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WVU Law School, a key part of West Virginia University since 1878, excels in legal education. With a history of academic excellence, the school is devoted to preparing skilled and ethical legal professionals. Located in Morgantown, it offers a supportive learning environment, and the faculty, recognized for their commitment to teaching and contributions to legal scholarship, play a vital role in shaping professionals for the legal field. 

The school emphasizes a balance of theory and practice, offering hands-on learning through clinics and externships. With a tight-knit community fostering collaboration, WVU Law School is a significant influence in shaping West Virginia’s legal landscape, committed to producing professionals with integrity, skill, and community focus.

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Is WVU Law School Good?

West Virginia University School of Law stands out in legal education excellence, set amidst the scenic landscapes of West Virginia. University of West Virginia Law School, a premier in West Virginia, is renowned for rigorous academics, distinguished faculty, and a tradition of producing successful legal minds.

WVU School of Law stands out for its top-notch legal education, offering a diverse curriculum from foundational to specialized courses. With esteemed faculty providing insights beyond textbooks, it not only upholds high academic standards but also fosters a supportive environment. As the leading law school in West Virginia, WVU Law prepares students for challenges and opportunities, providing a holistic legal education in the unique setting of West Virginia.

West Virginia University Law School Ranking

Explore the table below to gain a comprehensive overview of the University of West Virginia Law School ranking, shedding light on its standing in the realm of legal education. This data is instrumental for prospective students seeking insights into the school’s performance and reputation in comparison to other institutions.

USNW Best Law Schools #111
Business/Corporate Law #87
Clinical Training #126
Constitutional Law #120
Contracts/Commercial Law #131
Criminal Law #119
Environmental Law #61
Health Care Law #83
Intellectual Property Law #105
International Law #127
Tax Law #119
Trial Advocacy #158

Academic Offerings and Specializations at WVU School of Law

Explore the varied academic offerings and specialized programs at West Virginia University Law School, offering students a comprehensive education in diverse legal disciplines and equipping them with essential knowledge and skills for a dynamic legal career.

Best Majors for Law School Exploration

Dive into a world of diverse academic offerings at West Virginia University Law School, where you’ll find the best majors for law school to fuel your legal aspirations. The school offers diverse programs, covering business, political science, and more, providing a well-rounded legal education.

Doctor of Jurisprudence

Take on a transformative legal journey at WVU Law’s JD program, providing a solid foundation for aspiring professionals with a rigorous curriculum, dynamic learning, and hands-on experiences. Graduates are well-prepared to navigate the legal system and excel in diverse roles within the profession.

Dual Degree Programs

Elevate your educational experience by exploring WVU Law’s dual degree programs. Seamlessly integrate law with another field of interest, whether it’s business, public administration, or any other compatible discipline, to emerge as a uniquely skilled and versatile legal professional.

Energy and Sustainable Development Law

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge field of Energy and Sustainable Development Law at WVU. This concentration allows you to explore the intricate intersections of law, energy, and sustainability, preparing you to navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding these critical issues.

International Law Concentration

Embark on a journey of global legal understanding through WVU Law School’s International Law Concentration. Gain insights into cross-border legal matters, treaties, and international relations, positioning yourself as a legal professional with a keen awareness of the global legal landscape.

Labor & Employment Law

Delve into the intricacies of Labor and Employment Law with a specialized concentration at WVU. Navigate the complexities of workplace relationships, labor disputes, and employment regulations, emerging as a legal expert in this crucial and dynamic field.

Public Interest with a Dedicated Concentration

Make a difference in the world of public service with WVU Law School’s Public Interest Concentration. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to advocate for justice, social change, and the public good, fostering a career dedicated to making a positive impact.

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West Virginia University Law School Numbers

Explore the numbers that highlight WVU School of Lawl’s academic vibrancy and student achievements, from enrollment figures to success rates. These metrics offer a snapshot of the institution’s impact on legal education.

West Virginia Law School LSAT Score 155
West Virginia Law School GPA 3.68
WVU Law School Acceptance Rate 41.10%
West Virginia Law School Ranking No. 111 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
WVU Law School Cost $25,272 – $42,120
WVU School of Law Class Size 103

WVU Law School Scholarships

Discover financial support and academic recognition through West Virginia University’s Law School Scholarships, including the Bloom Scholarship and the W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowship, available for aspiring legal minds at West Virginia University’s renowned Law School.

