Exploring Success at the Howard University School of Law


Discover the essence of legal education at Howard University School of Law, fondly known as Howard Law School. Founded in 1869, this Washington, D.C. institution boasts a profound legacy in nurturing legal professionals. Guided by principles of justice, Howard Law School has shaped influential leaders over its rich history. Through a blend of tradition and innovation, the school stands as a testament to academic excellence. Join us in exploring the unique character and community that defines Howard School of Law, where pursuing knowledge meets a commitment to social progress.

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Howard University School of Law Ranking and Reputation

Howard School of Law is among the nation’s best. Ranked at No. 125 among the country’s Best Law Schools, its reputation is built on a legacy of academic excellence and a commitment to fostering leaders for justice. The admission process at Howard School of Law reflects its high standards, attracting aspiring legal minds who seek not just education but an ethos of social progress.

The law school curriculum mirrors this commitment, offering a comprehensive legal education beyond textbooks, and preparing students to make a real impact in the legal landscape. Discover a place where law school rankings meet a dedication to shaping the future of law.

Howard University School of Law Numbers: A Snapshot of Excellence

Explore the quantitative dimensions of excellence at Howard University School of Law through our list of numbers. From a notable ranking at No. 125 among the nation’s Best Law Schools to selective admissions, median LSAT scores, GPAs, and tuition figures, these statistics offer a vivid snapshot of the academic landscape at Howard Law School.

Impressive Ranking

Howard School of Law stands at No. 125 among the nation’s Best Law Schools, a testament to its academic prowess.

Howard School of Law Admissions

With a 31.25% acceptance rate, Howard Law School ensures a dynamic and diverse student body, welcoming those who embody the spirit of excellence.

Academic Aptitude

The median LSAT score for admitted students is 154, showcasing the caliber of minds that form the Howard Law community.

Scholastic Achievement

Howard School of Law students boast a median GPA of 3.49, underlining the commitment to academic excellence and fostering well-rounded legal professionals.

Affordable Education

As of 2023, the annual tuition at Howard Law School is approximately $32,878, making quality legal education accessible to aspiring professionals.

In numbers, Howard University School of Law paints a picture of a prestigious institution that values academic excellence and inclusivity, paving the way for future legal leaders.

Why Choose Howard University School of Law?

Explore the unique benefits of studying law at Howard University School of Law, where a diverse community and the strategic location in Washington, D.C. create an enriching and transformative learning experience.

1. Diversity in Action

Dive into an enriching educational journey, where diverse Howard Law School demographics cultivate a vibrant and multifaceted community. This unique demographic mosaic contributes to the creation of a rich tapestry of perspectives, establishing an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that reflects the varied backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints of the student body. In this setting, each individual becomes an integral part of a collaborative and culturally diverse academic community, enhancing the educational experience and preparing students for the complexities of a globalized legal landscape.

2. Strategic Location

Gain a unique advantage by studying at Howard University School of Law in Washington DC, which provides students unparalleled access to many legal opportunities, proximity to influential government institutions, and immersion in a thriving legal community. The strategic location serves as a gateway for students to engage with the dynamic legal landscape of the nation’s capital, fostering connections and experiences that extend far beyond the classroom. With the pulse of the legal world beating in its vicinity, Howard Law School offers a unique vantage point for students to not only study law but to actively participate in and contribute to the legal discourse, preparing them comprehensively for the challenges and opportunities of the legal profession.

3. Cultural Hub

Enroll in a law school that mirrors the cultural diversity of its surrounding environment, offering you a unique and enriching backdrop for your legal education journey. Howard Law School stands as a microcosm of the diverse tapestry of its location, providing students with the opportunity to navigate legal studies within a context that celebrates various cultural influences. The distinctive cultural backdrop not only enhances the overall learning experience but also encourages a broader understanding of the interconnectedness between law and society. As you embark on your legal education at Howard, you become part of a community where cultural richness is woven into academic exploration, fostering a deeper and more nuanced perspective on the law.

4. Inclusive Learning Atmosphere

At Howard University, the dedication to fostering diversity transcends mere statistics, manifesting in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where the significance of each individual’s voice is recognized and respected. Here, diversity is not just a numerical representation but a lived experience, shaping an environment that actively embraces varied perspectives. Howard’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that every community member feels not only seen and heard but genuinely valued, fostering a culture where the amalgamation of different backgrounds and viewpoints contributes to a richer, more comprehensive educational experience.

5. Community Engagement

Enroll in a law school beyond conventional academics, positioning itself as an integral part of the community. Howard Law School is deeply rooted in societal engagement, actively championing social justice causes and offering students a platform to extend their influence beyond the confines of the classroom. Here, education transcends theoretical knowledge, empowering students to translate their legal expertise into tangible positive changes within the broader community. Joining Howard Law School means not just pursuing legal education but becoming part of a collective commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world.

