Empower Your Future at Creighton University School of Law


Creighton Law School, part of Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, has a long history since it started in 1904. It’s an important part of the private Jesuit Catholic university.

They prioritize top-notch academics, ethics, and community service, reflecting Creighton University’s core values. The school believes in a well-rounded legal education, blending intellectual rigor with social responsibility. To prepare students for evolving legal challenges, they provide a varied curriculum and hands-on experiences through clinics, externships, and legal research programs.

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Creighton University Law School Ranking

The Creighton Law School ranking reflects its excellence in various legal fields, clear proof of its academic strength. These rankings give a clear picture of the school’s standing in legal education, showcasing its commitment to top-quality education and expertise.

USNW Best Law Schools #155
Business/Corporate Law #116
Clinical Training #147
Constitutional Law  #120
Contracts/Commercial Law #109
Criminal Law #133
Dispute Resolution #16
Environmental Law #145
Health Care Law #94
Intellectual Property Law #150
International Law #127
Tax Law #81
Trial Advocacy #108

Academic Programs at Creighton Law School

Creighton University School of Law stands out for shaping legal minds through various programs that equip aspiring lawyers with essential skills and cater to specific interests within the legal field. Here’s a brief breakdown of Creighton Law School’s academic programs and their unique benefits.

1. Traditional Full-Time JD Program

Creighton Law School’s full-time JD program is central to its offerings. Students delve into basic legal principles with the flexibility to specialize, choosing concentrations like Business Law or Sports Law. This program ensures aspiring lawyers gain a thorough understanding of the legal landscape.

  • Business Law

This concentration explores the details of business laws, covering areas such as contracts and corporate governance. Future business lawyers build a strong foundation to navigate complex deals and understand corporate structures skillfully.

  • Criminal Law and Procedure

Aspiring law school students can dive deep into criminal justice with this focus, covering both practical and procedural aspects. This program helps future criminal lawyers skillfully handle cases, blending precision with ethical considerations.

  • Energy, Environmental, and Sustainability Law

Students can learn more about the legal dimensions of energy, environmental protection, and sustainability through this comprehensive program. Upon completion, graduates emerge well-equipped to navigate and address the legal complexities within these crucial fields.

  • Family Law

Handling family legal matters requires special knowledge. This program centers on divorce, child custody, and adoption, preparing graduates for a successful career in family law practice.

  • Health Law

This program covers healthcare regulations and ethics, readying legal professionals for a variety of legal issues in the dynamic health law field. Graduates are well-equipped for diverse healthcare challenges.

  • International and Comparative Law

In the interconnected global landscape, having a deep understanding of international legal frameworks is essential. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex legal challenges beyond national borders.

  • Litigation

At Creighton, the litigation program hones the skills for trial practice, guiding graduates through legal strategy and courtroom etiquette intricacies. This comprehensive training ensures they emerge as adept and accomplished litigators.

  • Sports Law

The sports law program at Creighton Law places a concentrated emphasis on the legal facets of the sports industry, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to address a range of issues. This includes navigating complexities in contracts, managing intellectual property considerations, and handling disciplinary matters specific to the realm of sports.

2. Two-Year Accelerated JD Program

The Creighton Law School Two-Year Accelerated JD Program is a quick path to a Juris Doctor (JD) degree, perfect for those eager to begin legal studies. It condenses the typical three-year curriculum into two years, emphasizing academic excellence. This organized learning experience encourages quick absorption of legal principles, fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and practical skills. Open to career changers and those with legal experience, it serves as a strategic bridge into the legal field, showcasing Creighton Law School’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

3. Reduced Schedule or Part-Time JD Program

Creighton Law School is committed to diverse student needs with its part-time JD program, allowing aspiring legal professionals to pursue education without compromising work or personal life. This flexible option embraces inclusivity, recognizing each student’s unique journey and enabling a broader range of individuals to earn a Juris Doctor degree while valuing diverse backgrounds and goals.

4. Dual Degree Programs

Creighton Law School provides a unique chance for students to enhance their education and skills with dual degree programs. By allowing students to study two subjects simultaneously, these programs enhance knowledge and versatility. This reflects Creighton Law School’s commitment to creating graduates skilled in law and diverse areas. Through these dual degrees, Creighton Law School supports students in aligning their education with career goals and intellectual growth.

a. Law and Master of Business Administration JD/MBA

Creighton Law School’s dual JD/MBA program uniquely blends law and business, giving graduates valuable skills for corporate challenges. With a solid legal foundation and business insight, graduates become versatile professionals ready for success in different fields. This highlights the program’s commitment to offering a competitive edge in the dynamic worlds of law and business.

b. Law and Government Organization & Leadership JD/MS (GOAL)

Creighton Law School’s dual JD/MS program blends legal expertise focusing on government leadership, providing a unique advantage for those aspiring to influence policy. This program is carefully crafted to give students a nuanced understanding of legal complexities and government dynamics. Graduates gain valuable skills, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to policy and leadership in the government sector. This highlights the program’s commitment to nurturing professionals with a diverse impact in law and government.

Creighton Law School’s list of programs caters to diverse legal interests and career goals. Whether you’re drawn to business law, environmental issues, or the excitement of the courtroom, Creighton Law offers a tailored educational experience to set you on the path to legal success.

Creighton University Law School Stats

To get into Creighton University Law School, aspiring students need to understand important stats like admission rates, LSAT scores, and GPA thresholds. This knowledge helps them set strategic goals for a successful application.

