Exploring Law School Success at Tulsa Law School


The University of Tulsa College of Law, established in 1923, is a well-known law institution in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It teaches law in a hands-on fashion, striving to create ethical and competent attorneys. The school offers practical instruction to make sure students become effective attorneys. This particular kind of learning emphasizes learning by doing and prepares graduates for real-world legal issues.

You’ll find Tulsa Law School faculty to be excellent mentors whose experience fuses scholarly insight to help you succeed in the legal world. Tulsa Law School features modern facilities like moot courtrooms and legal clinics for hands-on learning. The school prepares graduates for careers in law firms and federal organizations through ethical standards and practical skills. Regardless of whether your aspirations include Law practice in courtrooms, advice to companies, or social causes, Tulsa Law School can prepare you to succeed.

The University of Tulsa campus

The Tulsa Law School Ranking

Understanding its ranking helps you make an educated choice regarding your legal training while applying for Tulsa Law School. Law school rankings are helpful tools for assessing the institution’s performance and reputation in different legal areas. Knowing where Tulsa Law School compares with several other schools will assist you in deciding how it is competitive and if it is the right fit for your educational and career objectives. Ultimately, considering law school rankings enables you to make an informed choice that will secure your legal long-term.

USNW Best Law Schools #111
Business/Corporate Law #140
Clinical Training #114
Constitutional Law #131
Contracts/Commercial Law #131
Criminal Law #127
Environmental Law #118
Health Care Law #135
Intellectual Property Law #117
International Law #140
Tax Law #177
Trial Advocacy #189

Tulsa Law School Academic Programs

When looking into Tulsa Law School, looking into the offered academic programs is important to your legal education and future career. Each program provides advantages that could improve your law school education and help you enter the legal world. By exploring each option in detail, you could picture yourself practicing various aspects of law, modifying your law school for your requirements and objectives. Tulsa Law School provides programs that prepare you for various professions, and its dedication to offering an extensive legal education is reflected in its varied applications. Whether or not your passions are in litigation, business law, policymaking, or social justice advocacy, Tulsa Law School offers the tools and help to succeed in your chosen field.

1. Juris Doctor (JD)

The flagship program of Tulsa Law School, the JD curriculum provides a liberal arts education in core subjects and specialized areas of law. This program offers you the knowledge and abilities to become a successful attorney in several settings.

2. Arts & Sciences + Law Accelerated

This program combines your interest in social sciences or the humanities with legal studies. By combining liberal arts courses with legal coursework, you gain a rounded view of society and law.

3. Business + Law Accelerated

Perfect for students majoring in business law or business-related legal areas, this program provides business and legal education to prepare you for positions in corporate governance, transactional law, and much more. You get a good grounding in business principles plus legal training and become an invaluable asset in the corporate world.

4. OSU Undergraduate/TU JD Accelerated

This particular accelerated program enables students from Oklahoma State University to obtain an undergraduate degree along with a JD from Tulsa Law School in a reduced timeframe. You save money and time by fast-tracking your education and gain early entry to the bar by going quicker compared to conventional schooling.

5. Law, Policy & Social Justice Minor

This particular interdisciplinary minor extends your legal training while addressing law, policy, and social justice issues. By studying advocacy, public policy, and human rights, you become a social justice advocate in your community.

6. Pre-law

Pre-law is intended for undergraduates planning to apply to law school and get ready for legal education. You prepare for law school and beyond with advising, networking, and internships.

The Tulsa Law School Stats

Knowing the critical numbers at Tulsa Law School lets you know what goals to shoot for when planning your application. Such figures, including the median LSAT and GPA scores of admitted students, set benchmarks for how much the law school expects academically. Meeting or exceeding these admission goals greatly increases your chances of being admitted to Tulsa Law School as a candidate by showing academic readiness and competitiveness. To have met or exceeded these benchmarks enhances your application and positions you as a leading candidate for admission to Tulsa Law School.

Tulsa Law School LSAT Median 155
TU Law School Median GPA 3.43
University of Tulsa Law School Ranking No. 111 in US Best Law Schools
University of Tulsa Law School Acceptance Rate 60.40%
TU School of Law Tuition $28,541 to $53,107
Tulsa University Law School Bar Pass Rate 74%
University of Tulsa School of Law Employment Rate 49%

The University of Tulsa College of Law graduation.

