Law School Success Opportunity: Your Admission Guide to Loyola Law School


Loyola Law School has made a big difference in the legal landscape of California and beyond. Loyola Marymount Law School is committed to teaching its graduates strong civic duty and ethical behavior. The institution was the first law school in California to make pro bono work mandatory. This article will cover numerous areas to give prospective students a complete overview of Loyola Law School, such as the programs offered, acceptance statistics, and the admissions requirements.

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Loyola Law School Overview

Loyola Law School, founded in 1920, has a network of over 17,000 alumni, many of whom have risen to positions of prominence, such as governors, US ambassadors, CEOs, Supreme Court clerks, state bar presidents, inventive litigators, and renowned scholars. The Loyola University Law School is a Loyola Marymount University division on a campus created by famous architect Frank O. Gehry. The campus covers a whole city block in downtown Los Angeles and is equipped with advanced teaching tools. It features numerous mock courtrooms with multiple cameras for trial and appellate advocacy practice, some of which the California Court of Appeals utilizes for real sessions.

The Social Justice Law Clinic has undergone renovations, making it resemble a real law practice. A total of 21 clinics are managed by both professors and students, fostering collaborative work and practical educational experiences. The William M. Rains Law Library at Loyola is one of the biggest private law libraries in the Western U.S. It has a large collection of over 600,000 books and a wide range of internet subscriptions, allowing students to conduct a comprehensive study.

Loyola Law School JD Programs

The Loyola Marymount University Law School offers a comprehensive legal education to educate students for various legal occupations. This includes full-time day programs and specialist dual degrees.

Juris Doctor Day Program

The JD Day Division Program at Loyola Law School Los Angeles is a great three-year program for full-time law students. The students can choose from more than 15 subject-area themes, which gives them personalized guidance and a course outline with hands-on activities. The concentrations are:

  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Justice
  • Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Immigrant Advocacy
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Law & Entrepreneurship
  • Tax Law.
  • Health Care Law
  • Law & the Political Process 
  • Family Law

Juris Doctor Evening Program

The Evening Division Program at Loyola Law School is a popular part-time program. It is intended for students who work full-time or who prefer evening classes. The program includes the same classes as the Day Division Program and is taught by full-time Loyola teachers. 

Joint JD/ MBA

The J.D. MBA program gives students great chances in business and law. It has small classes, a chance to study globally, different elective options, and the skills to advance your career. The completion of two demanding graduate programs requires a full-time commitment and the capacity to manage academic demands. Both the MBA program and Loyola Law School require separate applications and acceptances. You can apply for a JD MBA following your first year of legal education.

Joint JD / Tax LLM

Students can simultaneously obtain a Tax LL.M. and Juris Doctor from the institution for three years. It’s the only program that prepares students for a tax law career after graduation. To finish the program in three years, Loyola offers a 10-week Summer Tax Intensive that covers income taxation, advanced income taxation, and business entity taxation.

Is Loyola Law School Good?

The quality of Loyola Law School should be assessed using rankings, bar passage rates, and post-graduation employment figures. These components provide a complete picture of the school’s position in the legal education sector.

Loyola University School of Law Ranking

Category Ranking
Best Law Schools #60 (tie)
Part-time Law #10
Business/Corporate Law #54 (tie)
Clinical Training #69 (tie)
Constitutional Law #65 (tie)
Contracts/Commercial Law #59 (tie)
Criminal Law #30 (tie)
Dispute Resolution #60 (tie)
Environmental Law #125 (tie)
Health Care Law #52 (tie)
Intellectual Property Law #51 (tie)
International Law #67 (tie)
Legal Writing #32 (tie)
Tax Law #10 (tie)
Trial Advocacy #5 (tie)

Loyola Law School ranking is at #60 among the Best Law Schools. This reflects its impressive performance in legal education. It has done a great job of serving part-time students, getting the 10th spot in the Part-time Law category. This shows that it is dedicated to providing excellent law education while also allowing students who can only study part-time to do so.

On the other hand, Loyola Chicago Law School ranking is #84 in Best Law Schools. This ranking reflects its commendable performance in legal education, though it is positioned differently than its Los Angeles counterpart. In Part-time Law, Loyola Chicago Law School ranks #18, showing its proficiency in catering to part-time law students, albeit with a slightly different focus and approach than Loyola Marymount University.

Bar Passage Rate

The bar exam success rate indicates a law school’s competence in educating its students for future legal professions. The 2022 bar clearance percentage at Loyola Law School was an excellent 79.9%. This high rate implies that the majority of its graduates have the necessary abilities and knowledge to pass the difficult bar tests, which is a prerequisite for anybody wishing to practice law.

