The LSAT, or law school admissions test, is one of the primary factors for acceptance into law school. The competition for law school admission can feel very intense, especially with how rigorous the LSAT is. However, conquering the LSAT is completely within your reach with the right time and dedication. 

LSAT prep usually centers around tutorials and practice tests. There are a variety of different LSAT courses available, with diverse methods of teaching. Taking a class tailored to your specific needs can be very helpful for preparing for the LSAT. LSAT tutoring is another great option for rigorous LSAT preparation. 

An LSAT tutor can walk you through what your focus areas should be and help you make a study plan that’s designed specifically for your success. Finding the best LSAT tutor in Tampa for you could be the key to achieving your dream LSAT score.

Tampa is home to many exceptional law schools and practices, making it a great location to find LSAT prep resources. The LSAT might seem like a daunting obstacle to admission, but with the right LSAT tutoring in Tampa, you can ensure your success. 

Universities in Tampa

Tampa is home to many exceptional undergraduate institutions that have a special focus on law. Knowing what makes a university unique, as well as what you are personally looking for in a university, can make deciding on a university a lot easier. Here are a few great universities in Tampa that emphasize law in their undergraduate programs. 

  • The University of Tampa is one of the best colleges in the Tampa area. While it does not have a designated pre-law major, it offers various majors that successfully prepare students for law school. Additionally, the Law, Justice, and Advocacy minor allows students to gain valuable critical thinking skills in an interdisciplinary way. 
  • Eckerd College has an outstanding pre-law program with great flexibility. Pre-law students at Eckerd can major in anything as long as they take the pre-law required classes. This allows students to explore which law niche makes the most sense for them. 
  • The University of South Florida has a very well-rounded pre-law program. Like Eckerd College, the University of South Florida allows students to declare any major while on the pre-law track. The university also provides academic counseling specific to pre-law, as well as many resources dedicated to helping students get into law school. 


History of Tampa

Along with having great weather and almost unlimited things to do, Tampa, and the Tampa Bay Area, have a lot of historical significance

Before European contact, the Tampa area was inhabited by three separate indigenous groups: the Tocobaga, the Uzita, and the Moscoso. After European settlement, the area’s first wealth boom came from phosphates found in the Hillsborough River in the late 1800s. This brought mining and shipping companies into the area, causing a lot of commercial development. 

Around the same time, many cigar manufacturers set up shop in Tampa, causing Tampa to eventually become famous for the cigars produced there. One of Tampa’s most historic neighborhoods, Ybor City, got its start from a booming cigar manufacturing plant. Today, the Ybor City neighborhood is known for its rich Latin heritage, culture, and food. The community has its own history museum, as well as walking tours of the area’s cigar factories. 

Other scenic landmarks in Tampa include the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the Tampa Riverwalk, and the SS American Victory Museum Ship. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge connects St Petersburg to Tampa and is a great way to get views of Tampa Bay. The Tampa Riverwalk is perfect for a stroll along the Hillsborough River, which runs right through Tampa. Finally, the SS American Victory Ship, which was in service during World War 2, is a great way to experience some of Tampa’s rich naval history. 

Deciding to study law in Tampa can put you at the center of a vast amount of history and culture. Tampa also offers great food and activities along with exceptional LSAT prep options, allowing you to have a nice balance of everything in life.