Your Full Admission Guide to Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice


The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (SLJ) sets a bar to be an academic institution where the complexities of the law turn into accessible, engaging worlds for their students. Located in Brooklyn, this school offers a unique blend of rigorous academics and hands-on legal experiences, creating a dynamic learning environment that inspires students to pursue justice. 

Adding to its distinct character is the passion for commitment to serve the diverse, often under-served communities, making it a model of future-focused legal education. This article will cover the innovative programs, community impact, and the transformative experiences provided by the school.

High School Students Wearing Backpacks and Entering the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice

Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice Overview

The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice is a small, law-themed public high school in downtown Brooklyn, New York City. Founded in 2004, the school is dedicated to creating an ability and a vision for every student to become forward-thinking, contributing adults. Its specialty in education is founded on the notion that knowledge of law empowers one to change the world. 

The Adams Street Foundation, founded with support from the Robin Hood Foundation in 2008, supported SLJ. Such collaborations show the school’s commitment to ensuring that the learner is exposed not only to an all-around quality education but also to pre-college enrichment and career preparedness.

Urban School for Law and Justice program includes SAT prep, college tours, and internship opportunities to prepare students for their next scholastic and professional pursuits. In partnership with schools and other strategic relationships, the Foundation services underrepresented students to ensure they receive the tools and support necessary to do so in ways leading to success in law school degrees and careers.

Specialized Curriculum and Educational Approaches

Keeping the students’ minds engaged, the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice Brooklyn designed its cutting-edge program to foster growth with skills and knowledge through a curriculum incorporating law into various learning aspects. Here’s a deeper look into what SLJ offers:

Core Curriculum and Specialized Courses

  • Core Subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health & Physical Education, and Spanish – covering the fundamentals.
  • Law-Themed Courses: Students get to explore exciting legal topics like Forensic Science, Constitutional Law, and how laws are implemented.
  • Electives: Offerings in visual arts, music, theater, and coding.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: Offered in Environmental Science, Microeconomics, English Language & Composition, and Psychology.

College & Career Programs

  • Pre-College Opportunities: Includes study abroad, arts and culture, STEM, paid internships, and leadership development.
  • College Access Program: Features SAT prep, college prep workshops, personalized application support, essay-writing workshops, and financial literacy education.
  • College Campus Visits: Each grade goes on organized trips to local colleges, with a special visit planned for juniors as they prepare for this next chapter.
  • Career Prep: Think beyond the books through “Lunch With Lawyers” events, resume building, networking skill workshops, career fairs, and tailored advice for various professional paths.

Teaching and Learning Approaches

With small class sizes, students get personalized attention and an advisor who advocates for them. The school uses clear evaluation methods so students can track their progress. The curriculum is centered around law, getting students to build critical thinking skills like questioning, analyzing, debating, and practicing in mock courtrooms.

But the school doesn’t just focus on writing and academics. It also emphasizes developing strong habits of mind for students and teachers. They learn to approach subjects and world issues with curiosity, constantly asking questions and thinking analytically. This empowers students to find their voice and use it to make a positive impact.

The skills developed will be invaluable, especially when taking the LSAT exam. With its emphasis on law-themed courses, writing, and developing critical thinking abilities, students gain extensive practice with the very competencies tested on the LSAT, like the LSAT writing, reading, and analyzing complex issues.

Is the Urban Assembly a Good School?

Category Rank
National Rankings #4,746
New York High Schools #440
New York, NY Metro Area High Schools #436
New York City Public Schools High Schools #141

The rankings may not seem that impressive at first glance, with it falling in the thousands nationwide. But looking beyond just the numbers reveals the true quality of education offered at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice. The school opens its doors to minority students and those from underprivileged economic backgrounds

With small class sizes, students get personalized attention. Students here get a chance to take challenging Advanced Placement courses that prep them for college success. Most importantly, the school nurtures critical thinking and real-world skills that will serve students far beyond just acing exams.