Creighton Law School LSAT Score 153
Creighton Law School Median GPA 3.52
Creighton Law School Acceptance Rate 67.80%
Creighton School of Law Ranking No. 155 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
Creighton Law School Tuition $27,230
Creighton School of Law Class Size 122 out of 549 applications
Creighton Law School Bar Passage Rate 65.3%

Creighton University School of Law landmark.

The Creighton University School of Law School Admission Requirements

Understanding the law school requirements is key to gaining entry into Creighton University Law School. Prospective law students can position themselves for success by delving into the specific details provided by Creighton Law School, gaining valuable insights into the application process along the way.

  • Master the LSAT

Before applying to Creighton University Law School, it’s essential to understand what matters. The school looks for candidates with good grades, especially emphasizing a median LSAT score of around 153, and a clear commitment to excelling in law. Getting a competitive LSAT score is crucial since Creighton Law prefers candidates who usually score within a specific range, making it an important part of the application evaluation.

  • Academic Prowess Matters

Your GPA speaks volumes. Creighton Law values academic achievement. Strive for a strong GPA, showcasing your ability to excel in rigorous academic environments.

  • Craft a Stellar Personal Statement

Your Law School Personal Statement is your voice. Use it wisely. Dive into your journey, aspirations, and what makes you a unique fit for Creighton. It’s not just a formality; it’s your chance to stand out.

  • Recommendation Letters Hold Weight

Secure solid Law School Letters of Recommendation. Choose recommenders who know you well and can attest to your suitability for legal studies. Quality over quantity is the rule here.

  • Timeliness Is Key

Deadlines are critical—take note of application timelines. Failure to meet them may result in missing out on your opportunity to become part of the Creighton legal community. The final deadline for the Fall 2024 Law Admission Cycle is Monday, July 1, 2024, all day. Ensure your application is submitted on time to be considered for admission.

  • Connect with the Community

Demonstrate your genuine interest. Attend information sessions, engage with faculty, or participate in events. Show you’ve done your homework on why Creighton Law is your ideal choice.

  • Prepare for Interviews

Some applicants might get invited for an interview. Be prepared to express your passion for law and explain why Creighton is your choice.

Creighton Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Creighton Law School’s tuition is $27,230, an important consideration for prospective law students. However, financial support, like Law School Scholarships, can help ease the overall cost burden. Law school loans are also available for those needing additional financial assistance. These avenues ensure that individuals passionate about pursuing legal education can navigate the financial aspects more effectively.

Barbara J. Gaskins Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Barbara J. Gaskins Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund honors a former Law School faculty member. It’s for first-year students with a degree from the University of Nebraska/Lincoln, showing financial need and strong academics. This scholarship underscores a dedication to assisting deserving individuals on their legal education journey. Additionally, the scholarship can be renewed, depending on fund availability and the student’s standard academic progression. This lasting legacy ensures that Barbara J. Gaskins’ impact on legal education keeps benefiting and uplifting promising individuals.

LSAT Tips for Creighton Law School

Getting ready for the LSAT is crucial for future Creighton Law School students. This guide offers practical tips to help you excel on the exam and meet Creighton’s requirements.

1. Know Your Target

Know Creighton Law School’s LSAT score expectations. The median score is 153, ranging from 149 to 157. Aim for a score in or above this LSAT score range for a strong application.

2. LSAC Fee Waiver

To get an LSAC fee waiver, meet criteria like citizenship, residency, or protected status. Fill out the application, and submit required documents, but note that those with LSAC misconduct findings are not eligible. Meeting these criteria is essential for easing the financial burden of LSAT preparation.

3. Optimize LSAT Prep

Enroll in the best LSAT prep course to maximize your readiness. Excel on the LSAT and pave your way to Creighton Law success with Odyssey Test Prep’s comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Resources like Odyssey Test Prep offer comprehensive courses to sharpen your skills. 

4. Utilize LSAT Tutoring

Consider LSAT tutoring for personalized guidance. Elevate your LSAT performance with personalized guidance from Odyssey Test Prep tutors. Odyssey Test Prep provides expert tutoring services tailored to your needs. Gain an edge with focused assistance to meet your score goals.

5. Strategize Time Management

Practice efficient time management during LSAT prep. Take timed practice tests to simulate exam conditions. Odyssey Test Prep emphasizes strategic time management strategies to enhance your performance on test day.

6. Familiarize Yourself with Creighton’s Requirements

To apply to Creighton Law School for Fall 2024, submit your application online via LSAC. Important dates to remember: application opens on September 1, 2023. The early decision deadline is November 1, 2023. The Priority Scholarship Consideration deadline is March 31, 2024, and the final deadline is July 1, 2024. Stay organized and meet these deadlines for a smooth application process.

7. Leverage Law School Admissions Consulting

Use law school admissions consulting for an edge. Craft an application that captivates and ensures your admission success and secure your spot at Creighton Law. Odyssey Test Prep offers guidance through the admissions process, providing insights to strengthen your application.

Success on the LSAT for Creighton Law School requires targeted preparation. Know the score range, explore fee waiver options, and optimize your LSAT prep with trusted resources like Odyssey Test Prep. Take advantage of the LSAT free consultations to align your goals with success in the competitive world of law school admissions.


In summary, starting your legal education journey at Creighton Law School ensures a comprehensive and inclusive experience. Creighton is committed to fairness through a Non-Discrimination Policy and maintains a fair application process for everyone involved. Applying is easy through LSAC, and for Fall 2024 admission, key dates range from the opening on September 1, 2023, to the final deadline on July 1, 2024.

By following these dates and approaching the application process diligently, aspiring law students can set themselves up for success at Creighton Law School.