Choosing Howard University School of Law means embracing a dynamic and inclusive environment in the iconic setting of Washington, D.C., where diversity is not just a statistic but a cornerstone of the educational experience.

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Stepping Into Howard University Law School

Begin your journey at Howard University Law School for a fulfilling legal education. This guide offers crucial insights, covering admission requirements and crafting a strong personal statement, empowering aspiring students to step into the distinguished realm of Howard Law School confidently.

Meet the Law School Requirements

Successfully navigating the journey to Howard Law School involves a strategic approach to meet the law school requirements. Prospective students must understand and fulfill these requirements, whether related to academic qualifications, test scores, or other criteria. Tailoring applications to align with Howard Law School’s expectations enhances the likelihood of successful admission, making a proactive approach to meeting prerequisites crucial for a promising application process and a potential seat at the school.

Crafting Your Story

Perfecting the Law School Personal Statement is crucial for a compelling application. This element serves as a spotlight on your unique journey, passions, and aspirations, offering an opportunity to showcase what sets you apart as an applicant. Investing time and effort in crafting this statement allows you to convey a nuanced understanding of your motivations for pursuing legal education, providing valuable insights to admissions committees about your character and potential contributions to the academic community.

Timing Matters

Following the Law School Application Timeline is crucial for improving acceptance prospects. Adhering to this schedule ensures timely document submission, significantly boosting admission chances. This strategic approach demonstrates organizational skills and a commitment to the application process, leaving a positive impression on admissions committees. Adhering to the timeline showcases diligence, contributing to a smoother evaluation process and increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome in the competitive law school admissions landscape.

Benchmark Scores

Striving for success in the admissions process at Howard Law School involves targeting a competitive median LSAT score. Historically, it has been valued at 154 and is frequently preferred by admitted students. Achieving this benchmark not only aligns your application with the historical standards of successful applicants but also positions you favorably in the competitive pool of aspiring Howard Law School students. By aiming for this target score, you demonstrate a commitment to meeting the academic expectations of the institution, further enhancing your candidacy for admission.

Academic Excellence

Showcasing a robust academic foundation with a median GPA of 3.49 is crucial, aligning your qualifications with Howard University Law School’s high standards. This level of scholastic achievement not only meets the institution’s rigorous expectations but also positions you as a candidate dedicated to excellence, a quality highly valued in Howard University Law School admissions. Emphasizing this academic excellence underscores your readiness to tackle the challenges of legal education at Howard.

Stepping into Howard University Law School involves meticulous planning, a compelling personal statement, and meeting academic benchmarks. This guide empowers aspiring legal eagles with the insights needed for a successful journey into the esteemed halls of Howard Law School.

Hitting the LSAT Goals for Howard Law School

Take on the path to Howard Law School success by mastering the LSAT. Achieving your LSAT goals for Howard Law is important as it directly influences your admission chances and reflects your preparedness for the academic rigors of law school.

This guide covers the median score benchmark, fee waivers, and personalized tutoring, helping you achieve your LSAT goals efficiently.

  • Understand the Median Benchmark:

Familiarize yourself with the target – a median LSAT score of 154 at Howard Law School. This sets the baseline for success and competitiveness.

  • Explore Fee Waiver Options:

Navigate the application process more affordably by exploring LSAC Fee Waiver options. Financial constraints shouldn’t hinder your pursuit of legal education.

  • Optimize with Accommodations:

Learn about LSAT Accommodations if you require special considerations. The LSAC and Howard Law School values inclusivity and provides resources for every student’s success.

  • Invest in LSAT Prep Courses:

Enhance your readiness with LSAT Prep Courses, equipping yourself with the skills and strategies needed to tackle the exam confidently. Unlock your full LSAT potential and secure your future in law school with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course.

  • Personalized Support with LSAT Tutoring:

Individualized attention can address your specific challenges and elevate your performance. Start your journey to a top law school with expert guidance from our skilled tutors. Consider LSAT Tutoring for personalized guidance, whether in-person or online tutoring.

  • Strategic Guidance with Admissions Consulting:

Opt for Law School Admissions Consulting. Let our experienced consultants navigate you through the law school admissions process and gain a competitive edge. Expert advice can help you navigate the admissions process successfully.

Prepare your LSAT journey for Howard Law School confidently with our critical insights. Your success story at Howard begins with mastering the LSAT.


Howard University School of Law is a beacon of academic excellence and inclusivity, offering a transformative legal education. Navigating the admissions process, understanding LSAC resources, and embracing the vibrant campus life contribute to a holistic and enriching experience at Howard Law School.

Explore the myriad opportunities this institution provides for aspiring legal minds to thrive, ensuring a well-rounded and impactful legal education journey.