How to Get Admitted to the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice Brooklyn

To get admitted to the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice, you should follow these steps:

  1. Rank SLJ Among Your Choices: You must rank SLJ among your 12 programs of interest on your high school application.
  2. Application Code: Use SLJ’s program code K08X when you apply.
  3. Application Deadline: Make sure to apply by the deadline, which was December 1, 2023, for the most recent admissions cycle.
  4. Online Application: Apply online through the MYSchools platform. Your school counselor can provide detailed information on how to access your account and apply.

SLJ is an Educational Option, a non-charter public high school that does not require entrance examinations. It’s important to attend any information sessions offered by the school and to stay informed about any specific requirements or changes in the application process.

A Student Reading a Book while Inside a Classroom

Preparing for Law School

Transitioning from SLJ to an undergraduate program, and eventually to law school, requires careful planning and consideration of several important factors:

Academic Excellence

Law schools closely look at your grades and LSAT scores when considering applicants. Take advantage of the great academic support offered at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice. This includes SAT prep courses and workshops that prepare you for college success. 

Build a strong foundation now. Once in college, choose a major that continues developing skills like critical thinking, reading comprehension, and analytical writing – these abilities are essential for law school. Enrolling in an LSAT Prep Course in New York can also give you an extra boost if you’re aiming for a high score on that important test.

Extracurricular Involvement

Urban School for Law and Justice offers awesome enrichment programs like after-school clubs, young men’s/women’s groups, and community service projects. Participating in these is a great way to start building up your involvement portfolio now, which you can continue growing throughout college.

Real-World Legal Experience

Look for opportunities to gain practical exposure in the field of law through interning or even summer job programs. Search the prospects of an internship in a law firm, government agency, or even a non-profit organization when in college for more insight into the legal system.

LSAT Preparation 

The results from the Law School Admission Test play hugely critical roles in applying to law schools; hence, adequate preparations must be made. Some of the most competitive programs will consider your admission with high scores. Apply for an LSAC Fee Waiver if you want to dodge the financial cost.

Considerations for Law School

Choosing the right law school is a major choice that will impact your future career. As you start your search, there are a few big things to think through.


Location is super important. You’ll want to consider where you ultimately hope to live and practice law after graduating. If you have a specific city or region in mind, that may sway which schools you apply to. After all, staying local to a law school can open more doors through networking and internships.

School Reputation

Make sure to research how prestigious and highly-ranked potential law schools are. More elite programs tend to give you an edge when landing top jobs after graduation. Employers are often wowed by well-known school names.


Cost is a major factor too. Law school is crazy expensive between tuition, fees, cost of living, and everything else. As you’re weighing options, look closely at the total estimated costs but also available law school scholarships that could provide much-needed financial aid.

Law Specialization

It’s also smart to get clear on what specific area of law really sparks your passion, then prioritize schools with strong, respected programs in that specialty. Whether it’s environmental law, intellectual property rights, or another focus, matching with a school that excels in your intended field can enrich your education immensely.

If all these factors feel overwhelming, utilize Law School Admissions Consulting services. These advisors can provide an admissions roadmap to navigate the process. Choosing a law school takes serious planning, but breaking it down into location, reputation, costs, and program strengths, and using expert guidance can simplify this huge life decision.

Ace Your LSAT with Expert Guidance

If you want to enter your dream law school, lots of preparation is expected. Years at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice will help develop a legal foundation and skills. But one major hurdle is the LSAT exam. This test is super important – it’s seen as the best way to predict how you’ll perform in law school. Earning a high score requires very specific preparation that goes beyond what you covered in high school.

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Law School Admissions Consulting

Forge a path to your dream law school with our elite Admissions Consulting – let our experts shape your application for success, ensuring you stand out in a competitive field. Our consultants will work on helping build your application strategy, narrowing it down to key personal statements, preparing for interviews, helping choose schools, and ensuring that the position made for you is of a formidable candidate.

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Final Thoughts

With small class sizes, personalized attention, and hands-on legal-themed learning, Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice provides an empowering foundation for young minds to develop critical thinking abilities. Its commitment to serving diverse populations and emphasis on extracurriculars like mock trials and internships expose students to the real-world applications of their studies. The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice reviews highlight how its creative curriculum, passionate educators, and supportive resources shape well-rounded scholars prepared for future legal careers.

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