Getting Familiar with the Brooklyn Law School Academic Calendar


Brooklyn Law School is a premier institution in Brooklyn Heights, New York established in 1901. Its reputation draws students seeking a stimulating learning environment. The school has experienced faculty members and offers legal education. It offers JD, LLM, and joint degree programs to suit various career aspirations.

The Brooklyn Law School academic calendar follows a conventional semester system, with autumn and spring semesters and summer sessions. JD applicants apply in the fall, and admissions open in early spring for the following academic year. LLM and joint degree programs also have different deadlines. Brooklyn Law provides students access to top resources to help their careers.

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The Brooklyn Law School Academic Calendar 2023-2024

The Brooklyn Law School academic calendar can help you plan your studies. You can expect a conventional semester system, fall and spring semesters plus summer sessions, as an incoming law student. This calendar shows you when classes begin and end, helping you understand how to properly prepare for classes.

In addition, it’s important to know the Brooklyn Law School schedule to help plan your application. For instance, knowing application deadlines for each semester lets you submit your materials on time. Additionally, knowing registration dates secures the necessary classes and creates a balanced schedule. It’s important to know the academic calendar to organize your time at Brooklyn Law School.

Fall Semester 2023

August 15 Deadline for upper-class students’ tuition, fees, and housing charges.
August 16 Annual Health Insurance Waiver Deadline
August 14 – August 18 Summer Legal Process for JD students.
August 17 – August 18 Move-in date for JDs and LLMs.
August 21 Convocation. 
August 22 – August 24 Introduction to the Study of Law for JD and LLM students.
August 25  BLS Service Day
August 28 First Day of Fall Semester for Upper-Class students.
September 1  Add/Drop Period Ends.
September 4 Labor Day. Law School holiday.
September 25 Yom Kippur. All classes are suspended.
September 26 Classes follow a Monday schedule
October 21  Incoming LLM students’ pro-rata tuition refund deadline
October 21 First-year JD students’ pro-rata tuition refund deadline
October 24  Upper-level JD students’  pro-rata tuition refund deadline
November 22 – November 24 Thanksgiving recess. All classes are suspended.
December 1  Last day of classes
December 2 – December 5 Reading Period
December 6 – December 20 Fall semester exams
December 15 Due Date for Winter Session Tuition Charges
December 22 – January 2 Winter Recess. Law School Holiday.

Spring Semester 2024

January 5 Tuition, fees, and housing charges due date
January 8 – January 12 Winter Session.
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Law School holiday.
January 16 First Day of Spring Semester
January 23 Add/Drop period ends.
January 31  Spring student health insurance waiver deadline (Law school newbies in Spring 2024, or students returning to BLS in Spring 2024 from approved LOA, only).
February 19 Presidents’ Day. Law School holiday. 
February 20  All classes follow a Monday schedule.
March 11 – March 15 Spring Recess. All classes are suspended.
March 18 Last day for students to receive a pro-rata tuition refund.
March 29 Good Friday. All classes are suspended.
April 22 Classes follow a Friday schedule
April 23  Passover. All classes are suspended.
April 24 Classes follow a Monday schedule.
April 25 Classes follow a Tuesday schedule. 
April 25 Last day of classes.
April 26 – April 29 Reading Period. 
April 30 – May 10  Brooklyn Law School final exam schedule for Spring semester.
May 13 Commencement. 
May 27 Memorial Day. Law School Holiday.

Important Brooklyn Law School Schedule and Deadlines

Understanding the crucial dates in the Brooklyn Law School calendar is critical to your law school success. These dates consist of registration due dates, examination dates, along academic deadlines. Knowing these dates enables you to plan your studies around them and submit tasks on time. This knowledge helps you succeed in your law school application process and develop a successful tenure at Brooklyn Law School.

Watching important dates on the academic calendar is crucial as you navigate your law school admission journey at Brooklyn Law School. The school reviews applications continually, so, submitting yours early could enhance your chances. Applications received by February 1, 2024, are given preference. And in case you want need-based grants, you still have till June 30. 

New York Law School Rankings

Rankings of law schools are crucial when selecting the right law school to apply to. Rankings show alumni reputation, academic quality, along with employment opportunities for graduates in the school. Checking out the New York Law School rankings to find exactly where Brooklyn Law School ranks amongst peers can be beneficial to your application. This info helps you determine if Brooklyn Law School may be the best match for you and also boosts your odds of being successful in admissions.

