing (tie)
#5 Tax Law
#80 Trial Advocacy (tie)

The University of Virginia stands in 8th place in the Best Law Schools ranking. This prestigious ranking is a testament to UVA’s high standard of legal education. The school also boasts impressive specialized rankings: it’s ranked number 5th in both Tax Law and Constitutional Law. UVA is also ranked seventh in Criminal Law, highlighting its holistic and thorough approach to legal instruction. The Virginia Law School ranking highlights the depth and quality of its specialized programs. 

Is UVA a Good Law School?

Aside from the University of Virginia School of Law ranking, there’s so much more to this school that shows how great it really is. Let’s take a look at a few key things that make UVA Law stand out. 

Bar Passage Rate

To begin, consider the bar exam success percentage of UVA Law students. 95.4% of the graduates from the class of 2022 passed the exam on their first try. This high rate is significant because it indicates that UVA truly prepares its students for the requirements of a legal career.

Employment Outcomes

Next, think about jobs after graduation. In 2022, 95.4% of graduates secured full-time work that required a law degree. Furthermore, 63.9% obtained work at top law firms nationwide. These numbers show that UVA grads are in high demand.

Faculty Ratio

UVA Law’s teachers are top-notch, too. The school keeps classes small, with only about 6 students for every teacher. This means students get plenty of attention and help. The country recognizes these professors as prominent legal experts. The U.S. Supreme Court frequently referenced their work in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, they have received accolades from significant legal organizations and possess extensive expertise in economics and history, enhancing the depth of their teaching.


Finally, let’s talk about where students learn and study. UVA Law’s campus is big and beautiful, perfect for studying hard and growing as a person. The law library is one of the biggest in the U.S., filled with books and resources. There are many spaces for students to study, places for student groups to meet, and a big dining area. It’s all set up to help students do their best and enjoy their time at law school.

Is it Hard to Get into UVA Law?

UVA Law School’s acceptance rate is 12.9%. This low percentage shows that getting into UVA Law is indeed competitive. The school is very selective because it has high standards, and many people want to join UVA’s prestigious law program.

To improve your chances of admission to the University of Virginia, send a well-prepared application that fits all requirements. This includes sending a Law School Letter of Recommendation that demonstrates your legal ability and prospects. The Law School Personal Statement, which successfully demonstrates your love for law and highlights your unique experiences that are beneficial to the UVA Law community, is another key need.

What LSAT Score Do I Need for UVA?

UVA’s law program accepted applicants with LSAT scores between 166 and 173 in 2022. The median score was 171. A high score increases your visibility during the application process and demonstrates your preparedness for UVA’s demanding academic program.

Scoring above the median score of 171 gives you an advantage, as the LSAT is a crucial factor in UVA Law’s admissions evaluation. To ease the financial load, checking out if you qualify for an LSAC Fee Waiver is important.

What GPA do I need for UVA?

Admission to the Law School of Virginia in 2022 requires a median GPA of 3.94, with students with GPAs ranging from 3.69 to 3.99. Applicants should aim for a GPA higher than or comparable to the 3.94 median to boost their chances of admittance. The admissions committee gives GPA a lot of weight to maintain UVA Law students’ good academic standing.

A student walking inside the school campus

Distinctive Programs and Specializations

Virginia Law School offers a variety of degree programs tailored to the unique interests and goals of aspiring legal professionals:

Juris Doctor Programs

The J.D. program offers over 250 courses and seminars each year. Students can take different subjects after completing first-year required courses, including short intensive courses, seminars, and theory-focused classes to improve legal writing skills. The program also includes practical components like clinics, trial advocacy, and public speaking courses. Students can participate in study-abroad and dual-degree programs, externships for academic credit, and research projects under faculty guidance for a broader perspective. Here are your dual-degree options:

  • JD/MBA
  • JD/MA in English, Government, Foreign Affairs, History, Philosophy
  • JD/MS in Accounting
  • JD/MUEP in Urban and Environmental Planning
  • JD/MPP in Public Policy
  • JD/MPH in Public Health

Master of Laws Programs

The Virginia Law School has a special program called the L.L.M. program. It lasts for one year and is full-time. Students can customize their legal education based on what they are interested in. Virginia Law allows LL.M. students to select their curriculum, unlike other law schools.

Doctor of Juridical Science Program

The most advanced legal degree offered at Virginia Law is the S.J.D. program. It is intended for scholars who are driven to significantly and creatively advance the field of legal scholarship.  S.J.D. candidates conduct significant studies and write dissertations that bring fresh views to the area of law under the supervision of faculty members.

When you plan to go to the University of Virginia, creating a clear Law School Application Timeline is important. This timeline should cover everything from preparing for the LSAT to taking the exam and going through the admission process. It’s important to schedule each step carefully to approach your law school application efficiently, increasing your chances of success.

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Final Thoughts: Is UVA Law School Good?

The University of Virginia is an exceptional choice for aspiring lawyers, offering much more than its impressive UVA Law School ranking. This institution is a dream destination for many students due to its abundant resources and diverse opportunities that pave the way for graduate success. With the chance to engage in 24 different clinics covering a variety of specialties, UVA Law provides practical, hands-on learning experiences. Understanding what it takes to get into UVA Law is the first step in determining if it’s the right place for your legal education. 

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