Loyola Chicago Law School Ranking: Everything You Need To Know


Loyola Chicago Law School has a long history in Chicago. Founded in 1908, the law school is located in the University’s Water Tower Campus just north of the Loop. This prime location provides students with easy access to Chicago’s legal district, government offices, and cultural attractions. 

Loyola Law School Chicago became a member of the Association of American Law Schools in 1924 and obtained accreditation from the ABA the following year. Having marked its centennial in 2008, this institution has been offering outstanding legal education in an urban environment for close to a hundred years. This article will tackle Loyola Chicago Law School ranking, acceptance rates, admission requirements, and strategies for gaining admission to this esteemed institution.

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Loyola Chicago Law School Ranking

Category Rank
Best Law Schools #84 (tie)
Part-time Law #18
Business/Corporate Law #74 (tie)
Clinical Training #59 (tie)
Constitutional Law #57 (tie)
Contracts/Commercial Law #95 (tie)
Criminal Law #73 (tie)
Dispute Resolution #43 (tie)
Environmental Law #88 (tie)
Health Care Law #4
Intellectual Property Law #74 (tie)
International Law #58 (tie)
Legal Writing #46 (tie)
Tax Law #50 (tie)
Trial Advocacy #13 (tie)

Loyola University Law School ranking is #84 out of 196 accredited law schools in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. The institution is notable for its highly acclaimed part-time J.D. program which ranked 18th nationwide. Loyola also boasts top specialty programs, placing #4 for Health Care Law and #13 for Trial Advocacy. 

While the law school may not have the prestige of an Ivy League institution, its specialty rankings demonstrate Loyola’s strengths in producing practice-ready lawyers in certain fields like health and litigation. Loyola’s location near Chicago’s legal district provides students with opportunities to gain practical experience to complement their classroom studies.

Loyola University Chicago School of Law Acceptance Rate

Loyola Chicago Law School acceptance rate was 41.7% in 2022. This figure highlights the school’s selective admissions process, which carefully evaluates each applicant’s potential and readiness for the rigors of legal education. 

To support candidates in meeting the demands of its selection criteria, it is recommended that applicants engage in comprehensive LSAT prep. This preparation can play a crucial role in enhancing the skills and confidence needed to succeed on the LSAT and improve one’s chances of being admitted to Loyola Chicago Law School.

The Loyola University Chicago Law School Degree Programs

Loyola University Chicago Law School offers various degree programs for students with different legal interests. These programs aim to give students a thorough understanding of the law and equip them with practical skills for the changing legal field.

Juris Doctor (JD)

The JD program at Loyola University Chicago Law School is the traditional path to practice law, offering a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for the bar exam and legal practice. It’s tailored to instill a strong foundation in legal principles and professional skills.

  • Full-Time JD
  • Weekend (Part-Time) JD

Master of Jurisprudence (MJ)

Designed for professionals who interact with legal issues in their careers but do not intend to practice law, the MJ program provides a thorough understanding of legal systems and processes, enhancing their ability to navigate legal matters in various sectors.

  • MJ in Children’s Law & Policy
  • MJ in Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management 
  • MJ in Health Law
  • MJ in Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW MJ)

Master of Laws (LLM)

The LLM program is for those who have already earned a law degree and are looking to specialize in a particular area of law. It offers advanced legal study and expertise, further enhancing career opportunities and knowledge depth.

  • LLM in Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management
  • LLM in Business Law
  • LLM in Child and Family Law
  • LLM in Health Law
  • LLM for International Lawyers
  • LLM in Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW)
  • LLM in Tax Law
  • LLM in Trial Advocacy, Appellate Advocacy, and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)

As the most advanced degree at Loyola Chicago Law School, the SJD is a research-focused program that allows candidates to delve deeply into comparative and international law, preparing them for careers in academia or high-level policy work.

  • SJD in International & Comparative Law

Dual Degree Programs

Students can pursue a JD and a second degree in a related field. This helps them gain a multidisciplinary education and an advantage in the job market.

  • JD/MA in Political Science with the Department of Political Science
  • JD/MBA with the Quinlan School of Business
  • JD/MPP with the Master of Public Policy Program
  • JD/MSW with the School of Social Work
  • MJ/MSW with the School of Social Work

Loyola Law School in Chicago Admission Requirements

Aspiring to join the esteemed ranks of Loyola Chicago Law School begins with understanding the law school requirements for admission. Here are the requirements you need to comply with:

1. Application Form

Begin with the online application through the Law School Admission Council. No application fee is required.

