Joining Diversity and Excellence at Montana Law School


In 1911, the University of Montana Alexander Blewett III School of Law was set up in Missoula, Montana. Montana Law is a public service and hands-on learning hub that provides students with opportunities to deal with real legal problems through its programs. The law school is encompassed by the Rocky Mountains and also offers students a setting to learn law in an all-natural environment and is known as the best law school in Montana.

Expect supportive faculty, staff, and fellow students at Montana Law. The school’s focus on hands-on learning through clinics, externships, and pro bono projects prepares graduates for the legal field. Regardless of whether you want to study another subject, Environmental Law, or Indian Law, Montana Law has you covered.

The University of Montana Alexander Blewett III School of Law building.

University of Montana Law School Ranking

As an aspiring law student, law school rankings matter. Montana Law School consistently ranks among the nation’s Top 100 Best Law Schools, indicating both academic excellence and legal track record. These rankings could be useful in deciding the way a school fared throughout several law areas to evaluate the degree of training and options out there. Regardless of your interest in Environmental Law, Public Interest Law, or Corporate Law, understanding exactly where Montana Law ranks will enable you to navigate your law school or legal career path.

USNW Best Law Schools #96
Business/Corporate Law #140
Clinical Training #161
Constitutional Law #120
Contracts/Commercial Law #131
Criminal Law #127
Environmental Law #37
Health Care Law #135
Intellectual Property Law #117
International Law #127
Tax Law #91
Trial Advocacy #181

Law Programs Offered at U of Montana Law School

Montana Law School provides some of the best majors for law school designed to give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in the legal world. Whether you wish to represent environmental conservation, champion indigenous rights, or even navigate the murky waters of Business Law, Montana Law has programs for you. With a focus on practical training and experiential learning, these programs prepare you not just for the legal profession but to make an impact in your industry. This list includes discussions on what you can gain from each program offered.

1. Juris Doctor (JD) Program

U of Montana Law’s JD program prepares you to be a well-versed lawyer. You will study criminal, torts, and contract law via courses and hands-on experience. You can be a JD in litigation, corporate law, or public interest advocacy.

2. Joint Degree Programs

Montana Law offers joint degree programs in which you earn a legal education coupled with another discipline, public administration, such as business, or environmental studies. A double degree provides you with knowledge and career choices in specialist areas including environmental law and policy, government relations, and global business law.

3. Master of Laws (LLM) Program

This program welcomes practicing attorneys in addition to international students seeking advanced legal training. Specializing in areas like Indian law or environmental law, the program offers study and knowledge. Law professions available to students of the LLM program consist of government, nonprofits, academia, or the business world.

4. Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program

This program trains you to litigate matters concerning environmental protection, preservation, and resource management. Studying environmental law, energy law, or land use regulations will prepare you to fight for environmentally friendly justice, counsel companies on compliance, or work for federal agencies that will shape environmental policy.

5. Indian Law Program

Legal and policy challenges confronting indigenous communities in the United States are talked about by Montana Law’s Indian Law Program. You’ll learn about tribal sovereignty, territorial problems, and Treaty rights. Graduates could turn into tribal attorneys, advocates for indigenous rights, or leaders in tribal law and administration.

6. Public Interest Law Program

This program trains you to promote social justice and help marginalized people together with your legal abilities. Join clinics, internships, and pro bono tasks to gain experience helping legal needs. Graduating from the Public Interest Law Program could work in legal aid organizations, non-profit advocacy groups, or federal organizations with a Public Interest Law focus.

7. Business and Corporate Law Program

This program teaches you corporate governance, transactions, and commercial law. You’ll learn legal methods, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution to help companies. Graduates can become corporate attorneys, in-house counsel, or business consultants.

8. Trial Advocacy Program

The Trial Advocacy Program trains you to win in court. You will practice legal research, evidence presentation, and courtroom arguments during mock trials and simulations. Graduates might become trial lawyers, public defenders, or prosecutors in criminal or civil matters.

