Exploring Excellence and Diversity at USF Law School


The University of San Francisco School of Law is a social justice and diversity institution based in downtown San Francisco, California, and was founded in 1912. You’ll be trained to be ethical and effective advocates at USF Law School. With its main place within the world’s most energetic legal marketplaces, USF Law provides ample opportunities for experiential learning through internships, externships, and service to the community.

USF Law School has a noted concentration on Public Interest Law, Environmental Law, and Intellectual Property Law. The faculty comprises scholars and professionals who are dedicated to mentoring students and developing a helpful learning atmosphere. As a new law student, you can expect a balanced education that blends theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. The school also offers an incredible list of graduates and connections within the legal community which are invaluable for networking and career progression.

Graduates coming down a flight of stairs at the USF Law School building.

University of San Francisco Law School Ranking

As you weigh options for law school, rankings can shed light on strengths and reputations. For USF Law School, its rankings in different legal fields reflect its academic excellence and specialized focus areas including Public Interest Law along with Environmental Law. Understanding these rankings might influence your decision-making and help you select a program that best suits your career path and ambitions in the legal profession.

USNW Best Law Schools #165
Business/Corporate Law #140
Clinical Training #114
Constitutional Law  #140
Contracts/Commercial Law #153
Criminal Law #133
Environmental Law #88
Health Care Law #83
Intellectual Property Law #105
International Law #103
Tax Law #109
Trial Advocacy #139

Diverse Programs at USF Law School

The University of San Francisco (USF) School of Law offers diverse programs which include the foundational Juris Doctor (JD) program, specialized Master of Laws (LLM) concentrations, and flexible Master of Legal Studies (MLS) options. This section guides you through each program’s specifics and how they can help you achieve your legal objectives by providing expertise, specialized training, and the skills needed to succeed in the legal field.

1. Juris Doctor (JD) Program

At USF Law School, this program offers you a broad legal education for careers in Law and beyond. Its rigorous curriculum and opportunities for experiential learning prepare you to practice law in solo firms, federal agencies, or public interest groups.

2. Master of Laws (LLM) Programs

Specialized LLM programs at USF Law are provided for international and domestic students looking to deepen their practice in particular areas of Law. Whether you wish to learn Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Taxation Law, or International Transactions, Comparative Law, these programs can offer superior training in your field.

3. Master of Legal Studies (MLS) Program

The MLS program is for professionals interested in learning about the law with no complete JD. Flexible course offerings and personalized concentrations such as Health Law, Human Rights, or Compliance give you legal knowledge pertinent to your future or current job.

4. Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) Program

For people keen on advanced research and scholarship in Law, the SJD program at USF Law School can lead to specialized areas of law theory and practice. You can pursue research and also add to the academic discourse in your field under the direction of knowledgeable faculty mentors, getting yourself ready for leadership positions in academia, policy, or legal process.

5. Certificates and Specializations

USF Law School also provides different certificate programs and specializations to suit your legal career and education needs. If you are involved in Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, or Public Interest Advocacy, these tracks offer precise networking and training to help you get noticed in your industry.

6. Partial Online Class Options

The USF School of Law doesn’t offer an entirely online degree program. However, it provides some online versions of certain programs, like the LLM Tax and Graduate Tax Programs. These allow you to take some courses online and several in person. An online law school in California like USF School of Law can be handy for folks like you who are in the busy San Francisco life. Juggling other responsibilities like family and work commitments is tough. However, the flexibility to study law online enables you to lead a more flexible life. You can fit classes around your life, avoiding lengthy commutes and, freeing up time for some other things in life.

USF Law School Numbers

It is crucial to know the law school numbers of USF Law to help you navigate the admissions process. These numbers offer information about acceptance rates, median LSAT, and GPA scores, along with other metrics that may influence your admission chances. Be familiar with these figures, make informed choices regarding your program approach, and boost your odds of being admitted to USF Law School.

USF Law LSAT Median 155
University of San Francisco Law School Median GPA 3.42
USF Law School Acceptance Rate 46.40%
San Francisco Law School Ranking No. 165 in Best Law Schools
USF School of Law Tuition $58,464
SF Ratio Law School 7.6:1 Student-Faculty Ratio

Graduating students line up to march and take pictures on graduation day

The USF Law School Requirements

Knowing each requirement and the way to fulfill it enables you to navigate the application procedure with confidence and accuracy. From crafting an individual statement to sending out transcripts and test scores on time, this list can help Law students applying to USF Law School.

1. Bachelor’s Degree

To qualify, make sure you have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution. Get your official transcripts ready to include with your application and make sure you send them along to meet this crucial requirement.

2. LSAT Score

You must take the LSAT and also provide your scores. Strive for a competitive score. USF Law School has a median LSAT score of 155, so aim for this score or even higher. Get ready with prep materials and practice tests to boost your chances of this target score.

