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Willamette Law School, established in 1883, can be found in Salem, Oregon. It’s formally the Willamette University College of Law. The school is noted for good programs in business law, advocacy, public service, international law, and health law. Graduates frequently choose careers in law, with comprehensive internship and externship opportunities in Oregon’s capital, which has judicial and legislative offices. The school focuses on real-life experience and mentoring to prepare students for effective legal careers.

You learn about opportunities and features at Willamette Law School in this blog post. The school has distinguished faculty and hands-on legal clinics. Its large alumni network also helps with career opportunities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Nearby government and judicial offices offer students with diverse legal experiences based in Salem, Oregon. This blog post also describes application requirements, such as GPA and LSAT medians, the acceptance rate, scholarship programs, and tuition costs for students wanting to apply.

Willamette Law School students celebrating their graduation.

Willamette University Law School Ranking

It’s important that Willamette University Law School ranks well in legal education areas to judge its quality. These rankings are essential when picking out a law school since they provide you with an idea of the program’s status and what its students can accomplish. Rankings can help you make the best decision about a legal degree, with programs and opportunities at Willamette Law. This ensures you pick a program that fits your career objectives.

USNW Best Law Schools #145
Business/Corporate Law #140
Clinical Training #113
Constitutional Law #139
Contracts/Commercial Law #104
Criminal Law #104
Dispute Resolution #67
Environmental Law #94
Health Care Law #111
Intellectual Property Law #101
International Law #84
Legal Writing #94
Tax Law #126
Trial Advocacy #166

Academic Programs at Willamette College of Law

Willamette College of Law provides different academic programs to match your goals and interests to help you begin a productive legal career. Each program provides specialized skills and knowledge to help you be successful in particular parts of the law.

1. Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

JD program is the foundation of your legal profession. It provides basic classes in business, torts, property, civil procedure, and criminal law. These programs are all essential to prepare you for the bar examination and for a variety of legal professions.

2. Master of Legal Studies (MLS)

The MLS program is for professionals interested in understanding legal principles without becoming attorneys. It teaches you how to apply legal information in your present job, including contract law, regulatory compliance, and legal studies.

3. Master of Laws (LL.M.)

The LL.M. program at Willamette Law trains attorneys with a JD or equivalent degree. It enables you to specialize in fields including International Law, Environmental Law, and Dispute Resolution. These specializations provide an advantage in the legal job market. This advanced training broadens your career opportunities for roles calling for deep legal knowledge and specialized skills.

4. JD/MBA Joint Degree

This program provides dual law and business education. It prepares you for professions that call for legal understanding and business acumen. You can go into corporate law, business consulting, or management. Blending these areas, the program prepares you to navigate the law and business worlds.

5. Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

This program prepares you in litigation, mediation, and negotiation which are crucial skills for highly effective client advocacy. It prepares you for careers in the courtroom along with other dispute resolution environments. You will get experience that lets you deal with different legal disputes confidently. Concentrating on these crucial areas prepares you to handle complicated legal conflicts and represent clients successfully.

6. Business Lawyering Institute

The institution provides specialized experiences and courses in business law required for understanding the corporate landscape. It consists of company finance, mergers, acquisitions, and securities regulation. These courses prepare you for legal professions in business, for example, business counsel or financial regulatory jobs. By offering such targeted training, the institute offers you the knowledge and ability to navigate business law.

7. Center for Constitutional Government

This center provides education and research in constitutional government and law necessary to understand legal and government structures. It explores government in depth and prepares you for constitutional litigation or public service. You’ll understand constitutional concepts and their practical applications. Concentrating on these areas, the center offers you the knowledge and abilities to succeed in roles that involve managing disputed governmental and constitutional issues.

8. Center for Religion, Law & Democracy

The center offers a unique lens on law, religion, and democratic governance. It prepares you for legal careers with religious organizations, human rights, or policy. By examining these subjects you understand how legal principles interact with religious and democratic frameworks. This particular knowledge prepares you to deal with difficult problems in positions that cross law, religion, and governance – and also start successful careers in those areas.