New York University #5
Columbia University  #8
Cornell University #13
Fordham University #29
St. John’s University #60
Yeshiva University (Cardozo) #69
Albany Law School #105
Brooklyn Law School #111
Syracuse University #122
New York Law School #125
University at Buffalo – SUNY #125
Pace University (Haub) #131
Hofstra University (Deane) #140
CUNY School of Law #154
Touro University (Fuchsberg) #167

The moot court at the Brooklyn Law School

Applying for Financial Aid at Brooklyn Law School

Financial aid at Brooklyn Law School requires you to apply for scholarships on time or earlier. Need-based scholarships end June 30th, along with not many slots and funds for scholarships available, so apply early to ensure financial help for your legal education.

By applying early, you also show you care about obtaining financial aid. Use any readily available information and help from the financial aid department to finish your application and also submit all necessary documents in time. Remember that financial assistance can certainly help relieve the financial load of law school, so, do not hold out till the very last second to apply for scholarships.

5 Helpful Tips to Get into Brooklyn Law School

Preparing for law school is key, and following the Law School Application Timeline is imperative. Completing requirements on time, like writing a personal statement and obtaining letters of recommendation, boosts your chances of admission to schools like Brooklyn Law School. These tips will help you get ready for Brooklyn Law School and other law schools with academic excellence and early preparation. Using these strategies positions you as a competitive applicant for admissions success.

1. Start Early

Be familiar with the Application Timeline at Brooklyn Law School, beginning February 1. It’s important to know when to begin gathering materials like personal statements and recommendation letters. Early preparation demonstrates your effort and increases your chance of acceptance.

2. Ace Your Undergraduate Degree

Preparing with a solid undergraduate degree prepares you for your law school degree success. Keeping a good GPA of 3.54 and above, and obtaining a top mark in related courses shows you’re academically ready for legal studies. This strong academic record boosts your admission chances and also gives you the abilities and expertise to succeed in the arduous law school curriculum.

3. Craft a Stellar Personal Statement

Use your law school personal statement to refer to yourselves and your experiences and motives for being a lawyer. Make your statement personal by highlighting how your background reflects Brooklyn Law School’s mission and values. A compelling personal statement could separate you from other candidates and impress the admissions committee.

4. Secure Strong Letters of Recommendation

Pick recommenders who speak to your academic abilities, character, and future as a law student. Ideally, pick professors or experts who know you effectively and can give examples of your strengths. Strong law school letters of recommendation solidify your qualifications and validate your application for Brooklyn Law School admission.

5. Prepare for Interviews

Show readiness for Brooklyn Law School’s rigorous law school curriculum during your interview. Research the school, practice common interview questions, and say you want to join the school. Show off your interpersonal skills, and professionalism, and also how you fit within the school community. A successful interview may impress the admissions committee and also boost your application.

Valuable LSAT Prep Steps to Succeed Into Law School at Brooklyn Law

Why does the LSAT matter for your law school program? High marks on the LSAT are necessary for admission to top Law schools like Brooklyn Law School. At the same time, an impressive LSAT score signals your readiness for law school and also improves your odds for scholarships and admission. Admission to several law schools can be attained by proper preparation for the LSAT.

  • Sign Up for an LSAT Free Class

Begin your LSAT Prep with free LSAT classes from genuine LSAT prep businesses like Odyssey Test Prep. These classes give an understanding of the LSAT format, question types, and methods for passing the examination.

  • Create an Admissions Roadmap

Get help from LSAT preparation specialists or admissions consultants on a customized admissions roadmap for law school applications. Our specialists can help you schedule the LSAT, craft a killer personal statement, and also enable you to choose the right law schools to apply to.

  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Take charge of your LSAT preparation journey with our comprehensive prep course designed to maximize your score potential. Take an LSAT prep course to get organized instruction and practice materials for the exam. Odyssey Test Prep provides LSAT prep courses from instructors who understand the content and tactics to pass the LSAT and score high. 

  • Seek LSAT Tutoring

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  • Explore Law School Admissions Consulting

Get expert advice and personalized strategies to get into your dream law school. Law school admissions consulting with Odyssey Test Prep can assist with the application process in a customized way. We help you write compelling personal statements, produce a killer resume, and select the right schools to apply to. Our qualified consultants will help you project your best self to admissions committees to boost your odds of acceptance to your ideal law school.


Finally, the Brooklyn Law School Academic Calendar is essential to understand about applying to Brooklyn Law School. Knowing these key dates, like application deadlines and enrollment periods, will help your law school application and journey. Use LSAT prep resources like Odyssey Test Prep and the LSAC to plan your law school journey, beginning with an impressive LSAT score. These resources could be your ticket to a prosperous legal future by offering support and guidance for the application process and law school success. Importantly, elevate your LSAT performance for the August exam with our specialized LSAT Prep Course in New York. Our targeted curriculum, seasoned instructors, and strategic methodology ensure you’re well-prepared to conquer the challenges of the LSAT in the heart of the city.

By becoming informed and utilizing these resources, you can position yourself for success in your legal profession.

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