If you are thinking of pursuing a career in law, it should be very exciting! Not only do you get to pick your school, but it is also an extremely rewarding career. However, the best way to ensure you have a range of school options to choose from, you must excel in the LSATs. The LSAT is an entrance exam required by law schools, composed of multiple sections to evaluate a candidate’s readiness. Taking an LSAT prep course is a great place to begin.

While Seattle is a great city overall, it is also a good resource for a variety of LSAT prep options, in turn LSAT courses as well. Taking the LSAT may seem intimidating, but you are sure to do well if you take the time to properly prepare. Performing well on the test comes down to good preparation through LSAT prep, getting a great LSAT tutor in Seattle-Tacoma, and ultimately taking an LSAT course and getting an LSAT practice test.

Law Schools in Seattle-Tacoma

Choosing a law school can be difficult since there are so many amazing ones. However, by looking at all the great options in Seattle or Tacoma, you are bound to find the right law school for you! In addition, doing well on the LSAT is a great way to help ensure acceptance into these prestigious universities.

  • University of Washington Law School not only offers a great program, but they mentor you through doing internships and guide you towards some of the best career options. The average LSAT score to get into this law school is 164. However, they are the highest-ranked law school in the pacific northwest, making this a very prestigious option.
  • Gonzaga University is another great option near Seattle. It is nationally ranked 117 and offers great career options post-graduation. In addition, the school has a strong academic record, with more than 96% of their students passing the bar in 2018. 
  • Seattle University is another great option as it is nationally ranked 122. This is a professional graduate school in the pacific northwest offering a variety of law degrees for those pursuing different careers.


Great Things About Living in Seattle-Tacoma

If you are looking to move to Seattle or Tacoma to get a law degree, then you are in luck. Both are great cities to live in! One of the best features is their proximity to nature. They are cities surrounded by greenery and nature, including awesome parks, hiking, and camping opportunities. So if you are looking to live near nature, this city is a great option for you. 

Another awesome thing about the Seattle-Tacoma area is how safe it is. In fact, it is one of the safest metropolitan areas in the United States. In addition to safety, the Seattle-Tacoma area has an incredible food scene. These restaurants utilize local resources and ingredients to make their food fresh and amazing. Finally, the Seattle-Tacoma area is very animal-friendly. So if you want to move and have pets, don’t worry; you’ll fit right in!

The best part about living in Seattle for someone looking to pursue law is all the great law school options. In addition to these options, there are also tons of LSAT prep courses and tutors to get you started on your law school journey.