Deciding to go to law school is a big and exciting moment. However, tackling the biggest hurdle to law school admission, the LSAT, can seem daunting. Thankfully, there are lots of options out there for how to prepare. Having an LSAT tutor in Tampa can cut through the confusion so you can just focus on studying. 

The best way to prepare for the LSAT is to have a solid study plan in place. It’s also helpful to take courses or classes on the different content topics that the LSAT focuses on to target areas where you might need more practice. LSAT prep courses usually focus on teaching content in various ways, such as video lessons, practice tests, and more. Planning your LSAT study methods in advance can be key to achieving your desired score on the exam. Most recommend studying for the LSAT three hours a day for at least three months. 

The LSAT can feel like an impossible obstacle on the way to law school. However, with the right planning and focused studying, achieving the score of your dreams is completely possible. With the guidance of LSAT prep in Tampa, passing the LSAT can move from something daunting to becoming another achievement under your belt. 

Law Schools in Tampa

Tampa is home to a lot of world-class institutions, including law schools. In fact, Florida’s first law school, Stetson, has the entirety of its own law branch in Tampa. Understanding the law school scene in Tampa is a great first step in preparing for a career in law. These three fantastic universities are a good starting point as you consider your next steps. 

  • Stetson University’s Tampa Law Center coexists in the same building as Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal, offering a unique insight into public law. It is ranked third in trial writing and legal advocacy by US News and World Report. Being Florida’s first law school, Stetson has a storied history of creating great lawyers. 
  • The WMU-Cooley’s Tampa branch is an excellent starting point for aspiring lawyers. With an emphasis on real-life and hands-on learning, students graduate from this campus feeling ready to tackle professional cases. There are a variety of education options, including an accelerated 2-year track, as well as part-time and evening learning options.
  • The University of South Florida has a robust pre-law program, as well as an accelerated law program partnership, that could be the perfect fit. In addition, the University provides ample support to students interested in law, including special academic counseling dedicated to law students. 


Great Things About Living in Tampa

Tampa is one of the largest cities in the Sunshine State, making it a diverse and vibrant place to live. Besides having many highly ranked law schools, Tampa is also known for its amazing weather and being a huge travel hub. 

Whether you enjoy theme parks or strolling in botanical gardens, Tampa has something for you. Even though Tampa is a very urban city, it still has a strong connection to nature and wildlife. The Hillsborough River State Park, Florida Aquarium, Big Cat Rescue, and TECO Manatee Viewing Center all call Tampa home. In addition, the weather rarely dips below 60 degrees, so it’s always a good day to be outside!

Tampa’s culinary scene is influenced by many different cultures, including Vietnamese, Cuban, and Spanish. Food in Tampa is indicative of the diversity in the city itself, with over 50% of residents identifying as Latino or Black American. Ybor City, one of Tampa’s historic neighborhoods, was founded by cigar manufacturers from Cuba. It has since attracted people from all over the world and retains a strong Latin heritage. 

Studying law in Tampa will put you around other brilliant law students, as well as people from all walks of life. An LSAT tutor in Tampa can be the first step in making your law dreams a reality. Studying law in Tampa is more than just receiving a great education — it’s a complete life experience.