3. Personal Statement

Write a personal statement about your love of Law, your experiences, and exactly why USF Law School is for you. Be authentic and use examples to show your points.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Gather letters of recommendation from individuals that speak about your academic capabilities, work ethic, and individuality. Pick recommenders who know you effectively and who could shine a light on your potential as a law student.

5. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Create a resume and CV containing your education, extracurricular activities, job history, and any other related skills or achievements. Include specifics of awards, certifications, and associated coursework. Make sure to highlight experiences and skills suitable for the job or education program you’re applying for. Remember to proofread thoroughly for accuracy and professionalism.

6. Optional Components

In case you feel your application will be strengthened by a law school diversity statement or law school addendum, submit one. These additional materials enable you to address special circumstances, experiences, or perspectives that strengthen your candidacy.

7. Part-Time Program Consideration

USF Law School has part-time and full-time programs. The part-time law school program is flexible to accommodate students with work or various other obligations throughout the day. This option lets you complete your legal education when it fits your schedule while still gaining practical legal skills.

USF School of Law Tuition

With USF School of Law, the cost is USD 58,464 a year. However, the institution does provide financial aid to ease this burden and make legal education more accessible. Among them is the Honors Leadership Program, a law school scholarship program intended to recognize academic excellence, leadership, and community participation. It offers eligible students significant financial assistance which can lower fees and tuition.

Financial Aid Options at USF Law

Along with scholarships such as the Honors Leadership Program, USF School of Law participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. This specific program enables students to obtain law school loans to cover tuition, costs, and living expenses. Although loans must be ultimately repaid, they offer required monetary assistance so that students can concentrate on their studies without becoming financially overwhelmed. By making use of these loan possibilities, aspiring legal professionals can pursue their education without immediate financial hurdles.

Generally, loans and scholarships at USF School of Law help ease the economic strain of a legal education. These financial aid options enable students to concentrate on their professional and academic growth instead of on getting monetary support for their studies. With law school graduates owing around USD 130,000 in average law school debt after graduating and 90% of students taking out loans to attend law school or their prior education, it’s a huge choice to invest in your legal education. Nevertheless, these expenses are worthy investments in your legal future. By tapping into readily available financial help, you’re investing in yourself and your potential. With this support, you can launch a successful legal career and feel confident you invested in your future.

6 Key LSAT Prep Steps to Ace USF Law School Admissions

The LSAT is a crucial step toward USF Law and other law schools. This standard test evaluates critical thinking, analytical thought, and reading comprehension – all crucial skills for law school success. Expert guidance and tested techniques from Odyssey Test Prep can boost your LSAT score and boost your chances of admission.

  • Attend an LSAT Free Class

Start LSAT Prep with a free LSAT class from Odyssey Test Prep. These courses will teach you the LSAT framework, and common problem types, along with methods for approaching every section.

  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Gear up for success at USF Law School with our comprehensive LSAT prep course. Invest in an LSAT prep course that suits your requirements and routine. Odyssey Test Prep offers courses for all parts of the LSAT with teacher assistance through practice questions, timed drills, and full-length practice tests to simulate examination conditions.

  • Get Personalized LSAT Tutoring

Consider LSAT tutoring with Odyssey Test Prep for individual attention and targeted improvement. Elevate your LSAT scores and secure your spot at USF Law School with personalized tutoring sessions. Working with our tutors in person can uncover your weaknesses and strengths so you can make customized study plans and practice to enhance your score.

  • Practice on LSAT Questions

LSAT success hinges upon consistent practice. Use resources from Odyssey Test Prep like LSAT Coursebooks, online question banks, and diagnostic tests to hone your skills and develop confidence in your abilities.

  • Focus on Weak Areas

Determine your weakest spots with diagnostic tests and review sessions and focus on targeted practice in those areas. Odyssey Test Prep runs workshops and review sessions specifically for challenging LSAT topics.

  • Take Advantage of Law School Admissions Consulting

Beyond LSAT prep, get advice on general law school admissions. Let us help you navigate USF Law School admissions to make your application stand out. Odyssey Test Prep can help you write an ace personal statement, pick the right schools to apply to, and breeze through the admissions timeline.

Stick to these LSAT prep steps with expert guidance from Odyssey Test Prep and prepare for the LSAT with confidence to boost your odds of admission to USF Law School. Begin your path to legal education success in one of the best law schools in California today!


Understanding the inside scoop about USF Law School, and planning for the LSAT along with an impressive application program can enable you to make a wise choice regarding law school. Working with Odyssey Test Prep and making the most of LSAC resources will enable you to prepare for the LSAT and admissions. Unlock your potential with our Free LSAT class, where expert instructors guide you to master the exam, paving the way for a stellar LSAT score. 

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