Ace Your Way to Gonzaga Law School


Gonzaga Law School is an institution that focuses on providing high-quality legal education and emphasizes ethics. They also value skill development, academic excellence, and a supportive environment for critical thinking. Its unique curriculum prepares students for the changing legal education.

This respectable institution championed molding its law students with a mix of skills, academic learning, and community awareness since it started in Spokane in 1912. This approach helps them make sure that the students they produce are successful inside and outside of law school.

The Gonzaga University School of Law building

Gonzaga Law School Ranking

Gonzaga University Law belongs to the top 100 Best Law Schools according to the U.S. News and World Report rankings. This position puts Gonzaga Law among the best schools you can choose to get your law degree from. These rankings also show you how the school performs in different legal fields. In most cases, knowing where a school stands in its programs can help you make your decision to join them. These numbers showcase how they are recognized and how they excel in the legal community.

USNW Best Law Schools #99
Business/Corporate Law #78
Clinical Training #83
Constitutional Law #140
Contracts/Commercial Law #109
Criminal Law #119
Environmental Law #131
Health Care Law #148
Intellectual Property Law #130
International Law #139
Legal Writing #52
Tax Law #109
Trial Advocacy #139

Academic Programs at Gonzaga Law School

Gonzaga University School of Law provides different academic programs for you to choose from. At Gonzaga Law, some programs can match your needs and goals as a future law student. Choose from an accelerated J.D. program, an Executive Two-Year Program, or a dual degree program. You can also benefit from academic support through A.S.P. and gain practical experience via the Externship Program. Here’s what some of the best majors for law school at Gonzaga Law offer to enhance your legal education.

1. Executive Two-Year J.D. Program

Gonzaga’s Executive Two-Year J.D. program is great for a career switch or advancement. It’s quicker than the regular three-year law school journey, designed to fit into your busy work life. The program is challenging yet flexible, providing a comprehensive legal education along with real-world insights. If you want a faster route to a law degree, this program is for you.

2. Academic Success Program (A.S.P.)

Gonzaga Law’s Academic Success Program (A.S.P.) gives personalized support for your legal studies. Through workshops and resources, it helps improve essential skills like legal writing, exam preparation, and effective study habits. These skills build a strong foundation for academic success.

3. Dual Degrees

At Gonzaga, the Dual Degrees program opens up unique possibilities. You can pair law studies with other areas like business (J.D./M.B.A.) or organizational leadership (J.D./M.A.). Elevate your skills and career options through these unique combinations. This special opportunity makes you a versatile professional and offers a chance you won’t want to miss.

4. Externship Program

Get real-world legal experience through Gonzaga Law’s Externship Program. This program partners with different legal organizations and offers hands-on learning. Experiences like this help bridge the gap between theory and practice for valuable skills and insights. Participating in this program makes your understanding of the legal profession better and allows you to experience the legal community.

Gonzaga University School of Law Stats

A law school’s stats are like a roadmap. They show you where to aim your target and what to focus on. Understanding a school’s numbers, like the median LSAT and GPA requirements, acceptance rates, ranking, and tuition is crucial for your application. By studying Gonzaga University Law School’s stats and working towards them, you improve your chances of success.

Gonzaga LSAT Score Median Required 154
Median GPA at Gonzaga Law 3.48
Gonzaga University School of Law Acceptance Rate 61.90%
Rankings of Gonzaga University Law No. 90 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
Gonzaga Law School Class Profile 205 out of 1151 applications
Gonzaga Tuition for Law School $50,235 to $71,900

Law school graduates at Gonzaga Law School

Admissions at Gonzaga School of Law

Gonzaga School of Law is a great choice to start your legal career. Check out their requirements to secure consideration for admission. A complete and impressive file goes a long way to securing your slot. Here is a guide to the Gonzaga Law admissions requirements. 

  • Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

Prepare your Bachelor’s Degree credentials before applying for admissions. Gonzaga University Law School requires this academic milestone as a fundamental step in your journey to becoming a law student.

  • Ace the LSAT

The LSAT is your golden ticket to Gonzaga School of Law. Aim for a score of the median required of 154 or higher. A high score showcases your readiness for the academic challenges that lie ahead. Get ready for the LSAT long before and make your preparations count.

  • Maintain a High GPA

Your grades are important in law school. Gonzaga Law requires a GPA of 3.48 or higher for you to be considered. Your good grades demonstrate your dedication and show them how capable you are of handling the challenges of law school.

  • Work on Your Law School Personal Statement

Your story counts at Gonzaga Law. Use your law school personal statement to share your passion, motivations, and why Gonzaga is your ideal match. Remember that this isn’t just a routine requirement. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to express yourself sincerely. Use this chance to tell them why you want to be a part of their community.

  • Polish Your Law School Resume

Gonzaga Law wants to see what you bring to the table. Stand out by highlighting your achievements, experiences, and skills in your law school resume. Show them how your performance makes you a valuable addition to the school.

