Are you considering a career in law? Look no further; by starting the search, you’re already on your way! However, becoming a lawyer and securing your future career means applying and attending law school. In order to do so, you need to score well on the LSAT. The LSAT is an entrance exam that law schools require you to take prior to applying. Your score on the exam heavily influences your chances of admission. That is why taking an LSAT prep course in Atlanta can help you!

Atlanta is not just a great city with great schools; it is a city full of great LSAT classes and tutoring too. Taking the LSAT may seem like a daunting task, but it will prove to be the opposite with the right preparation. There are various tools for you to utilize to ensure success, including LSAT courses, LSAT tutors in Atlanta, LSAT practice tests, and more! 

Law Schools in Atlanta

If you are planning on studying law, you may be nervous about choosing the right law school. If this is the case, don’t worry, there are plenty of great options out there. While it may feel daunting, choosing the right law school in Atlanta is super simple. Here are some of the best law schools offered in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Emory University Law School is one of the best schools in Georgia. Not only does it offer a great education, but it is highly rated among law schools across the United States. It is currently number 26 in the U.S. News and World Rankings. In addition to being a great overall program, Emory offers individualized law programs and degrees, as well as opportunities to learn from prestigious and successful scholars. 
  • University of Georgia Law School is another great option in Atlanta. Their faculty is well known in the law community, having worked in several fields across several states. In addition, this university offers eight dual-degree programs and graduates the majority of its students as top ten in the nation.
  • Georgia State University Law School is another great law school to consider in Atlanta. This program offers competitive tuition and great job opportunities post-graduation. It is one of the top-ranked schools in terms of diversity and offers students a personalized approach to learning in the classroom.


Great Things About Living in Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place to look if you are looking for a livable city. It is an attractive city for many students due to its low cost of living. If you are looking to live off-campus when it comes to your education, this is the city for you. 

In addition to great living costs, this is an attractive city for those who spend time inside or outside. While it can get hot, the gorgeous weather brings sunshine giving the city gorgeous plants. There are also opportunities to try as many new food options as you would like from the food trucks spread throughout the city.

While more rural parts of the state can seem more generic, Atlanta is known for its scenes full of rich, vibrant culture. The High Museum of Art is one of the leading museum attractions in the south. There are also a variety of festivals and concerts that occur locally almost any weekend, bringing plenty of diversity and culture to the city. 

If you are pursuing a law degree, Atlanta is a great place to begin. Not only is it filled with great people, scenery, and culture, but there are a variety of prestigious law schools to get you started on your degree. Even better, if you are looking for great LSAT prep, tutoring, or classes, Atlanta is the place for you!