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Located in Dallas, the UNT Law School, officially called the University of North Texas, is well-known as one of the best law schools in Texas. People choose it because it’s dedicated to being really good at teaching law, and it has a history of helping students become successful lawyers. If you’re thinking about starting a journey in law, this school is a great option for you.

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Academic Programs and Specializations at UNT Law School

Choosing the best major for law school and specialization is crucial when pursuing a legal education. The school offers a diverse range of programs that cater to the varied interests and career goals of aspiring legal professionals. From comprehensive law school curriculums to specialized majors, the academic offerings at the University of North Texas Law School are designed to provide students with a well-rounded and tailored education.

Juris Doctorate Degree: The Foundation of Legal Knowledge

At UNT Law School, the JD program is the foundation of legal education, offering a comprehensive curriculum taught by experienced faculty. Students gain essential theoretical and practical knowledge, fostering critical thinking and effective communication skills. The program ensures graduates are well-prepared for success in the legal profession.

1. Clinical Training

At UNT School of Law, learning goes beyond the classroom. Clinical training programs provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to apply legal theory in real-world scenarios. It’s the bridge between theory and practice.

2. Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a critical skill in the legal profession. The University of North Texas Law School’s program in dispute resolution hones students’ abilities to navigate conflicts, fostering effective and fair resolutions.

3. Environmental Law

For those passionate about environmental issues, UNT Law School offers a program in environmental law. Students delve into legal frameworks and strategies to address pressing environmental challenges.

4. Health Care Law

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, UNT Law’s health care law program prepares students to navigate the complexities of legal issues within the healthcare system.

5. Intellectual Property Law

The program in intellectual property law at UNT Law focuses on protecting and navigating the legal landscape surrounding innovations, patents, and copyrights.

6. International Law

In an interconnected world, understanding international law is crucial. UNT Law’s program in international law equips students with the knowledge to navigate legal complexities on a global scale.

7. Tax Law

Untangling the web of tax laws requires specialized knowledge. UNT School of Law’s tax law program provides students with a deep understanding of tax regulations and strategies.

8. Trial Advocacy

The art of trial advocacy is honed through the UNT School of Law’s program, where students learn the art of presenting compelling legal arguments in a courtroom setting.

9. Business/Corporate Law

For those inclined towards business and commerce, UNT Law’s program in business and corporate law offers a comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies within the corporate world.

10. Constitutional Law

Delve into the fundamental principles of the legal system with UNT Law’s program in constitutional law. Students explore the bedrock of legal frameworks and principles.

11. Contracts/Commercial Law

Contracts and commercial law form the backbone of many legal transactions. UNT Law School’s program in this field provides in-depth insights into legal agreements and their implications.

12. Criminal Law

The criminal law program at UNT Law School prepares students for the challenges of the legal justice system, exploring the intricacies of criminal proceedings and defense strategies.

13. Writing

Effective communication is a cornerstone of legal practice. UNT Law School’s writing program focuses on honing the skills needed to craft compelling legal narratives and documents.

The UNT Law School Rankings

Discover the academic prowess of the University of North Texas School of Law through its places in law school rankings. This table provides a comprehensive overview of UNT Law School’s standing, highlighting its position among the leading institutions in legal education.

USNW Best Law Schools #167
Part-time Law #60
Business/Corporate Law #164
Clinical Training #137
Constitutional Law #170
Contracts/Commercial Law #174
Criminal Law #186
Environmental Law #172
Health Care Law #168
Intellectual Property Law #159
International Law #174
Tax Law  #177
Trial Advocacy #181

UNT Law School Stats

To gauge the standing of UNT Law School, let’s delve into some key statistics that provide insights into the school’s current status:

  • LSAT Score and GPA Required

To maintain high standards for admission, UNT Law School requires prospective students to meet competitive criteria, including a median LSAT score of 152 and a median law school GPA of 3.31. As of the latest data, individuals aspiring to join the legal community through UNT Law School should aim for rigorous preparation to align with these academic benchmarks.

  • Current USNW Ranking

Consistently earning national recognition, UNT Law School is positioned as the No. 167 Best Law School in the country, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report (USNW) ranking. This placement stands as a testament to the academic prowess and excellence upheld by UNT Law School among the top law schools nationwide.

  • Acceptance Rate

With a discerning admissions process, UNT Law School maintains a 33.3% acceptance rate, underscoring its selective criteria. Prospective students are advised to prepare a compelling application, as securing a spot in this esteemed institution requires a strong presentation of qualifications and achievements.

  • Current Semestral Tuition Fee 

Considering legal education involves finances, and UNT Law is committed to providing value. Tuition fees are $18,565 (in-state) and $30,668 (out-of-state) for full-time students, and $13,987 (in-state) and $22,752 (out-of-state) for part-time students. Prospective students should be aware of these figures when contemplating UNT Law School’s esteemed legal education.

