Your Guide to The Chicago Kent Law School Ranking and Admission Statistics


If you’re looking for a law school that provides both full-time and part-time programs, focusing on institutions known for their academic excellence and distinguished faculty is crucial. Chicago-Kent College of Law, affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology, stands out among such schools. This institution boasts a rich legacy of superior teaching methods and significant contributions to legal scholarship. The faculty at Kent Law School comprises some of the nation’s most prolific legal minds, consistently producing influential texts and research in a broad spectrum of legal areas. 

Furthermore, the American Bar Association recognizes and accredits the school, signifying its adherence to high educational standards. It also holds membership in the Association of American Law Schools and the distinguished Order of the Coif, underscoring its commitment to excellence in legal education. This article will discuss Chicago Kent Law School ranking, bar passage rate, Chicago Kent Law School acceptance rate, and how to get into Kent Law School.

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About Chicago Kent Law School

Chicago-Kent College of Law, strategically located in a major legal hub in the United States, provides a cutting-edge legal education. As part of the Illinois Institute of Technology, this law school ensures students develop a strong legal foundation. At Chicago-Kent, the focus is providing ample opportunities for practical application. The school’s comprehensive externship program and its pioneering clinical model are remarkable. 

Here, students work in an in-house law firm setting, handling diverse case types similar to those in a dynamic private practice. They receive guidance and supervision from seasoned professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. Additionally, Chicago-Kent’s trial advocacy program, which ranks among the nation’s top 10, and its acclaimed moot court teams offer students a platform to hone their litigation and rhetorical skills in a competitive environment.

Chicago-Kent is specifically designed to blend foundational knowledge with practical skills, setting it apart as one of the premier law schools in Chicago and the country. Its intensive legal research and writing program lays a solid foundation for student’s future careers and serves as a benchmark for other law schools. The school offers specialized J.D. certificate programs, with its intellectual property and labor and employment law programs receiving national recognition. As the only law school associated with a tech-focused university, Chicago-Kent ensures its graduates integrate technology with legal practice, an increasingly important skill in the modern legal landscape. 

2023-2024 Chicago Kent Law School Ranking

Rank Category
#99 Best Law Schools (tie)
#12 Part-time Law (tie)
#92 Business/Corporate Law (tie)
#114 Clinical Training (tie)
#86 Constitutional Law (tie)
#72 Contracts/Commercial Law (tie)
#68 Criminal Law (tie)
#103 Environmental Law (tie)
#67 Health Care Law (tie)
#14 Intellectual Property Law (tie)
#90 International Law (tie)
#32 Legal Writing (tie)
#99 Tax Law (tie)
#9 Trial Advocacy (tie)

Chicago Kent Law School is ranked as the 99th Best Law School, showcasing its academic excellence and strong legal education offerings. Its ranking in specialized programs is particularly impressive: Chicago-Kent stands at No. 12 in the nation for its law school part-time program. This distinction highlights the school’s commitment to providing flexible and accessible legal education, including those balancing their studies with other commitments.

Additionally, Chicago-Kent has achieved remarkable standings in specific areas of legal study. The school is ranked No. 9 in Trial Advocacy, underscoring its strength in training students for courtroom success and practical legal skills. It is recognized as No. 14 in Intellectual Property Law as well. The Kent Law School ranking testifies to the school’s dedication to providing a well-rounded legal education that equips students for various legal careers in today’s complex legal landscape.

Is Chicago-Kent a Good Law School?

When evaluating the merits of Chicago-Kent College of Law, it’s important to look beyond just the Chicago Kent School of Law ranking. While rankings offer a snapshot of a school’s reputation, other vital factors contribute to its overall quality. 

Bar Passage Rate

In 2022, Chicago-Kent demonstrated strong outcomes in this area. The overall first-time bar passage rate across all jurisdictions was 78.05%. Specifically, in Illinois, the rate was slightly higher at 78.35%. Furthermore, the ultimate bar pass rate, which tracks graduates within two years of finishing their studies, stood at a commendable 88.73% for the 2020 graduates. These figures indicate Chicago-Kent’s effective curriculum and its emphasis on equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their legal exams.

Employment Outcomes

Another crucial aspect to consider is employment outcomes. For Chicago-Kent graduates in 2022, the total employment rate was 88.2%. This statistic encompasses those in positions requiring bar passage, those with a J.D. advantage, and professional roles, measured 10 months post-graduation. Moreover, the full-time, long-term employment rate for these graduates in roles requiring bar passage or offering a J.D. advantage was 83.4%. These numbers are a testament to the school’s ability to educate and effectively prepare students for the job market, ensuring they have the opportunities after graduation.

How Hard is it to Get into Kent Law School?

For those considering this prestigious institution, the Kent Law School acceptance rate stands at 50.5%. While this rate may not seem exceptionally low, it does indicate that the school carefully selects its student body, looking for candidates who demonstrate not only academic potential but also the qualities needed to succeed in the challenging field of law. 

