The law school application is comprehensive, and requires hopeful candidates to complete a number of steps for their best chance of getting accepted. Scoring high on the LSATs is among some of the best methods of improving your chances, but it requires substantial LSAT prep to get your best score.

One of the best ways to prepare for the LSATs in Miami is to enroll in a specialized LSAT course or LSAT classes. Classes help students prepare by teaching invaluable information that will be covered on the exam as well as the structure of the exam itself and strategies to best approach it. The LSATs are intimidating, but with an LSAT tutor or LSAT classes in Miami, you can complete this important part of the law school application process.

Bar Associations in Miami

Successful law school applicants that perform well on the LSATs and move on to attend law school have a variety of options if they choose to remain in Miami and practice law. There are a number of city, county, and state bar associations where students can become members, each offering practicing attorneys numerous perks.

  • Miami is home to 5 bar associations: the Cuban American Bar Association, the Dade County Bar Association, the Dade County FL Bar Association, the Miami Beach Bar Association, and the Miami Cuban American Bar Association.
  • Since Miami is located in Miami-Dade County, lawyers may apply for membership in either the Dade County Bar Association or the Dade County FL Bar Association. Both provide networking opportunities in the field, ongoing education, and standards for good law practice in these counties.
  • The Florida Bar Association is available for Miami residents, as well as residents of anywhere in Florida. They support more than 110,000 members and create regulatory practices for law in the state.
  • Just like anywhere else in the United States, the American Bar Association is available to practicing attorneys in Miami. Members enjoy networking opportunities and access to affordable insurance, business management tools, educational tools, and marketing resources.

People Making an Impact in Miami

Miami couldn’t be the visually stunning beacon of business and culture without the dedicated contributions of its inhabitants. With a population of almost a half million, there are many people working to make an impact in Miami today.

One such individual is Dan Gelber, the Democratic mayor of Miami Beach who is currently in the midst of his second term. His accomplishments include getting the city to designate two new historic districts — North Shore and Normandy Isle — making this the largest historic designation in more than 20 years for Miami. Gelber also successfully provided extra security to public schools following the Parkland tragedy. Democrats and Republicans alike love and support Gelber, a rare feat in today’s polarizing political climate.

Two other influential individuals include former Real Housewives star Lea Black and her husband Roy Black, a prominent criminal defense attorney whose clients included athletes and celebrities such as Rush Limbaugh and Kelsey Grammar. Lea Black hosts an annual gala to fundraise for her charity, The Consequences Charity, which seeks to empower at-risk youths and advocate for social justice. The charity has raised over $12 million to date.

Future Miami attorneys and law school students in Miami would be in excellent company to study, complete, and practice law in the city. Not only is it a fantastic city for anyone to enjoy or work in, but lawyers especially have a wealth of prominent bar associations they may consider joining and a number of influential figures that are working to improve the city every day.