Baylor Law School Ranking: Looking Into the Position and Prestige


Founded in 1857 by Judge R.E.B. Baylor, Baylor Law School is a renowned institution for legal education, known for its commitment to academic excellence and producing successful graduates. The faculty’s expertise and rigorous curriculum contribute to its respected reputation. Recently ranked 49th in the U.S. News & World Report, Baylor Law School holds a prominent position among the top law schools in the United States and is also recognized as the 4th best law school in Texas. This article will allow you to learn more about Baylor University Law School and its position and prestige.

Baylor University School of Law building.

Baylor University Law School Ranking

The Baylor University Law School ranking upholds its prominent position in legal education, as reflected in its noteworthy rankings. These law school rankings underscore Baylor University’s excellence across diverse legal fields, serving as a testament to its standing as a top-tier institution. This objective evaluation provides valuable insights into the school’s strengths and proficiency, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a comprehensive legal education.

USNW Best Law Schools #49
Business/Corporate Law #68
Clinical Training #153
Constitutional Law #131
Contracts/Commercial Law #109
Criminal Law #119
Environmental Law #145
Health Care Law #67
Intellectual Property Law #105
International Law #151
Legal Writing #68
Tax Law #81
Trial Advocacy #3

Academic Programs at Baylor School of Law

Law school rankings are crucial for assessing academic strength and career prospects. Baylor Law School’s high rankings demonstrate its commitment to excellence and the effectiveness of its programs in equipping students for success in the legal field. The institution offers various programs for law enthusiasts, giving a mix of expertise in areas like business, healthcare, divinity, taxation, and public policy. Beyond numbers, the rankings reveal a narrative of how Baylor’s programs shape aspiring legal minds, guiding them toward their professional goals.

1. JD/Master of Business Administration (MBA)

If you love law and business, check out Baylor Law’s JD/MBA program. This combination gives you a JD and an MBA, helping you get better at law and business at the same time. It gives you a mix of skills you can use for different jobs.

2. JD/MBA – Healthcare Administration

If you’re interested in both law and healthcare, Baylor’s JD/MBA with a focus on Healthcare Administration is a great choice. It helps you understand the complicated legal side of the healthcare industry, combining law and business know-how.

3. JD/Master of Divinity

Aspiring legal scholars with a spiritual calling can explore the JD/Master of Divinity program at Baylor Law School. This unique combination equips students with a solid foundation in law and theology. Ideal for those seeking a career at the intersection of faith and legal practice.

4. JD/Master of Taxation

Get a handle on tax law with Baylor Law’s JD/Master of Taxation program. It’s designed for those who want to master both the ins and outs of the law and the details of taxation. Prepare yourself for a career where legal knowledge and tax expertise come together.

5. JD/Master of Public Policy and Administration

If you’re into both law and public policy, Baylorl’s JD/Master of Public Policy and Administration program is the way to go. This dual-degree program gets you ready for important roles where your legal skills meet the challenges of public governance.

The Baylor School of Law Stats

Navigating the ins and outs of Baylor University Law School stats is essential for aspiring law students aiming at successful admission. In this table, we’ll focus on the key numbers that will guide your goals and help answer the question, “Is Baylor a good law school?” 

Baylor Law School Median LSAT Score 163
Baylor Law School GPA Requirements 3.72
Baylor University Law School Ranking No. 49 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
Baylor University Law School Acceptance Rate 23.90%
Baylor Law School Tuition $25,406
Bar Passage Rate at Baylor Law School 88%

Professionals racing to the top

Baylor University Law School Requirements for Admission

Entering the legal field demands a smart approach to law school admissions. Baylor University Law School is a top choice, but grasping its admission requirements is vital. In this guide, we get right to the point, providing aspiring law students with crucial insights into what it takes to secure a spot at Baylor University Law School. Here are the must-knows for a successful application to this outstanding law school.

  • Law School Resume

Building an impressive law school resume serves as your initial stride in leaving a lasting impression on the Baylor U Law School admissions committee. Incorporate your academic accomplishments, pertinent work experiences, and extracurricular involvements that vividly demonstrate your dedication and enthusiasm for the realm of law. This foundational document acts as a snapshot of your qualifications, offering the committee a comprehensive view of your readiness for the challenges of law school.

  • Law School Requirements

Review everything closely. It’s vital to meet Baylor Law’s criteria, which means having a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, a strong GPA (around 3.72), and an LSAT score that matches their standards (around 163). Before applying, make sure you fulfill these law school requirements. Success relies on matching your academic qualifications with what Baylor Law expects.

  • Law School Personal Statement

Make the most of your law school personal statement—it’s your opportunity to shine. Keep it brief, clear, and captivating. Share your distinct story, emphasizing what drives you, your experiences, and why Baylor Law is the ideal match for you. Give them a glimpse of the genuine you.

