The Closure Before and After: Key Takeaways from Whittier Law School


Founded in 1966, the Whittier Law School is situated in Orange County California. A former Law School known for inclusion, diversity, helpful legal education, and access to justice, Whittier Law School was once a leading legal university. However, the school failed in the recent past and Whittier Law School closed in 2017. Whittier Law is also the very first completely accredited law school in the nation to close down. Despite this closure, students of Whittier Law School continue and advance in their legal careers because of the useful knowledge and abilities they acquired while studying there.

All through its existence, Whittier Law School stressed practical training and the application of legal theory. Clinical programs, externships, and practical training prepared students for legal practice. The practical skills and solid ground in legal principles gained through the school’s programs have continued to serve alumni in different fields of Law, although the school was closed.

Whittier Law School building.

Whittier Law School Ranking 2017

The Whittier Law School rankings may shed light on the overall performance and standing of this institution, even though it is currently closed. As an aspiring lawyer, these rankings are essential to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each school. For a Law School that ranked 196th in its time back in 2017, these rankings reflect a once-successful institution with an excellent reputation in the legal arena.

Law school rankings will enable you to determine exactly how Whittier Law School performed across the board – from professor experience to student satisfaction to graduation rates. While the school’s closure begs the question of its relevance these days, its past rankings imply it offered quality legal education and well-prepared graduates for successful law careers. Consequently, although Whittier Law School is no longer operational, its former rankings testify to its programs and excellence.

Statistics and Achievements During Operation

Whittier Law School was a performing law school before its closure in 2017. These stats show key data about Whittier Law, including admissions, employment results, and bar passage rates. These figures show Whittier Law School’s academic standards, graduate job leads, and general results in training students to practice Law. Whether you are researching Whittier Law School for law school, or merely curious about its past, these statistics offer a window into its past and the factors which made it a hot spot in the legal community.

Whittier Costa Mesa Law School Median LSAT 149
Whittier College School of Law Median GPA 2.92
Whittier Law School Acceptance Rate 62.9%
Whittier Law School Ranking No. 196th in PublicLegal Rankings
Whittier Law School Accreditation ABA-Accredited in 1978
Whittier Law School Bar Passage Rate 45.9%
Whittier School of Law Employment Rate within 10 months of Graduation 43.8%

Why Did Whittier Law School Close?

Diminished enrollment and financial issues led Whittier Law School to close. The school was shut mainly because of a significant fall in student interest and it proved not possible to continue operations. The school also had increasing debt and decreasing earnings which made it unsustainable to keep operating. Efforts to correct these issues, including cutting tuition and lowering expenses, failed and Whittier Law School closed in 2017. This closure ended an era for the institution, that continued for over fifty years to offer legal education in Orange County.

The Impact of the Unique Programs and Experiential Learning Offered by Whittier Law

Whittier Law School’s experiential learning and programs affected the legal community. Through programs like the Center for Children’s Rights and the Trial Advocacy Honors Board, Whittier Law School trained students and also contributed to legal problems. These programs promoted advocacy, civic responsibility, and excellence within the legal field.

1. The Center for Children’s Rights

The Center for Children’s Rights at Whittier Law School represented Children in legal issues. This program permitted students to work with real kids and families in need in juvenile law and child advocacy. From its function as a legal advocate and aid for disadvantaged youth, the Center contributed to having children’s voices and/or rights protected by law.

2. The Center for Intellectual Property Law

Through its Center for Intellectual Property Law, Whittier Law School promotes originality and creativity through instructing Intellectual Property Law. By studying trademark, copyright, or patent laws students prepare for engineering, business, or entertainment careers. This program produces intellectual property lawyers.

3. The Trial Advocacy Honors Board

The Trial Advocacy Honors Board provided students with Trial Advocacy practice in mock trials, tournaments, as well courtroom simulations. This specific program offered students hands-on experience presenting cases, examining witnesses, and arguing before juries and judges. By honing these crucial courtroom skills, Whittier Law School graduates have been ready for litigation careers and for serving the rule of justice.

