Washington and Lee Law School: Your Guide to Statistics and Admission Process


Washington and Lee School of Law, located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, combines academic excellence and community involvement. This law school may be small, but its reputation for producing skilled and ethical lawyers is well-known. Grounded in a collaborative and diverse intellectual community, it emphasizes principles like rigor, trust, and civility. 

If you plan to apply, the Washington and Lee Law School acceptance rate is a crucial metric to consider as it reveals the competitive nature of the admissions process. In the upcoming discussion, we’ll discuss what makes this institution a unique choice for prospective law student

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About Washington And Lee Law School

Ever since its founding in 1849, Washington and Lee University School of Law in Lexington, Virginia, has gained a stellar reputation for its outstanding educational programs. This esteemed institution is acknowledged by the American Bar Association and proudly associated with the Association of American Law Schools, offering students a supportive yet concentrated atmosphere to pursue their legal studies. 

Situated just three hours away from Washington, DC, students enjoy personalized attention due to small class sizes and an intimate student-to-faculty ratio. The incoming class for the academic year 2022-2023 comprises approximately 380 individuals hailing from 28 states, eight foreign nations, and the District of Columbia.

Washington And Lee Law School Class Profile Overview

Number of applications received 2,022
Class size 125
Median LSAT 165
Median GPA 3.72
Percentage of students who identify as members of a racial or ethnic minority 37%
Percentage of women 46%
Percentage of first-generation college graduates 21%
Percentage of students who identify as LGBTQ+ 14%
Age range 20 – 41
Average age 24
Percentage of students who have worked since graduation for one or more years 59%
Percentage of students who were Pell Grant eligible while in college 24%
Percentage of students who are first in their families to attend law school 76%

The Washington and Lee Law School Class Profile provides a comprehensive representation that can help aspiring law students gauge the competitive landscape and diverse community they’ll be joining. With a median LSAT score of 165, a median GPA of 3.72, and a class size of 125, the profile shows that the school attracts high-achieving individuals, while the diversity statistics reveal an inclusive environment with 37% minority representation, 46% women, and 14% identifying as LGBTQ+.

Program Offered At Washington And Lee Law School

At Washington and Lee Law School, the J.D. Program takes a progressive approach tailored to each stage of a student’s journey.

  • First Year

Students dive into foundational courses in a collaborative, non-cutthroat environment. With manageable class sizes and a year-long Legal Writing and Research course, the first year sets a strong, practical foundation.

  • Second and Third Year

Building on the first-year base, students enter more advanced courses, gaining the flexibility to focus on areas of interest. The curriculum includes practice-based learning opportunities like practicums, clinics, and externships. This structured yet flexible approach ensures students evolve from beginners to well-rounded legal professionals, ready to contribute meaningfully right from the start of their careers.

Washington And Lee University School Of Law Ranking

Ranking Category
40 Best Law Schools (tie)
36 Business/Corporate Law (tie)
45 Clinical Training (tie)
53 Constitutional Law (tie)
45 Contracts/Commercial Law (tie)
50 Criminal Law (tie)
80 Environmental Law (tie)
61 Health Care Law (tie)
74 Intellectual Property Law (tie)
42 International Law (tie)
77 Legal Writing (tie)
40 Tax Law (tie)
126 Trial Advocacy (tie)

When choosing a law school, the Washington and Lee University Law School ranking can serve as a valuable point of consideration for prospective students. Currently ranked No. 40 (tie) in Best Law Schools, this law school rankings signify the school’s exceptional performance across various indicators of academic excellence. Not only does this speak to the quality of the faculty and curriculum, but it also reassures applicants that a degree from Washington and Lee is nationally recognized and respected. 

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Washington And Lee University Law School Acceptance Rate

Is law school hard? Yes, and the answer starts even before you step into your first class—it starts with the admission process. For instance, Washington and Lee Law School acceptance rate is 32.7%, well below the average acceptance rate for all law schools in the U.S., which is 41%. This statistical contrast underscores the selective nature of law school admissions, confirming that a high level of academic excellence is required.

Is Washington And Lee Law Worth It?

The employment outcomes and bar passage rates provide a compelling affirmative answer. Investing in legal education at Washington and Lee Law offers excellent job prospects and a strong foundation for passing the bar exam.

Employment Outcomes

At Washington and Lee Law, the focus is on securing great outcomes for graduates. For the class of 2023, a remarkable 91% found employment right after graduation. Breaking it down further, 60.2% of graduates were employed by law firms, and another 21.2% took up clerkships. These strong employment statistics highlight the school’s commitment to helping students begin their legal careers successfully.

Bar Exam Preparation

Washington and Lee Law also significantly emphasize preparing students for the bar exam. Through robust programming and dedicated support, the school boasts a first-time bar passage rate of 86.7%. This is notably higher than the average first-time bar passage rate of 78.3% among states.

Tuition, Fees, And Financial Aid

How much does law school cost? It depends on various factors, but for the academic year 2023–2024, this is what to anticipate:

  • Tuition: $53,120
  • Total budget: $74,750 (This includes other fees like books, supplies, student activity fees, and projected living expense allowance)

Washington and Lee University offer different types of financial aid to assist students in funding their legal education. These include educational loans and merit scholarships. To qualify for an educational loan, you must complete the FAFSA form and submit it by the deadline of March 15th.

