If you are planning a career in law, you have come to the right place. Not only is law extremely rewarding as a field, but going to law school is exciting as well. One of the ways to get into a good law school, is to score well on the LSAT. The LSAT is an entrance exam composed of multiple sections that law schools use to evaluate comprehension skills and reasoning. Going to a great LSAT prep course in Miami is a good way to ensure success on the exam.

Finding a great law school in Miami should be fun! Though passing the LSAT may seem like an impossible feat, taking the proper measures such as enrolling in an LSAT class or LSAT prep course can help. There are multiple ways to prepare for the exam. Getting an LSAT tutor in Miami, taking an LSAT prep course, and doing LSAT practice tests are just some of the ways you will find success.

Law Schools in Miami

Choosing a law school can feel overwhelming, although it doesn’t have to be. You can find the best fit for you by looking at the features of each law school. While each may differ in requirements and courses, the right one for you is out there!

  • University of Florida Levin College of Law is one of the best options in Florida. It has been ranked number 31 amongst all schools in the United States by the U.S. News & World Reports. This research school offers several areas of study in each division. This is one of the leading law schools in Florida, with a bar passing rate of over 70%
  • Florida State University College of Law is another great option near Miami. This school just added state-of-the-art courtrooms for law students to have real-life practice when it comes to law. This school is ranked 48th among ABA-accredited law schools and is one of the most prestigious in Florida.
  • University of Miami School of Law is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing a law school right in the center of Miami. It is ranked number 67 in the nation and is known as one of Florida’s leading law schools. Just a few years ago, the school had over 75% of their graduates employed within nine months of graduation.


Great Things About Living in Miami

Miami is a great city to consider if you are thinking about law school. Not only are there great school options and LSAT prep options, but the city itself has many great features as well. Whether you are looking to move to Miami, or you already live there, going to law school in the area is a great investment. 

Miami is a city full of nightlife. In addition, there are varieties of restaurants and food trucks. It is also a city that attracts a lot of talent in the music industry, so there are almost always concerts and shows available. Finally, there is a spectacular art scene to explore in theaters, museums, outdoors, and more!

Another great thing about Miami is transportation. This is a very livable city, making it an attractive choice for many. In addition to being able to walk, the public transportation system runs almost constantly, giving you direct access to transport wherever you need to go.

While there are many great law schools in and around Miami, you will need to do well on your LSAT before applying. However, you are in luck since there are an abundance of great LSAT tutors, prep classes, and practice tests for you to utilize to help you study and succeed!