  • Secure Impressive Law School Letters of Recommendation

Your connections can vouch for you. Gather solid law school letters of recommendation that talk about your character, work ethic, and potential as a law student. It makes a difference! Make Gonzaga see you through the eyes of those who know you best.

  • Pay Attention to the Law School Application Timeline

Keep in mind that one of the most important aspects of your application is making sure you make your submissions on time. Gonzaga Law applications started on September 1. Remember your law school application timeline and make sure to submit your complete application by April 15, 2024, in time for consideration for the law school’s next class.

  • No Part-Time Programs

Gonzaga University Law doesn’t have a law school part-time program. If you’re balancing a busy lifestyle or a career with education, consider a program that fits into your schedule. You may also choose to set other commitments aside and set your legal dreams a priority. Whatever you decide on, always aim for what helps you reach your goal.

Meeting these requirements is more than just a checklist. It’s your key to unlock the door to Gonzaga University Law School. Each step provides an opportunity to showcase your passion, dedication, and readiness to excel in the legal world.

Gonzaga Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Getting into law school is an achievement that comes with different challenges all the time. These are challenges like dealing with the cost of tuition and how to pay for law school. Other than the academic credentials that you need to prepare, creating a solid plan on how to pay for law school is also essential. Presently, the Gonzaga University School of Law tuition ranges from $50,235 to $71,900. This range belongs to the mid-range compared to tuition fees of other law schools. Law school expenses can be heavy on your pocket. It’s a good thing that Gonzaga Law offers financial aid, including scholarships and loans, to help ease the load.

Carl Maxey Social Justice Scholarship

The Carl Maxey Social Justice Scholarship is a great opportunity that can cover your entire tuition. This scholarship is also ideal for those with a passion for entering public service after graduation. To qualify, make sure that you’re a new traditional three-year J.D. student. Get your application game strong. The scholarship application is already part of your application for admissions so there are no extra steps needed. Make sure to submit them by February 15th for a better chance to be accepted. Fulfill your legal dreams while easing the financial load. Mark the date and make sure to turn in your applications on time.

Federal Direct Loans

Gonzaga Law students can use the Federal Direct Loans program for other school expenses beyond tuition. If you’re considering applying, complete and submit your FAFSA to Gonzaga University, remembering the school code 003778. Another great thing about the Federal Direct Loan program is that you do not need to show financial need to qualify. Just take note that for unsubsidized loans, you begin handling your interests while in law school. The annual limit for this program is $20,500 and are usually released during the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. 

Taking the LSAT for Gonzaga Law School

Taking the LSAT is the key to your legal education. This is the same idea that applies to Gonzaga University Law School. This list guides you to important steps you can take to make sure your LSAT prep journey is on point.

Understanding the LSAT Basics

Your destination is Gonzaga Law, and the LSAT is your key. It’s a tough test, but with the right help and prep, you can nail it. Begin by getting the hang of the main sections: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

Best LSAT Prep Course for You

Immerse yourself into an LSAT prep course that suits your style. Odyssey Test Prep recognizes your goal to reach Gonzaga Law’s LSAT requirements, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Count on Odyssey’s best LSAT prep course to be your guide. It helps you grasp the exam nuances, master question types, and handle time effectively. Ace the LSAT and unlock your potential at Gonzaga Law School with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course.

Admissions Roadmap

Gonzaga Law is your endpoint, and the LSAT is your gateway. Map out your admissions journey by researching Gonzaga’s specific requirements. Tailor your prep to align with what the school values. Showcase your skills in a way that stands out. Odyssey Test Prep’s Admissions Roadmap will be your guide to lead your path to Gonzaga University Law School. This feature provides you with expert guidance in the law school admissions process of your dream law school.

The Importance of LSAC Fee Waiver

Money matters when it comes to law school, but there’s a way to ease the burden. If the cost of the LSAT is a worry, check out the LSAC Fee Waiver. Gonzaga Law appreciates different viewpoints, and this waiver can help ease the financial load of the LSAT, ensuring you can give it your all. Odyssey Test Prep can help you navigate these options and make your journey smoother.

Take Advantage of LSAT Tutoring

Elevate your LSAT scores with personalized guidance tailored for success at Gonzaga Law School. Tailor your LSAT prep to your lifestyle with Odyssey Test Prep. Opt for in-person or live online tutoring to boost your LSAT performance. Be LSAT-prepared in no time!

Law School Admissions Consulting

Gear up with Law School Admissions Consulting. Odyssey Test Prep provides insights tailored to Gonzaga Law’s unique expectations. Imagine having a personal advisor to make your law school application stand out in the crowd. Navigate the path to Gonzaga Law School with a competitive edge – our Law School Admissions Consulting service is your key to a successful application journey.


Gonzaga Law School is your gateway to success in your legal journey. Aim for an elite LSAT score to increase your chances at Gonzaga Law. With ample preparation and dedication to keeping your eyes on the goal, your dream law school is just right around the corner.

Make the most of LSAC‘s resources and boost your preparation. Invest in a top-notch LSAT prep course from a reputable institution to kickstart your journey to law school.