Your best odds at getting into a good law school requires completing numerous steps, including crushing the LSATs and receiving excellent marks. A great score on the LSATs communicates to law schools that you are a dedicated candidate who can handle the workload and succeed at entering the field of law.

To make sure you perform admirably on the exam, you’ll need specialized LSAT prep, including LSAT classes or an LSAT course in Baltimore. Class instructors educate hopeful law school candidates in the material that is on the exam as well as the structure of the exam itself. Under the tutelage of a great instructor in an LSAT class, LSAT tutoring, or other thorough methods of LSAT prep, you’ll get a great score and be well on your way to a career in law.

Bar Associations in Baltimore

Law school graduates that choose to practice law in Baltimore have several bar associations available to them. As with all states, it is never mandatory to join a bar association, but it is highly recommended due to the perks associated with membership. 

Bar associations frequently provide access to ongoing educational material, insurance plans, and other tools that assist attorneys in operating independently. Plus, bar associations give you access to networking opportunities. It’s like a lawyer’s club!

  • The Bar Association of Baltimore is the city’s bar association. Established in 1880, they helped regulate law in Baltimore and establish the progressional standards that promote equality and diversity among their members.
  • The Baltimore County Bar Association is another great option for residents of Baltimore. Members enjoy similar benefits to the city, state, or any other available bar association. However, we should note that the headquarters of this bar association is not in Baltimore but in the adjacent suburb of Towson.
  • The Maryland State Bar Association is available to residents of Baltimore, as well as any lawyers that practice from anywhere in the state of Maryland. In addition, Maryland is home to 23 specialty bar associations. As a result, Baltimore residents and Marylanders alike will have several options available.
  • For those that prefer a bar association that operates nationally, the American Bar Association is available to Baltimore residents as well as United States attorneys practicing anywhere in the country.


People Making an Impact in Baltimore

Baltimore is home to over a half-million people from all walks of life. To remain one of the best places for Americans to live, it requires concentrated effort from everyday heroes through their public works and passions. Through their efforts, Baltimore remains thriving and progressing so that our children can enjoy an even better Baltimore in years to come.

One such person is Nykidra Robinson, founder of “Black Girls Vote,” a nonpartisan organization that encourages Black women to vote. In the wake of the Baltimore Uprising in 2015, where several anti-police brutality protests led to more violence and approximately 300 deaths in the city, Robinson recognized that change needed to happen from within the system and not from pressures put on the system by outsiders. Through her organization, Robinson “engages, educates, and empowers” Black women in Baltimore and everywhere in the United States to stay part of the democratic process and harness the power of their vote. Only by showing up to the polls can the people inspire change.

Lauren Gardner, an infectious disease specialist and co-director of the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering, and Ensheng Dong, a Ph.D. student, are two other notable individuals from Baltimore. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, they recognized the need to collect and share data to track and monitor the spread of the virus. Their creation, the COVID-19 Dashboard, would eventually earn over 4.5 billion daily views from health professionals worldwide, making it an invaluable tool during virus containment and response efforts.

Innumerable everyday heroes are living and working for a better future in Baltimore daily. Baltimore law school graduates and practicing attorneys would be in good company to reside in a city where such growth is prevalent. It all starts with a robust approach to tackling the LSAT and excellent scores. Prioritize your LSAT prep with the best LSAT courses in Baltimore and start enjoying success today!