Bloom Scholarship

The Bloom Scholarship at WVU Law School is a prestigious opportunity for seven incoming first-year law students, providing full tuition and fee coverage for their three-year legal education. Eligibility requires a minimum LSAT score of 160 and an undergraduate GPA of 3.0, emphasizing academic excellence as a key criterion for recipients. This scholarship not only alleviates financial burdens but also enhances the vibrant and competitive academic atmosphere at WVU Law School.

W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowship

The WVU Law’s Du Bois Fellowship for grad students offers a $19,000 stipend and tuition coverage. Requires U.S. citizenship, African American/Black identification, and GPA of 3.2 (undergrads) or 3.5 (grads). It promotes financial aid and fosters diversity at WVU Law School.

WVU Law School Loans

Navigate the financial landscape of legal education with a closer look at WVU Law School Loans. Explore the avenues available for students seeking financial support to pursue their legal aspirations at West Virginia University’s esteemed Law School.

West Virginia Loyalty Tuition Program

WVU Law Loyalty Tuition Program offers in-state rates to non-residents graduating from WV higher ed, potentially saving over $50,000. Contact Admissions at (304) 293-5304 or [email protected] for details.

The WVU Law School Admissions

Explore the journey to legal excellence through WVU Law School Admissions, where each step, from understanding LSAT and GPA to crafting a compelling Personal Statement, is crucial to shaping your successful entry into legal education.

  • Admissions Roadmap Unveiled

Begin your legal journey with a comprehensive Admissions Roadmap, guiding you through the intricacies of applying to WVU Law School. From understanding the Law School Application Timeline to crafting a compelling Law School Personal Statement, this roadmap ensures you navigate each step with confidence.

  • LSAT and GPA for WVU Law School Admission

Discover the essential elements for successful admission to WVU Law School by decoding the significance of LSAT and GPA. Delve into the details of crafting a competitive application, gaining insights into the preferred scores and academic achievements, including a median LSAT score of 155 and a median GPA of 3.68, that can set you on the path to legal education success.

  • Law School Personal Statement

Explore the art of personal storytelling in your Law School Personal Statement. Learn how to weave your unique experiences and aspirations into a compelling narrative that captures the attention of the admissions committee, setting your application apart in a sea of candidates.

  • Law School Letter of Recommendation

Delve into the crucial role of the Law School Letter of Recommendation. Unearth the essentials of securing impactful recommendations that showcase your academic prowess, character, and potential contributions to the legal community.

  • Navigating the Law School Application Timeline

Map out your journey to WVU Law School by understanding the Law School Application Timeline. From preparing for the LSAT to submitting your application, this timeline ensures you stay on track and submit a comprehensive application that reflects your dedication to legal education.

LSAT Prep for WVU Law School

Prepare for WVU Law with confidence through effective LSAT prep. This guide introduces you to the crucial role LSAT scores play in admissions, offering insights into preparation strategies for success in legal education.

Navigating LSAT Percentiles

Dive into understanding LSAT percentiles, with the 25th percentile requiring a score of 152 and the 75th percentile aiming for a score of 158. This insightful guide sheds light on the scores that can elevate your chances of securing a spot at WVU Law School.

The Essential LSAT Study Guide

Unlock the secrets to LSAT success with a comprehensive LSAT study guide. Tailored to the unique demands of the WVU Law School admissions process, this guide provides invaluable tips and strategies to maximize your performance on test day.

Elevate Your Prep with LSAT Prep Courses

Take your LSAT preparation to the next level with specialized LSAT prep courses. Our LSAT Prep Course is designed to boost your LSAT scores and secure your spot at WVU Law SchoolThese courses are crucial for mastering the LSAT and enhancing your chances of admission.

LSAT Tutoring for Targeted Improvement

Explore the benefits of LSAT tutoring for personalized and targeted improvement. Ace the LSAT with the help of our expert tutors and stand out as a strong candidate in the competitive admissions process. Whether you want a better score or help in specific areas, LSAT tutoring can make a significant difference on your way to WVU Law School.

Strategic Planning with Law School Admissions Consulting

Gain a competitive edge in the admissions process with law school admissions consulting. Partner with our consultants to craft a standout application and increase your chances of admission to your dream law school. This resource offers strategic planning and personalized advice, ensuring that your LSAT scores align with the standards expected by WVU Law School.


As you take on the exciting journey towards WVU Law, remember that success lies not only in understanding the application process but also in embracing resources like LSAC for comprehensive guidance.

Whether navigating LSAT percentiles, exploring study guides, or seeking personalized support through tutoring or law school admissions consulting, each step you take is a stride toward shaping a successful legal education at WVU Law School.

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