9. Direct Admission Program

This program simplifies admission for highly achieving undergraduate students. It prepares students for law school first and saves money and time for future legal studies. It is advisable to get in contact with the institution as there are prerequisites. A student will be automatically admitted to Willamette Law if they meet these requirements.

10. Externship Program

The externship program offers you useful legal expertise in law firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. This hands-on experience is critical for building useful legal skills which can not be learned in class. This program also offers networking with professionals in this field. You gain career readiness by participating in externships and are more competitive in the legal employment market after graduation.

Willamette University College of Law Stats

Knowing the Law School numbers at Willamette Law School enables you to set goals for admission. Such numbers include LSAT scores and GPA medians, which are benchmarks to work towards to bolster your application. Targeting these metrics can boost your chances of acceptance. Establishing these goals also helps you plan for being successful as a law student in Willamette Law.

Willamette University Law School LSAT Score Median 154
Median GPA Required at Willamette Law School 3.25
Willamette Law School Acceptance Rate 58.90%
Willamette School of Law Ranking #145 in the US Best Law Schools
Bar Passage Rate at Willamette Law School 69%
Willamette University School of Law Tuition $49,080 – $67,296 Before and After Expenses
Employment Rates at Willamette 29%

The Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center at the Willamette University College of Law.

Essential Application Requirements for Willamette University Law School

Your acceptance to Willamette University Law School relies upon meeting the application requirements. These requirements let the admissions committee know you qualify and promise to be a future law student. Sending in a completed and prepared application on time increases your chances of being considered. The key application components and the way they help strengthen your application are discussed below.

Provide Academic Transcripts to CAS

Send your university transcripts to CAS. These transcripts show your educational background and accomplishments. Good academic records demonstrate you can handle the rigorous law school coursework. Send timely transcripts that reflect your academic history.

Register with the CAS and Take the LSAT

Start by registering with CAS and taking the GRE or LSAT. These standardized exams evaluate critical thinking, analytical thought, and reading abilities – all crucial components of law school success. Good scores on these exams could make you get noticed among applicants. Registering with CAS ensures your test results, transcripts, and other application materials are organized and sent to the admissions committee in an organized way.

Apply Online through the LSAC

Submit your online application via the LSAC. This centralized application process makes it simpler to submit materials and ensures they reach the admissions committee. Completing your application via LSAC helps you meet all deadlines. Review all sections before submission to present your best self.

Law School Resume

Your law school resume details your academic, professional, and extracurricular achievements. This document shows the admissions committee your experiences and the way they prepared you for law school. Include relevant internships, jobs, volunteer work, and leadership roles to demonstrate you are up for the law curriculum. Ensure your resume is succinct and organized to pick up an impression.

Law School Letter of Recommendation

The Law school letters of recommendation offer third-party insight into your capabilities and character. You have to submit two letters of recommendation to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) at Willamette University Law School. Select recommenders who know you well and who speak to your potential and strengths as a law student. These letters add perspective from mentors, professors, or employers to your application. Request your recommendations early so your recommenders have time to write comprehensive supportive letters.

Law School Diversity Statement

A law school diversity statement outlines your experiences and background and how you will help the law school community. This particular optional essay can deal with parts of your identity, culture, or personal difficulties. Sharing your perspectives can assist with your application by showing your commitment to inclusion and enhancing the admissions committee’s knowledge of who you are. Be truthful and reflective in your diversity statement.

Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement will be your chance to express your reasons, experiences, and personality for studying law. This essay helps the admissions panel understand your story and what motivates you. A compelling personal statement could distinguish you from other applicants by highlighting your passions and strengths. Write down what you are: a thoughtful, authentic narrative.

Law School Addendum

A law school addendum describes any inconsistencies or concerns about your application including an education gap or a low grade. This brief explanation gives context and helps the admissions committee understand your circumstances. Addressing these problems shows your honesty and proactive approach to possible weaknesses. Keep your addendum brief and focused on factual details to clarify any anomalies in your application.