Employment Outcomes

It’s crucial to know how many LMU Law School alumni land full-time legal positions. 79.9% of graduates get these positions, proving the school prepares students for work. 26.6% of graduates work in local law firms, reflecting the school’s excellent reputation and strong legal community links, which helps alumni get jobs.

Loyola Marymount Law School Los Angeles Admission Requirements

Admission to Loyola School of Law Los Angeles is an organized procedure considering many candidate profile components. The qualifications are intended to evaluate academic potential and each applicant’s distinct talents and experiences.

Electronic Application

To begin the application process for Loyola, visit the LSAC website first. This is where you can register for the LSAT and electronically submit your application. LSAC also handles your personal statement, transcripts, and recommendation letters.

Application Fee

From Jan 1, 2024, a $65 fee applies, but not for current or former students.

Credential Assembly Service Report

Applicants using only a GRE score for law school applications must register with LSAC’s CAS. This service is essential for submitting application materials, such as official transcripts and LSAT scores. Early fall registration is advised to avoid delays.


Candidates are required to take either the LSAT or the GRE. Individuals with LSAT and GRE scores must submit both scores. Additional steps like a GRE Certification Statement and score reporting are required for GRE-only applicants. The last accepted test dates for various programs vary, emphasizing early testing for a competitive edge. A higher score is preferred for those with significant score differences.

Personal Statement and Optional Statements

These documents are crucial in evaluating a candidate’s readiness for law school. They include a required personal statement and optional background/identity and law interest statements.

These statements assess writing skills, unique abilities, personal qualities, and background. Each statement should be distinct and add new information to the applicant’s profile.

Letter of Recommendation

One law school letter of recommendation is required, with a maximum of two allowed. These should preferably be academic or from an employer/supervisor, providing insight into the candidate’s potential for law school success.


A resume, not exceeding two pages, should detail education, employment, extracurricular activities, and other relevant experiences.

Academic or Test Score Addendum

An optional statement providing context to test scores or academic challenges can be submitted. This should be concise and focused on explaining circumstances impacting the applicant’s academic record or test performance.

Understanding and preparing for these requirements can considerably improve an applicant’s chances of admission to Loyola Marymount Law School, Los Angeles. To ensure that all components are submitted on time, the Law School Application Timeline should be carefully considered.

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What LSAT Score Do I Need for Loyola Law School?

The school typically accepts students with LSAT scores ranging from 157 to 163. And 161 is the median LSAT score.  You can improve your admission chances by scoring within or above this range. A best LSAT prep course may help law school applicants improve their LSAT results. These courses offer specific test prep and tactics to boost performance.

What GPA Do I Need for Loyola Law School?

Admitted students have GPAs between 3.46 and 3.81. The median GPA of Loyola Marymount Law School students in various programs is 3.69. Maintaining a GPA at this level or above can significantly aid in your admission to law school. Law School Numbers can also be used to interact with people and obtain useful information to assist you in making wise decisions regarding your law school application.

Loyola Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Program Cost Type Annual Flat Rate Fall Spring
JD Day Students Tuition $64,890 $32,445 $32,445
JD Evening Students Tuition $43,360 $21,680 $21,680

Budgeting includes more than tuition. It also entails accounting for living expenses, book costs, and other necessary costs. Loyola Law School offers financial help. Students can get loans, grants, law school scholarships, and work-study, among other financial help. Students can make informed financial decisions and simplify their law school journey by evaluating these choices.

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LSAT Tutoring

Elevate your LSAT performance under personalized guidance, maximizing your potential for admission to Loyola Law School. Our LSAT tutors identify and target weaknesses for those needing more intensive attention through personalized instruction. With real-time feedback, students will master exam strategies and gradually strengthen any problem areas.

Law School Admission Consulting

Partnering with our consultants ensures your application stands out and aligns with the school’s values and expectations. Applying to law school itself presents another layer of complexity. Our Law School Admission Consultants demystify the process through thoughtful planning and developing an Admission Roadmap that presents each student in the best possible light. We provide guidance across all facets, from school selection and essay refinement to recommendation letters, interview preparation, application timelines and deadlines, and more. Our goal is to develop strategic applications showcasing strengths and achievements.


Now that you’ve armed yourself with critical information regarding Loyola Marymount Law School admissions, it’s time to make an educated selection. Choosing the proper law school is an important step in your legal career, and it needs careful evaluation of a variety of variables such as program options, location, and available resources.

Consider taking advantage of our LSAT Free Consultation to further aid you in your law school journey, particularly with the LSAT. This can provide you with personalized guidance and help you understand how best to prepare for this critical aspect of your law school application.

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