9. Law School Programs for High School Students

Montana Law School provides high school programs, including law-related classes. High schoolers can intern and experience different areas through the Mansfield Center at the University of Montana. However, there are no particular law programs for high school students on their site. If you’re a high schooler looking into programs for you, you can look into other options from other law schools.

Montana School of Law Stats

Montana Law highlights key admission stats to help guide your way as you start your journey in law school. Such numbers include acceptance rates and average LSAT scores, which demonstrate how competitive admissions are. They tell you where they rank among other law schools, helping you make a choice. From this data, you can plan your application strategy strategically to boost your chances of acceptance to Montana Law School and start your legal education journey with confidence.

University of Montana Law School Median LSAT 154
U of MT Law School Median GPA 3.43
Montana Law Acceptance Rate 66.10%
Montana Law School Ranking No. 96th in Best Law Schools
U of Montana Law School Tuition $26,983 to $54,449
Montana Law Bar Passage Rate 83%

A man speaking on the podium with a banner of the Alexander Blewett III School of Law in the background.

5 Key Admission Requirements for Montana Law School to Ensure Your Success

It’s an undertaking to journey on the path toward Montana Law School. A balanced application increases your chances of qualifying. From writing a personal statement to getting letters of recommendation, these are the requirements for attending law school in Montana.

1. Start Early with Your Law School Application Timeline

Begin applying soon. The application period for Montana Law School begins on September 1st and ends on July 15th. Allocate time to research the school, ready your materials, and take any required standardized assessments like the LSAT. Follow the law school application timeline. Submit your application by the deadline to demonstrate dedication and organization.

2. Craft an Impressive Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement has to reflect your distinctive attributes and experiences. Tailor it to Montana Law School and state exactly why you are a great match for their program. Mention your interest in law, relevant experiences, along future career goals. A personal statement could make you stand out among other applicants.

3. Secure Strong Letters of Recommendation

Pick recommenders who know you effectively and who speak to your capabilities, character, and potential for success in law school. Give them any details regarding the program and your objectives to help you create personalized letters. Strong law school letters of recommendation could validate your qualifications and advance your application.

4. Create a Comprehensive Law School Resume

Create a comprehensive law school resume of your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and job experience along with other capabilities or accreditation. Mention leadership positions, service to the community, and participation in groups doing work in social justice or law. Your resume ought to reflect your achievements and qualifications.

5. Write a Compelling Law School Diversity Statement

Montana Law School is an equal opportunities school dedicated to equality. Make use of your law school diversity statement to describe the way your experiences and viewpoints will add to the school’s diversity and make learning much more engaging for students. Write sincerely and reflectively about the legal profession.

Blewett School of Law Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition in the Blewett School of Law ranges between USD 26,983 and USD 54,439. But don’t let the cost discourage you. There are financial aid programs like law school scholarships available. These scholarships help students afford legal schooling. Investigate these opportunities and apply to make a legal education less expensive.

Blewett School of Law Scholarship

The Blewett School of Law Scholarship funds legal education. Qualify by displaying academic excellence, leadership, and dedication to the legal field. Your financial need might be also considered. This law school scholarship assists deserving students pursue legal education and careers.

Key Steps to Ace the LSAT For Montana School of Law

To take the LSAT is a vital step toward acceptance to Montana Law. While your LSAT score is among the best elements law schools utilize to choose your admissions, a strong rating can improve your odds of acceptance. You can pass the LSAT if you prepare and get guided properly. Odyssey Test Prep has the expertise and methods to score high on the LSAT and get into Montana Law.

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The info described here is intended to give you everything you need to get admitted to Montana Law. From the LSAT to the stages in the application process, you now know the road to law school success. Recall that resources like Odyssey Test Prep’s expertise and the LSAC are here to assist you along the way. 

Along with determination, guidance, and preparation, you could pursue your dream of attending Montana Law and becoming a lawyer.

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