Your Guide to Top 10 Law Programs for High School Students


Are you a high school student contemplating a career in law? Pre-law summer programs are a brilliant way to get a sneak peek into the legal world and lay a strong groundwork for your future in law. These programs are not just about learning; they’re about experiencing the life of a lawyer and connecting with professionals who’ve walked the path you’re considering.

By joining law summer programs for high school students, you get to immerse yourself in the diverse realms of law, understanding its intricacies and day-to-day realities. This immersion helps you decide whether a law career is your calling. This article will guide you through some of the top law programs for high school students. We’ll highlight each program’s unique benefits, giving you a clear view of the invaluable experiences that await you.

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Skills Development Through Pre-Law High School Summer Programs

Joining a law program for high school students is an excellent way to gain various valuable skills. These skills are vital when applying for law school and your future legal career. The best summer law programs for high school students focus on nurturing several key abilities:

  • Analytical Thinking: You’ll learn to examine complex legal scenarios, dissecting them to understand various viewpoints and implications.

  • Effective Communication: These programs emphasize articulating thoughts clearly and persuasively, a skill crucial in and out of the courtroom.

  • Ethical Understanding: A deep dive into legal principles provides a strong foundation in ethics and justice, teaching you to weigh right and wrong in professional and personal situations.

  • Problem Solving: Tackling legal cases requires innovative problem-solving skills, encouraging you to think creatively and find effective solutions.

  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working with peers on case studies or projects helps develop teamwork skills, an essential aspect of many legal environments.

These skills are cultivated through practical experiences and interactive learning, making these programs beneficial to law school newbies

Top Summer Law Programs for High School Students 2023

Exploring the world of law and legal studies can be an exciting journey for high school students. Several notable programs cater specifically to young learners eager to enter law school. 

Program Eligibility Cost Application Deadline Location
1. Crump Law Camp Ages 14 – 17  TBA, Financial Aid Available July 10 – 14 Virtual
2. Georgetown Pre-Law College Prep Ages 13 And Up $1,495 April 30, May 14, or June 11 Virtual
3. EXPLO Trial Law and American Court System Grades 10 – 12 $7,350 (Room And Board Included), Grants And Scholarships Available April 15, 2023 Wellesley, MA
4. ACLU National Advocacy Summer Institute High School Students Aged 15 – 18 $2,700 (Washington, D.C.), $2,000 (Atlanta and Montgomery)  April 17 or May 15  Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; Montgomery, AL
5. Envision Intensive Law & Trial Grades 9 – 12 $4,345 – $4,645  Closes When Spots are Filled Palo Alto, CA
6. NSLC Law & Advocacy Grades 9 – 12 $3,795 – $3,895 Rolling admission Washington, D.C.; New Haven, CT
7. Criminal Justice Program of NYU SPS High School Academy Grades 9 – 11 $3,102 (Room And Board Included), No Financial Aid Application deadline: May 15 (Residential),  June 15 (Commuter) New York City, NY
8. JTB Summer Legal Institute Grades 9 – 12



May 5, 2023 San Diego, CA or Chicago, IL
9. Justice Camp Grades 9 – 10 Free April 28 New Orleans, LA
10. Cornell University International Summer Debate Camp Middle and high school students $3,500 Rolling admission Ithaca, NY

1. Crump Law Camp

The Crump Law Camp, created by the National Bar Association, aims to offer high-quality legal education to students, focusing on inspiring students of color to explore opportunities in the field of law. This online law program for high school students equips participants with essential skills and knowledge for their professional growth. The camp also provides valuable insights into extracurricular activities and academic programs that can significantly enhance your chances of admission to law school, alongside the admission requirements law school resume, and law school letters of recommendation you must submit.

2. Georgetown Pre-Law College Prep Program

High school students can experience legal education early by signing up for the Georgetown Pre-Law College Prep Program. Just like the flexibility that law school online offers, you can join this online program from home and maximize your summer. It’s structured to be asynchronous, offering flexibility in learning. The program is divided into 1-week, 2-week, and 4-week intensive sessions throughout the summer, providing various options to fit your schedule. Even if some deadlines have passed, there’s still a chance to apply for upcoming sessions!

3. EXPLO Trial Law and American Court System Program

If you have a passion for trial law and want to learn more about the American court system, the EXPLO program is an excellent option. This three-week summer course delves into important court cases and key legal principles. Plus, you might even earn college credit by taking part! The high school law summer program also offers financial assistance through discounts and scholarships, making it more accessible. When planning to take the LSAT, make sure to utilize the LSAC Fee Waiver to help lessen the cost burden.

4. ACLU National Advocacy Summer Institute

This law summer program for high school students is for young individuals passionate about making societal changes and defending liberties. It offers a unique summer experience, focusing on enlightening participants about various issues and legal strategies. The institute includes engaging lectures and policy discussions, making it an ideal choice for students interested in politics and legislation. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain insight into advocacy and civil liberties.