Letter of Continued Interest

In case you can get placed on the waitlist, a letter of continued interest renews your interest in Willamette Law School. This letter keeps you on the committee’s radar and shows your continuing attendance commitment. Highlight new achievements or updates since you applied to strengthen your case. Send this letter occasionally to create an excellent impression and show you still care about this program.

Helpful LSAT Prep Steps for Willamette Law School

A high LSAT score displays your enthusiasm for legal studies and could boost your odds of acceptance to top law schools. However, the LSAT not only unlocks law school admittance but also scholarships. Willamette Law awards scholarships to a significant portion of the incoming class according to detailed policies. These scholarships are renewable for the second and third years, provided students remain in good standing by meeting the academic regulations and honor code outlined in the student handbook. Achieving a high LSAT score is a significant factor in obtaining these scholarship programs.

Here are some helpful LSAT preparation steps to meet or exceed the required LSAT score at the Willamette Law School:

  • LSAT Free Consultation

Get started with an LSAT free consultation from Odyssey Test Prep. In this one-on-one session, you discuss your goals, your readiness, and your study plan. The expert advice you get consists of the best strategies and materials for LSAT preparation. This step benefits you because you’re ready and confident on test day. Odyssey Test Prep focuses on maximizing the value of this consultation, so you spend much less time studying and improve your odds of being successful.

  • LSAT Prep Course

Prepare to shine at Willamette Law School with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course tailored to maximize your success! Take Odyssey Test Prep’s LSAT Prep Course for structured preparation. It covers all LSAT parts like analytical reasoning and reading comprehension. With experienced instructors by your side, active lessons to keep you engaged, and practice testing to get you set up a good score, you are fully prepared to ace the LSAT. This step benefits you since you are ready for each component of the test. Odyssey Test Prep helps you get the most from this course so you can get more study time and more test-taking confidence.

  • LSAT Free Class

Join Odyssey Test Prep’s LSAT Free Class to see our teaching style and resources before you commit financially. This three-week prep course deals with key LSAT subjects and techniques and previews our complete courses. It’s a fantastic chance to see how well Odyssey Test Prep is prepared and how our techniques have adjusted to the LSAT structure changes for 2024 and 2025. By participating, you can find out if our strategy matches your learning style and requirements, making an educated choice regarding your LSAT planning.

  • LSAT Tutoring

Get personalized assistance and guidance from Odyssey Test Prep’s LSAT Tutoring. In one-on-one sessions, you can work on your particular weaknesses and questions with customized techniques and responses from tutors. Ace your LSAT and secure your spot at Willamette Law School with personalized tutoring designed to elevate your scores and your chances! This individualized attention helps you understand challenging concepts and improve where you need the most help. Odyssey Test Prep makes the most of these sessions by customizing each lesson to your specific requirements, growing your confidence and performance on test day. This individualized method makes your LSAT prep more efficient for the higher score you aim for.

  • Admissions Roadmap

After mastering the LSAT, use Odyssey Test Prep’s admissions roadmap to navigate the law school admissions process with confidence. This guide explains key application deadlines, requirements, and strategies for success. Following this roadmap can help you complete all steps and enhance your overall application.

  • Law School Admissions Consulting

Navigate the path to Willamette Law School with confidence and expertise through our dedicated admissions consulting services, tailored to help you stand out and succeed! Craft a winning law school application to Willamette Law with Odyssey Test Prep’s Law School Admissions Consulting. It offers advice on everything you need to get admitted to the law school of your dreams. This includes writing personal statements, letters of recommendation, interviewing, and more. With personalized support, you can strengthen every facet of your application and position yourself as a top candidate.


With all the knowledge you acquired from discussing Willamette Law School, you can now move ahead confidently with your legal career objectives. Starting with your application, you will utilize the info shared to tailor your materials. Available resources like Odyssey Test Prep and the LSAC will be vital to your application success. Odyssey Test Prep can enable you to get ready for that crucial standardized test, the LSAT. And more importantly, we can help you craft an application that shines.

With Odyssey Test Prep, your LSAT and law school dreams are achievable!

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