How to Get Into Washington And Lee Law School

Meeting the law school requirements for Washington and Lee can be a demanding process, given its competitive acceptance rate and academic expectations. The following information can help you increase your chances:

Important Application Deadlines

  • Regular decision applications are open from late August to July 1, but applying early is recommended as decisions are made on a rolling basis.
  • To obtain a decision no later than March 31, submit your application by March 1.
  • Complete your application by February 1 to be eligible for merit-based scholarships.

Admission Process

  1. Submit an electronic application via LSAC, with no application fee required.
  2. Register through LSAC with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).
  3. Take either the LSAT or GRE; scores must be received for your application to be reviewed.
  4. Send in transcripts from every educational institution you’ve attended.
  5. Obtain at least one letter of recommendation, preferably academic in nature.

By carefully following these steps and deadlines, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a competitive applicant for Washington and Lee Law School.

What LSAT Score Do I Need For Washington And Lee University?

To gain admission to Washington and Lee University’s Law School, you must aim for an LSAT score that aligns with their student profile. If you’re wondering what the LSAT score for Washington and Lee should be, here are some figures to consider: 

  • Median LSAT score:164
  • 25th percentile LSAT score:159
  • 75th percentile LSAT score: 166

Therefore, aiming for an LSAT score close to or above the Washington and Lee median LSAT score of 164 will make you a competitive applicant for admission. Enrolling in an LSAT Prep Course or an LSAT Tutoring can be valuable tools in reaching this target.

What GPA Do I Need For Washington And Lee University?

To become a competitive applicant for Washington and Lee University, consider the following law school GPA statistics:

  • 25th percentile GPA: 3.47
  • 75th percentile GPA: 3.78
  • Median GPA: 3.66

Aiming for a median GPA of 3.66 or above will increase your chances of gaining admission.

Application Advice for Washington and Lee Law School

Here’s some essential advice to make your application stand out:

Personal Statement

  • Washington and Lee Law School aims for a vibrant classroom environment and uses personal statements to know applicants beyond their scores and resumes.
  • The statement should be unique but not too personal (“TMI”). It should make you stand out among candidates with similar qualifications.
  • Don’t mention your LSAT/GRE scores or grades; there are other ways to address these in your application.
  • Write it yourself and proofread it thoroughly.
  • Use the opportunity to reveal who you are and what you can bring to the campus.

Optional Ethical Dilemma Essay

  • It’s optional, but writing it could make you more memorable.
  • The essay focuses on your reasoning and ethical decision-making skills, and it’s a chance to impress if your personal statement doesn’t.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Required: 1, Maximum: 4. Choose writers who know you well; too many letters can dilute your application.
  • Having one or two strong letters is better than multiple average ones.
  • At least one letter should be from someone familiar with your academic abilities, even if you’ve been out of school for some time.

Every element of your application, from your Washington and Lee LSAT score to your personal statement, determines how well you’ll fit into the school’s culture. Utilizing Law School Admission Consulting services can offer personalized guidance to make your application stand out and improve your chances of making a lasting impression.

Tips On How To Achieve A High LSAT Score

Your LSAT score is important for law school applications, especially for competitive schools like Washington and Lee. The Washington and Lee LSAT score statistics indicate the need for strong preparation. With the median LSAT score at Washington and Lee at 164, you’ll want to aim high to be a competitive applicant. You can efficiently prepare in the following ways:

  • LSAT Prep Course

It’s wise for students to invest in a thorough LSAT prep course. Choose your preferred learning style, online or in-person. Our course covers all LSAT question types and effective strategies. Supercharge Your LSAT Score with our Odyssey’s Prep Course!

  • LSAT Tutoring

Consider hiring our LSAT tutor for personalized assistance tailored to your needs. They can help you improve in specific areas and develop effective test-taking strategies. Struggling with specific areas of the LSAT? Try our Tutoring Now.

  • Practice Tests and Timed Sections

Taking full-length practice tests and timed sections is essential for understanding the LSAT format and improving speed. This helps familiarize you with exam questions and manage time. Many experts recommend taking 10-15 full-length practice tests before exam day.

  • Law School Admission Consulting

Secure your spot at Washington and Lee Law School with our Law School Admissions Consulting! Using law school admission consulting can offer personalized advice, help fine-tune your application, and guide you through crucial deadlines and interviews. Our expert consultants provide insights on choosing the right schools based on your Washington and Lee LSAT score, GPA, and career goals. This tailored guidance can significantly boost your chances of entering a competitive law school.

  • Mindfulness and Stress Management

Your emotional state affects test performance. Reduce stress with mindfulness, exercise, and meditation for better exam results like the LSAT. 


Is Washington and Lee a good law school? The answer lies in their rankings, bar passing rate, strong focus on experiential education, and hands-on training. Washington and Lee Law School offers an innovative and comprehensive curriculum that propels you into actual practice by your second and third years. 

Through clinics and externships, you contribute to meeting the region’s legal needs and gain invaluable client contact and advocacy skills. If you’re still unsure, an LSAT Free Consultation could provide more tailored advice specific to Washington and Lee Law School and your potential fit to the school.

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