2. CAS Report

Register with LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) to submit your LSAT scores, LSAT Writing sample, letters of recommendation, and official transcripts from all attended institutions.

3. Official Transcripts

All official transcripts from every college or university you have attended must be submitted through LSAC’s CAS.

4. Letter of Recommendation

Choose someone who can confidently speak about your analytical skills and intellectual rigor to write your law school letter of recommendation. It’s advisable to choose a recommender who has closely observed your problem-solving abilities in an academic or professional setting.

5. The LSAT

Applicants need to show their LSAT scores. The LSAT is given multiple times a year, and Loyola Law School will consider your highest score from the past five years. If you’re worried about the costs of the LSAT or the application process, look into getting an LSAC Fee Waiver for financial help.

6. Resume

Your law school resume should list experiences, achievements, and leadership roles. Use this space to showcase any legal-related work or volunteer experiences that demonstrate your commitment to the field of law.

7. Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement is your narrative. It should provide insight into why you are passionate about law and illustrate your unique qualities. Reflect on experiences that have shaped your decision to pursue a legal career and how Loyola’s law program specifically can help you achieve your aspirations.

8. Optional Essay

If there are unique aspects of your background, perspective, or life experiences you believe are pertinent, you may include an optional essay to provide the admissions committee with a fuller understanding of who you are.

9. Character & Fitness Questions

The application includes a section on character and fitness, where you must answer all questions honestly. Should you respond affirmatively to any question, you’re required to provide a thorough explanation.

10. Qualifications for Admission to the Bar

In addition to passing the bar exam, there are character and fitness requirements for admission to the bar across U.S. jurisdictions. It’s advisable to research these prerequisites for any jurisdiction where you intend to practice law.

11. Addenda

If there’s anything in your application that might raise questions or require additional context, you have the option to submit a concise addendum. This might be about your academic achievement or about any other area of your application.

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What LSAT Score Do I Need for Loyola Chicago?

To be a strong candidate for admission, applicants generally need a Loyola Chicago LSAT score within the school’s 25th to 75th percentile range. For the class entering in 2022, this range was 157 to 161. The median LSAT score for all students accepted to Loyola Law was 159. 

To help you gauge your admission prospects and prepare effectively, Law School Numbers is an invaluable resource for aspiring law students, providing a comprehensive compilation of admissions data that can guide you through the application process. It’s a place where you can connect with peers and compare school profiles.

What GPA Do I Need for Loyola Chicago?

To be a strong applicant to Loyola University Chicago Law School, prospective students generally need an undergraduate GPA within the 25th to 75th percentile range of admitted students. For the class entering in 2022, this range was 3.37 to 3.72. The median GPA for all students accepted to Loyola Law was 3.56. 

This data comes directly from the law school. With an undergraduate GPA at or above Loyola’s median, applicants have a competitive chance for admission especially at a reputable institution like Loyola Chicago Law School, which consistently maintains a notable Loyola Chicago Law School ranking.

Loyola Chicago Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

  Full-Time Day Division Weekend JD Program
Full-Time Rate Tuition $27,150.00 $20,370.00
Rate per credit hour $1,765.00 (outside the range of 12-17 hours) $1,765.00 (outside the range of 8-12 hours)

When considering admission to Loyola Chicago Law School, understanding the financial aspects is important. To assist in financing their legal education, students can explore various financial aid options. Law school loans, available through federal and alternative loan programs, provide options for covering the costs. 

Loyola Chicago Law School offers a diverse selection of law school scholarships for various student groups. First-year students can apply for scholarships like Merit Scholarships, the Bernstein Scholarship Series, the Loyola Community Service Scholarship, and many more. There are also scholarships available from external sources like the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund, Law Preview Scholarships, Chief Justice Samuel J. Roberts Scholarship, and the Earl Warren Scholarship. 

Full-time students can participate in federal work-study programs to earn money through on-campus or local community work. For military and veteran students, the ARMY ROTC Scholarship offers an alternate entry option for JD students who have 2 years left until graduation. These scholarships are awarded based on academic and extracurricular achievements, as well as leadership potential.

Get Into Loyola Law School Chicago with Comprehensive LSAT Prep

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LSAT Tutoring

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Your journey to Loyola Chicago Law School is marked by dedication and hard work. Having a standout LSAT score, GPA, work experience, and admission requirements is crucial, as reflected in the Loyola Chicago Law School ranking.

Getting admitted is just the start of an incredible journey filled with growth and opportunities, leading to a rewarding legal career. So, stay committed, seek support, and pursue knowledge and justice as you move forward.

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