You need an impressive and comprehensive application to expect acceptance at any decent law school. Scoring high on the LSAT is a venerable feather in your cap that can greatly improve your odds. 

The best way to ensure success on the exam is through thorough prep, including LSAT tutoring in Baltimore, LSAT prep, and LSAT courses or classes. There’s no such thing as overpreparation for an exam that will dictate the trajectory of your education and assumed career path.

LSAT tutoring might be the best prep method because you get the benefit of one-on-one attention and can fully prioritize your personal preparation. The best LSAT tutors in Baltimore either enjoyed a career in law before moving to education or might remain in the field. They provide excellent insight into the LSATs, life as a practicing attorney, and even how and where to get started down the line when law school is finished.

Universities in Baltimore

Before your law school dreams can come to fruition, you’ll need to graduate high school with excellent marks and apply to a focused undergraduate program at a highly-ranked university. By completing a pre-law curriculum or another educationally adjacent course load, you will be primed for an ongoing education in law and have illustrated to law school admissions counselors that you have what it takes.

  • The University of Maryland is one of the best undergrad choices in Baltimore. It’s easily accessible to anyone in Baltimore, and is ranked 162 in 2022. The University of Maryland has a School of Law for graduates as well, making it easy to apply, get in, graduate, and move up to the next level, all at basically the same campus.
  • The University of Baltimore is ranked 109 out of all universities in the northeast. There are better undergrad options in Baltimore, including Johns Hopkins or Loyola Maryland, but the University of Baltimore has a law school making it easier to complete your undergrad there and move forward with your law career.
  • Towson University is conveniently located less than 10 miles from downtown Baltimore, but offers a suburban setting for undergrads that prefer to stay outside the city. Law school candidates will have to apply elsewhere to advance towards becoming a practicing attorney, but Towson remains an excellent place to live for those that wish to practice law in Baltimore but live a suburban life.


History of Baltimore

Baltimore was established in 1729, well before the Revolutionary War, and enjoyed status as one of the original 13 colonies of Great Britain. It provided a port for the trade of tobacco and grain, and locals soon utilized the local waterways in flour milling practices to improve the colony’s productivity.

After the onset of the American Revolution, the first-ever American warship, the USS Constellation, was built in Baltimore and completed in 1797. It saw no action during this historical period, but did engage a French warship, La Vengeance, in 1800 and sank her in the Atlantic. The original USS Constellation was broken up in 1853, then a new ship of the same name was built in 1854 and remained intact until the Navy decommissioned it in 1955. It is available to the viewing public in Baltimore today.

Baltimore remained part of the Union during the Civil War and enjoyed some industrial revolution and business growth in the early 1900s. A substantial fire razed portions of the business district in 1904, but the city recovered rapidly to continue growing further.

Today, it remains a major seaport and offers its inhabitants a diverse array of career options, including health care, education, finance, and insurance, among many others. As a result, practicing attorneys in Baltimore will have a diverse client base as they enjoy a career in law.

Hopeful law school students can receive excellent LSAT prep in Baltimore, which provides a diving board into a vast pool of opportunities in the burgeoning city. Baltimore features many undergraduate programs that can help students progress towards a fruitful legal career. Start with focused, comprehensive LSAT prep with the best LSAT tutors in Baltimore, and you will be one step closer to becoming a practicing attorney!