Tulsa School of Law Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at Tulsa School of Law ranges from USD 28,541 – USD 53,107. However, there are grants to help you lessen the financial load. One is the Carmody Scholarship for the College of Law. This particular scholarship, along with several others provided by the institution, can help you chase your legal goals without worrying a lot about the price. With these law school scholarships, you can concentrate on your studies and your potential career with financial assistance on the side. Therefore, if you wish to attend the Tulsa School of Law but are concerned about the price, scholarships like the Carmody Scholarship can assist you.

Essential Application Requirements for Tulsa Law School

Timely completion of application requirements for Tulsa Law School is crucial to your admission into the system. Fulfilling these requirements indicates you’re ready and committed to law school and improves your application chances. By submitting all necessary documents on time and carefully, you boost your admission chances and position yourself for success in law school and beyond.

Law School Resume

Your law school resume must highlight pertinent academic accomplishments, job experience, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles. It gives an overview of your qualifications and also shows you can handle an arduous academic setting.

Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement is a huge part of your application. It is where you discuss your experiences, motivations, and objectives for attending law school. Using your personal statement, the admissions committee understands you and how you’d fit in. It is also your opportunity to introduce yourself and explain the reasons you will make an excellent addition to the school.

Law School Letter of Recommendation

Strong law school letters of recommendation for law school are vital. Solicit them from professors, bosses, or mentors who could speak about how good you are in academics, your personality, or your potential as a law student. These letters are your evidence that you can do well in law school. They show the admissions committee what others think of you and how you’d do in the system. These letters give specifics about your capabilities and are endorsements of your candidacy.

Law School Addendum

In some instances, you can submit a law school addendum that contextualizes any discrepancies or weaknesses in your application (low grades or employment gaps). This extra document enables you to address any concerns directly and present yourself in the best light.

Essential Steps for LSAT Preparation

The LSAT is a critical component of law school admissions – a typical way of measuring your legal studies readiness and probable success in law school. Your LSAT score determines your spots at the top law schools, and preparation is essential for passing the exam. With Odyssey Test Prep, you can get ready for the LSAT with confidence and obtain the materials and suggestions to get into your dream law school. It’s also important to explore the benefits of a well-rounded LSAT preparation as it could guide you to the law school objectives.

  • Understand the LSAT Dates in 2024

Prepare early for the LSAT dates in 2024. Choose the best LSAT test date for you and plan your studying time around these dates to prepare for the exam. Giving yourself time to prepare helps you form a strategy and succeed in studying. Mark those dates in your calendar and prepare yourself to take the test.

  • Attend LSAT Free Class

Take advantage of an LSAT free class offered by Odyssey Test Prep to learn about the test format and question types. Participating in these sessions gives you techniques to utilize and experience Odyssey Test Prep’s teaching style before you commit.

  • Schedule an LSAT Free Consultation

Book an LSAT free consultation with Odyssey Test Prep for the LSAT. This one-on-one session can discuss your objectives and how ready you are for the LSAT. We can develop an individualized study plan according to what you excel at and what you can improve on.

  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Prepare for the LSAT with a reliable LSAT prep course that can unlock your full potential and achieve the LSAT score you desire. We can give you structured material and instructions to prepare, and it is a good way to prepare for the LSAT in an organized group environment. These courses cover the LSAT sections and give you techniques for tackling each component.

  • Benefit from LSAT Tutoring

Achieve your highest LSAT score with personalized guidance from our expert tutors. Consider one-on-one LSAT tutoring at Odyssey Test Prep. Working with a tutor sharpens your weaknesses and also prepares you for assessments.

  • Follow an Admissions Roadmap

Take advantage of an admissions roadmap from Odyssey Test Prep to plan your application journey. This roadmap details important milestones and due dates to submit polished applications on time.

  • Consider Law School Admissions Consulting

Let law school experts guide you to acceptance at Tulsa Law School with our tailored consulting services, ensuring your application stands out amidst the competition. Consider law school admissions consulting services offered by Odyssey Test Prep to craft an effective application package. From personal declaration help to interview prep, our consultants can help you get through the admissions process with confidence. 


The selection of Tulsa Law School as your first option in legal School can be a smart one. With preparation, you can boost your likelihood of getting admitted to Tulsa Law. Using resources like Odyssey Test Prep and the LSAC can enable you to enter law school quickly. 

Start your legal journey today by seizing these opportunities and taking control of your future!

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