The LSAT is crucial in gaining entry into law school, often affecting acceptance rates as it demonstrates a candidate’s potential success in the demanding legal field. Opting for the Best LSAT Prep Course can significantly enhance your readiness for this crucial exam. These courses help you understand the test format, improve problem-solving skills, and increase confidence. Getting high scores on the LSAT is important for meeting admission requirements and standing out among other applicants.

Academic Offerings and Specializations

Chicago-Kent College of Law provides various academic programs and specializations to meet diverse interests and career goals within the legal field. 

J.D. Programs

Chicago-Kent is known for its top-ranked part-time J.D. program. Full-time students can finish in three years, while part-time students take about four years, including a summer term. This flexibility allows students to balance their legal education with other commitments.

LL.M. Programs

The Office of International Programs at Chicago-Kent, with a history spanning over 25 years, educates LL.M. students from more than sixty countries. The LL.M. programs offered include:  

  • LL.M. in Global Business and Financial Law        
  • LL.M. in Legal Innovation and Technology        
  • LL.M in International Intellectual Property Law 
  • LL.M. in Trial Advocacy        
  • LL.M. in U.S., International and Transnational Law

Joint Degree Programs

Chicago-Kent provides several joint-degree options for students interested in pursuing dual qualifications. 

  • Chicago-Kent Joint Degrees: J.D./LL.M. in Global Business And Financial Law
  • With Illinois Tech’s Stuart School of Business:
    • J.D./M.B.A.
    • J.D./M.S. in Finance
    • J.D./M.S. in Sustainability Analytics and Management
    • J.D./M.P.A. Master of Public Administration

Non-degree Programs

Chicago-Kent offers several certification programs for professionals seeking specialized training without enrolling in a full degree program. These include: 

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity
  • Certificate in International Law and Practice
  • Certificate Program in Privacy Law

Visiting Scholars Program

The Illinois Tech Chicago-Kent School of Law’s Conviser Law Center in downtown Chicago has a long-standing tradition of hosting academic visitors, contributing to the diversity and quality of its academic discourse. Participants benefit from access to the law school’s outstanding library resources and the expertise of its professional staff. The Visiting Scholars Program accommodates researchers for short or long-term periods, up to one year, fostering an academic exchange and collaboration environment.

Student reading documents

What LSAT Score Do I Need for Chicago-Kent Law School?

If you aim to join the esteemed ranks of Chicago-Kent College of Law, understanding the LSAT score range required for admission is crucial. Chicago Kent LSAT scores of admitted students typically fall within the 25th to 75th percentile range, which is between 155 and 161. This range gives you an idea of the scores of the majority of students who are accepted. Notably, the median LSAT score for all program entrants stands at 159. 

Setting your sights on achieving a score of 159 or higher can improve your chances of admission, aligning your application with the median score of current students. Beyond just aiming for a high LSAT score, it’s important to thoroughly grasp the concepts tested on the exam. Good law school outlines can significantly aid in your LSAT preparation by clarifying legal principles and theories, thereby enhancing your ability to analyze and solve the kinds of problems presented in the LSAT. 

What GPA Do I Need for Chicago-Kent Law School?

As you set your sights on Chicago-Kent College of Law, understanding the academic expectations is key to crafting a competitive application. The GPA range for admitted students typically falls between the 25th and 75th percentile, which is from 3.31 to 3.79. This range provides a broad perspective of the undergraduate academic performance of students who successfully gain admission. Notably, the median undergraduate GPA for all program entrants stands at 3.61. Therefore, achieving a GPA of 3.61 or higher can significantly strengthen your application. 

Chicago Kent Law School Tuition

When preparing for your journey to Chicago Kent Law School, it’s vital to consider the financial aspect of your legal education. Kent Law School tuition for the full-time program is $52,950, while those enrolling in the part-time program can anticipate tuition fees of $38,830. The school offers multiple financial assistance opportunities to alleviate the financial strain. This assistance comes in many types, like scholarships, grants, and student loans, which can make getting a great legal education easier.

Furthermore, consider applying for an LSAC Fee Waiver to help reduce the expenses linked with the law school application process. To ensure you take full advantage of these opportunities and adhere to all necessary requirements, developing a law school application timeline is advisable. This timeline should include key dates for financial aid applications, LSAC waivers, and other critical deadlines.

Secure Your Admission to Chicago Kent Law School with Thorough LSAT Preparation

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As we have explored, succeeding on the LSAT can open doors to top-tier law schools, which lead to fruitful and meaningful legal careers. This critical exam is learnable, but mastering it requires diligent study through a structured preparation program.

Given the Chicago Kent Law School ranking, seeking expert guidance maximizes one’s chance of success by providing time-tested strategies, real LSAT questions for practice, and feedback tailored to each student’s needs. Whether taking an LSAT course or working one-on-one with an experienced tutor, those serious about achieving their best possible LSAT score would partner with a provider like Odyssey Test Prep, who has helped thousands of students fulfill their law school dreams.

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