4. Clinic Programs

Whittier Law School’s clinics put students’ legal skills and knowledge to work in underserved communities. Students worked under the direct supervision of seasoned lawyers to offer pro bono legal advice to people and companies in legal trouble. Through these clinics, Whittier Law School provided legal services to the needy and stressed social responsibility and public service to students.

Protesters raise placards in solidarity against Whittier Law School’s closure.

Impact on Students and Alumni of Whittier Law School’s Closure

The closing of Whittier Law School profoundly affected students and alumni. Several students were abruptly displaced and unsure about their educational and career choices. The sudden closure left them scrambling to transfer credits and pursue other routes to complete their legal education.

For alumni, the closure posed issues in networking and reputation. The closure of their alma mater might harm their credibility and standing in the legal world. Also, alumni who mentored and supported students were cut off from this function, even further separating the Whittier Law School group. Generally, the closing of Whittier Law School disrupted the academic course of its students and the career pathways and networks of its graduates.

Considering Law School

If you’re still thinking, “Should I go to law school,” you most likely have several questions. The changing dynamics in the legal world, escalating tuition fees, and also the competitive job market might all be on your mind. Despite these setbacks, law school could be a worthy investment in the long run. It prepares you to think critically, analyze matters far more, and also prepare you for an assortment of professions outside law. Moreover, a law degree is respected and credible in most professions including advocacy, politics, and business. The costs and benefits must be considered, but a legal education can provide rewarding careers.

Is Law School Worth It

Is law school hard? Yes, law school is hard, needing study, critical thinking, and time management. However, overcoming its challenges can be rewarding. By enduring the rigorous curriculum and hurdles, you acquire analytical abilities, resilience, and determination. And the law school education and skills you get will result in several rewarding careers in law and beyond. So, law school is tough, but the rewards are the personal advancement and professional advancement it offers.

Law School Admission Requirements You Need to Know

It’s important to know the standard law school admission requirements when dreaming about law school. Although Whittier Law School admissions are now closed, you can still utilize this guide to prepare for law school. Here’s more about how to get ready for law school.

1. The LSAT

Thorough LSAT prep is the secret to cracking the initial step on your law school journey. Use study materials, practice tests, and LSAT prep courses to get a sense of the examination format and content, and develop test-taking methods. 

2. Law School Resume

Make a brief law school resume that includes your educational record, job experience, extracurricular pursuits along other abilities. Develop a resume that emphasizes your readiness and strengths for law school. Make use of your experiences to create your resume and show adaptability and resilience to other law schools.

3. Law School Application Timeline

Research the usual law school application timelines. Start preparing now and applications open a year before the intended start date. Though Whittier Law School admissions are closed, you can still make use of this to plan for other Law schools. Stay organized and meet deadlines for an easier application process.

4. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Get law school letters of recommendation from professors, employers, or mentors who could attest to your character, work ethic, and academic abilities. These letters are crucial for your application. Ask former teachers or advisors for suggestions for law school applications.

5. Law School Curriculum

Check out the academic requirements and the law school curriculum of the schools you wish to attend. Be sure your undergraduate coursework matches their prerequisites and take extra classes in case needed. Learn from Whittier Law students’ experience during the closure and select law schools with a stable reputation and helpful systems to avoid similar disruptions.

6. Law School Scholarships

As you prepare for law school, research scholarships to help with the expenses. Check the requirements for each scholarship thoroughly. Others may concentrate on grades, or maybe community service, diversity, or economic status. Finding law school scholarships you qualify for and applying with solid applications can decrease your costs. Track deadlines and requirements to boost your odds of obtaining financial assistance.

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To conclude, the closing of Whittier Law School demonstrates the problems facing institutions in legal training. Despite its closure, aspiring lawyers shouldn’t give up hope as many other law schools can still provide success. Remember that setbacks occur, yet support and persistence can get you on your way to legal success

By staying resilient and utilizing resources like Odyssey Test Prep and the LSAC, you can still pursue your legal dreams.

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