Being a lawyer is a highly rewarding and meaningful career. However, to gain admittance into the best law schools, you will want to perform well on the entrance exam, known as the LSAT. Even the brightest students can benefit from taking an LSAT Course. 

LSAT prep can be done virtually, but Houston also has some amazing local options. One option is taking an LSAT prep class, where you can work and learn in a group setting with other prospective law students. 

If taking a class isn’t for you, LSAT tutoring in Houston could be a great alternative. Due to its thriving law scene, many people are offering these services in and around the Houston area. If you live in Houston but are too busy to attend class or schedule face-to-face tutoring, you can also access tutoring virtually. 

Whether you take an LSAT class in Houston or receive one-on-one tutoring, devoting time to proper LSAT prep will ensure your success and help you in both law school and your career. 

Bar Associations in Houston

If you are already a lawyer, joining the bar association provides an important opportunity to network and speak with other locals in your field. They also provide a great social outlet where you can discuss the day-to-day challenges of the job with people that are experienced and familiar with it. Finally, bar associations provide support for lawyers to be able to serve their clients and develop in the field.

  • The Houston Bar Association was established in 1870 and boasts over 10,000 members. It serves both lawyers in Houston and Harris County. It is one of the largest metropolitan bar associations in the nation and works to promote better access to legal services for those living in the greater Houston area. Additionally, the association oversees a charitable foundation and many community service events throughout the city. 
  • The State Bar of Texas was adopted by the state legislature in 1939 and has over 100,000 members. Its mission is to enable its members to serve both their clients and the public and to help educate the public about the rule of law. In addition, the SBOT helps to provide equitable access and improve the daily lives of the people of Houston.
  • The Texas Young Lawyers Association is a department of the State Bar of Texas and was formed in 1930. It assists members of the public in getting information about the law, and supports young lawyers to develop their practice and make their home in Texas.  
  • The American Bar Association provides services for their members to promote professional growth and promote the best quality legal education and competence. Additionally, the American Bar Association works to promote a good quality of life for its members.  


People Making an Impact in Houston

Since the University of Houston is one of the top 50 law schools in the nation, and several other top-tier law schools are also within city limits, it should be no surprise that the city is filled with successful lawyers. These law schools also ensure that there are always comprehensive LSAT Courses in Houston.  

Lawyers are flocking to the city; in fact, the mean wage of attorneys in the greater Houston area is $175,000. Given that it’s a great location for practicing law, it’s all the more reason to look into LSAT Tutoring in Houston and join the growing legal community. 

Houston itself is an attractive place to live. The warm temperatures, affordable housing market, thriving job market, and expanding cultural scene have made it a lovely place for lawyers to move. 

Some notable locals include Gary H Miller, the Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, and Jim Sharp, former justice of the First Texas Court of Appeals. Overall, Houston is an amazing place to be an attorney, and the first step towards that dream is to prepare for the LSAT exam.