According to the law school admissions council (LSAC), the number of students being administered the LSAT has grown rapidly over the course of the last 5 years (~40%). With the goal of bringing more equity of opportunity to law school applicants, in June 2018, LSAC partnered with Khan Academy to bring to students LSAT prep online free of any fees. Moreover, being the only gratis LSAT prep to provide students with access to official LSAT content—Khan Academy is the best free LSAT prep option for students to use in their studies.

In addition to partnering with Khan Academy, LSAC has released a free digital LSAT familiarization tool in order to acclimate students to the new digital testing format. This LSAC free LSAT prep tool provides students with access to official digitally formatted PrepTests 71, 73, and 74. In order to minimize test day surprises, all LSAT takers should get acquainted with the digital format using this resource; furthermore, it’s a good idea to access the familiarization tool using a tablet-like device, as the official LSAT is administered using a tablet.

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Free LSAT Prep Courses

There is only one free LSAT prep that students should make use of—Khan Academy, and that’s because it’s the only platform to provide students free access to official LSAT content. Alternative courses offering free LSAT prep will not expose students to official LSAT content, and as such, should be avoided. A list of officially licensed prep companies can be found on LSAC’s website for reference.

Khan Academy’s LSAT prep is free, but is it effective? —Yes!

It’s important to note that every student makes testing progress on their own individual basis, and the outcome of any prep course, regardless of its cost, depends heavily on each individual student’s effort, motivation, and learning style. With that said, Khan Academy’s Official LSAT Prep Course can be an extremely effective tool. Prior to beginning the course, students are Free LSAT Prepadministered a diagnostic exam that assesses their testing strengths and weaknesses—this determines a student’s baseline ability. Using analytics from this assessment, each student is provided with a personalized practice plan based on their goal score, schedule, and baseline ability. Each personalized practice plan provides students with access to authentic lessons, official LSAT questions, official LSAT PrepTests, and a study schedule to adhere to. Students that put in effort, stay motivated, and adhere to their study schedules will find this course to be significantly more effective than those individuals that don’t—this is especially true due to the self-studying nature of this platform.

Free LSAT Resources

While there aren’t many free Official LSAT prep courses out there, there are plenty of great free LSAT resources available online to aid studies in their LSAT studies. Free LSAT study materials can often be found on test prep companies’ websites, including right here on our own Odyssey Test Prep website, which offers all LSAT students access to practice tests, videos, flashcards, a PrepTest Analyzer and a virtual LSAT test proctor. The LSAT PrepTest Analyzer found on the Odyssey Test Prep website is an extremely powerful tool that provides students with analytics regarding their testing performance, and using this tool, students are able to track their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the analyzer calculates a student’s potential LSAT score if all that student’s current testing weaknesses are fixed. Click here to access all of our free LSAT training tools!

For students who struggle to understand why they got a particular question wrong—YouTube is a great resource for free explanations. In fact, there’s an explanation on YouTube for almost every logic game and reading comprehension passage. Unfortunately, there aren’t many logical reasoning question explanations on YouTube and it can be tricky finding explanations for the LR section of a PrepTest; however, there are several platforms that offer students access to free LR explanations, like: LSATHacks and Velocity LSAT. LSATHacks offers students written LR explanations for PrepTests 29 through 38 and PrepTests 60 through 80, while Velocity LSAT offers students short video explanations for questions from PrepTests 30 through 80.

Finally, there’s Reddit. Reddit is home to the largest online LSAT community where LSAT students can discuss strategies, seek assistance, and find study buddies. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for students to offer up their exhausted LSAT materials to others on the platform, and if you’re lucky enough to be the recipient of a fellow LSAT student’s generous gift then it will probably be the only time that you will ever get your hands on a free LSAT prep book. Overall, it’s a great place to interact with other LSAT students, become part of a community, and in turn, stay motivated!