5. Envision Intensive Law & Trial at Stanford University

Imagine spending 10 days at Stanford University, immersed in law and legal studies. The Envision Intensive Law & Trial Program makes this possible. Participants are privileged to learn directly from Stanford Law School professors and gain exposure to legal rhetoric, case preparation, and techniques for delivering compelling opening and closing arguments. This law program for high school students in California highlights a mock trial simulation, allowing students to test their newly acquired skills in a realistic courtroom setting.

6. NSLC Law & Advocacy Program

The National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) offers the Law & Advocacy Program, which is designed to hone your legal skills through hands-on experiences. Here, you’ll learn courtroom techniques and strategies under the guidance of practicing attorneys. The program includes visits to prestigious law schools like Georgetown University and Yale, offering a glimpse into potential future educational paths. 

In addition to legal training, the program emphasizes leadership development through interactive lectures and workshops. Participants even have the chance to earn college credit, adding substantial value to their educational journey. Among the two prestigious institutions, only Georgetown offers a law school part-time program for working individuals seeking to advance their legal knowledge without putting their careers on hold. 

7. Criminal Justice Program of NYU SPS High School Academy

Try something different this summer and delve into criminology and investigations with NYU’s Criminal Justice Program. You’ll get hands-on experience in analyzing crime scenes, forensics, and collecting evidence. Along with practical skills, you’ll also gain a solid grasp of constitutional issues and theoretical concepts in criminal justice. This law program for high school students in NYC provides a well-rounded blend of theory and practice for anyone seeking a law career.

8. JTB Summer Legal Institute

Lasting four days, the JTB Summer Legal Institute provides a unique learning experience with a curriculum crafted by seasoned attorneys. This program is an excellent opportunity to hone skills like writing, critical thinking, and public speaking – essential tools for success in high school, college, and, eventually, law school. Start your application today to benefit from attorney volunteers’ insights and empower yourself for a bright future in law.

9. Justice Camp

Hosted by the New Orleans Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, Justice Camp offers an immersive experience in the legal world. You’ll explore topics like free speech, the court system, and biases in jury trials, all within the walls of a federal courthouse. This law program for high school students also includes a mock trial, allowing you to develop advocacy skills in an actual courtroom setting. It’s an ideal setting for gaining a practical understanding of legal procedures.

10. Cornell University International Summer Debate Camp

Sharpen your debate skills at Cornell University’s International Summer Debate Camp. This program embraces the World Schools Debate format, introducing you to a style of debate that eases the transition to college-level discourse. You’ll have the unique opportunity to learn directly from Cornell professors and build relationships with peers who share your interests. The camp also offers opportunities to participate in tournament debates, providing a platform to test and refine your debating abilities.

These summer law programs for high school students will help you discover the best majors for law school you are interested in. Majors like Political Science, English, and Philosophy are often favored for their emphasis on critical thinking, analytical skills, and effective communication, all essential for success in law school.

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Maximizing Your Law School Admission Chances

Preparing for law school admission is a journey that begins well before earning your bachelor’s degree. Aside from attending a law program for high school students, it’s essential to ensure a competitive GPA and strong credentials while recognizing the LSAT’s critical role in law school admissions. Achieving a high LSAT score is pivotal in securing admission to prestigious law schools. Law schools heavily weigh LSAT scores, as they provide a consistent metric to compare applicants’ potential for excelling in the challenging legal education environment.

Having a personal law school application timeline is crucial to avoid missing key deadlines. Self-study for the LSAT can be effective if you have a solid academic foundation and feel confident about the test; however, seeking expert help can be a game-changer if you need more focused guidance. Here are Odyssey Test Prep services that can help achieve your desired LSAT score and develop an overall standout law school application.

LSAT Prep Course

Sharpen your legal skills with our LSAT Prep Course for high school students, paving the way to law school success. The LSAT prep course we provide covers all sections of the LSAT and includes thorough practice tests and analytical tools to monitor your advancement. It is designed to establish a solid base in logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and reading comprehension, which are essential skills for LSAT success.

LSAT Tutoring

Ace the LSAT with personalized tutoring, designed to boost confidence and optimize performance for aspiring law school students. Odyssey’s LSAT tutoring service connects you with skilled tutors who excel at tailoring study plans to match your unique learning preferences and specific areas for improvement. These one-on-one sessions focus on tackling your specific challenges, offering targeted strategies and insights to boost your confidence and LSAT scores.

Law School Admission Consulting

Let our team of experienced consultants assist you through the intricate law school admissions process. We also create your own Admission Roadmap, allowing us to assist you in maneuvering through the intricacies of the application procedure, strategically develop your personal statement, and offer valuable guidance to enhance your prospects of securing admission to the law school of your choice. Navigate the path to law school seamlessly with our expert consulting tailored for aspiring law school students, ensuring standout applications and successful admissions!

Final Thoughts: Law Programs for High School Students

Engaging in pre-law summer programs presents an invaluable opportunity for high school students to gain early insights into the legal world. These programs, ranging from Ivy League experiences to those focusing on diversity, cater to a broad spectrum of interests and ambitions. For students who are either determined to pursue a career in law or just exploring their options, these law programs for high school students offer a platform to discover their passions, participate in impactful conversations, and lay a solid foundation for future success in law school.

A wealth of exceptional pre-law summer programs are available, each designed to guide and inspire the legal minds of tomorrow.