  • Law School Letters of Recommendation

Select recommenders who genuinely understand your abilities and personality. Baylor Law School appreciates law school letters of recommendation that offer a complete picture of your potential. Ask professors, employers, or professionals who can vouch for your academic strengths and suitability for the legal field to provide these insights.

  • Highlight Your Passion for Law

Baylor University Law School wants students who excel academically and love the law. Use your application to highlight your real passion for the legal field. This might involve sharing internships, volunteer work, or research projects that match your goals.

  • Adhere to Deadlines

Timely submission not only demonstrates organizational skills and commitment but also signifies a genuine interest in joining the institution. Act promptly for the Summer 2024 term at Baylor Law School, where the application deadline for first-year, transfer, and visiting students is March 15, 2024, at 11:59 CST. Ensure your application is fully completed by March 19, 2024.

  • Quality Over Quantity

Guarantee the excellence of every component in your application. A refined and flawless application package not only reflects your meticulous attention to detail but also showcases your professionalism. Take the time to carefully review all your documents, and if feasible, seek a second opinion to ensure their quality.

  • Prepare for the Interview

Prepare thoroughly if you’re chosen for an interview. Clearly express your motivations and aspirations, practicing typical law school interview questions to discuss your application comprehensively. Demonstrating confidence and clarity during the interview can make a lasting positive impression.

  • Demonstrate Your Commitment to the Baylor Community

Demonstrate to Baylor Law that you’re not simply seeking any law school but, more specifically, aim to become an integral part of their tightly-knit community. Take the time to delve into the school’s values and accomplishments, and articulate how you plan to contribute to their legacy.

  • Stay Informed and Stay Connected

Stay informed by regularly checking Baylor Law’s communications and updates. Displaying awareness of the school’s current events and staying engaged with the admissions process demonstrates your sincere interest and dedication.

Baylor Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Baylor Law School’s present tuition is $25,406, addressing the financial aspect of legal education. To ease this financial burden, prospective law students are encouraged to investigate available scholarships and loans specifically tailored for law school. These financial aids aim to provide essential support to students throughout their journey in legal education.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans assist grad or law students, allowing borrowing up to $20,500 per academic year and capping at $138,500 for a lifetime. For loans from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, there’s a 7.05% annual interest rate and a 1.057 origination fee for loans before October 1, 2023. Interest begins immediately, except for March 2020-June 30, 2023, when federal loans had 0% interest until August 30, 2023, or a Supreme Court decision on student debt. After going below half-time, there’s a six-month grace period before loan repayment. These loans offer forbearance, deferment options, potential consolidation, various repayment plans, and eligibility for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship at Baylor Law is given based on merit factors, and there’s no need for a separate application. All Baylor Law applicants are automatically considered. This scholarship can cover part or all of your first-year law school tuition. To keep the scholarship for the next years, recipients need a minimum GPA of 2.75 in their second and third years, ensuring automatic renewal.

LSAT Insights for Baylor Law School

Ace the LSAT to open doors to law school, especially for those eyeing Baylor Law School. This guide provides crucial tips to enhance your LSAT performance and meet Baylor Law’s standards. We’ve got your LSAT success journey covered, from using LSAC resources to optimizing prep.

Strategize with a Free LSAT Consultation

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Navigate LSAC Fee Waivers Effectively

LSAC Fee Waivers offer a big chance for students aiming for law school. Check if you qualify on the LSAC website and, if so, get a waiver. This not only reduces the financial burden of the LSAT but also ensures fair access to the exam for a wider group of individuals pursuing legal education.

Optimize LSAT Prep with the Best LSAT Prep Course

Get the best tools for success by investing in a high-quality LSAT Prep Course. Platforms like Odyssey Test Prep provide thorough courses to boost your LSAT performance. Elevate your LSAT scores with our comprehensive prep course and maximize your chances of securing a spot at Baylor Law School. Look into the best LSAT prep courses offered by Odyssey.

LSAT Tutoring

Boost your LSAT potential with personalized LSAT Tutoring from Odyssey Test Prep. Get expert guidance tailored to your needs for a focused and effective preparation. Gain a competitive edge in your LSAT journey with personalized tutoring to help you excel and secure admission to Baylor Law School. Excel in the LSAT with tutoring sessions designed to align with your goals.

Law School Admissions Consulting

Efficiently navigate the journey to law school with Law School Admissions Consulting from Odyssey Test Prep. Get admitted and shine at Baylor Law School with the help of expert guidance. Get expert insights into the admissions process to help you create a strong application. Make sure your LSAT score aligns smoothly with your overall law school goals.


Baylor Law School’s ranking highlights its commitment to academic excellence and reputation as a respected institution in legal education. Prospective law students can trust in its consistent recognition, signifying a dedication to quality education and success in legal careers.

The school’s positive standing in the legal community makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a strong legal education and a solid professional foundation.

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