Admission Requirements and Process at UNT School of Law

Understanding the admission requirements and process is fundamental for anyone considering UNT Law School. The journey to becoming a student at the best law school in Texas involves meeting specific criteria and presenting a compelling application.

Understanding the Essentials: Law School Requirements

To gain entry to UNT Law, familiarize yourself with essential law school requirements. The school maintains high standards, with a median LSAT score of 152 and a median GPA of 3.31. Meeting these criteria is a crucial first step toward securing your spot in this esteemed institution.

Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement is your canvas to showcase your journey, aspirations, and why UNT Law School is the perfect fit for you. Take the opportunity to present a compelling narrative that sets you apart from the crowd. This is your chance to shine, so make it count!

UNT Law School Acceptance Rate

Understanding the landscape is crucial. UNT Law School maintains a 33.3% acceptance rate, highlighting the competitive nature of the admissions process. As you prepare your application, keep in mind the significance of standing out in a selective environment.

Admission Process

UNT Dallas College of Law requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, and the LSAT is crucial for evaluating analytical and logical reasoning skills. They also consider letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal statement. Check the school’s official admissions materials for the latest requirements.

Stay Informed: Communication with Admissions

Keep an eye on communications from the admissions office. Timely responses and staying informed about updates or additional requirements will demonstrate your proactive approach and genuine interest in joining UNT Law School.

Law School Admissions Consulting

Law School Admissions Consulting is a crucial resource for aspiring law students, offering personalized guidance on crafting compelling personal statements, selecting recommenders, and navigating the admissions process. Let our expert admissions consultants help you navigate the competitive application process for UNT Law School. Our consultants focus on individual strengths, enhancing applicants’ chances of acceptance to their desired institutions.

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Tuition and Financial Aids at UNT Law School

Financing a legal education is a consideration for many prospective students. UNT Law recognizes the importance of providing financial support to ensure deserving individuals can pursue their legal education without undue financial burden.

UNT Dallas College of Law 2023 Tuition & Fees

Check out the 2023 Tuition & Fees for law schools in this comparison between UNT Law School, Texas Law Schools, and All US Law Schools. The table shows that UNT Law School has the lowest tuition costs, making it an affordable and accessible choice for legal education. Whether in Texas or anywhere in the United States, this comparison highlights UNT Law School as a compelling option.


In-state | Out-of-state


In-state | Out-of-state


In-state | Out-of-state

UNT Dallas College of Law $16,564 | $27,416 $16,878 | $27,730 $19,127 | $32,008
Texas Law Schools $32,383 | $37,995  $37,286 | $45,078
All U.S. Law Schools $37,935 | $43,395 $41,844 | $47,084

C. Dean and Mollie Davis Law Scholarship Endowment

The Dean and Mollie Davis Law Scholarship Endowment, established in 2021 through a bequest from Creswell “Dean” and Mollie Davis’s estate, offers a valuable opportunity for aspiring law students. This law school scholarship, a tribute to the Davis couple’s enduring support for the University of North Texas, honors Creswell Davis’s distinguished 50-year legal career. Their philanthropy provides crucial financial support for future legal scholars, emphasizing the lasting impact of their generosity on legal education.

Royal Furgeson College of Law Endowed Scholarship

The Royal Furgeson College of Law Endowed Scholarship, established in 2017 through the vision and funding of Hon. W. Royal Furgeson’s former law clerks, family, and friends, honors his dedicated service as the founding dean of UNT Dallas College of Law from 2013 to 2018. This scholarship, reflecting Judge Furgeson’s commitment to legal education, offers aspiring law students financial support. Despite retiring as dean, Judge Furgeson remains active in Dallas’s legal community, practicing law, and serving on the UNT Dallas Foundation’s board of directors. Aspiring law students benefit not only from financial assistance but also from recognition of their commitment to legal education, mirroring Judge Furgeson’s passion and service to the field.

UNT Law School Loans

UNT Law addresses student financial needs through diverse law school loan options, including the Direct Loan Program and Federal Loans, providing accessible and competitive financial aid. Recognizing individual circumstances, the school also facilitates access to private or alternative loans when necessary, ensuring aspiring legal professionals have the financial resources for a successful legal education.

LSAT Prep for UNT Law: Achieving Success in Admission

The LSAT is crucial for UNT Dallas College of Law, assessing applicants’ analytical and logical reasoning skills essential for legal studies. It helps gauge their ability to navigate complex legal concepts, aligning with UNT’s high academic standards and commitment to selecting candidates with the intellectual aptitude required for legal education.

LSAT Prep Course

Enrolling in an LSAT prep course is a recommended step for prospective UNT Law students. Prepare for success at UNT Law School with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. These courses provide valuable insights, practice materials, and strategies to perform well on the exam.

LSAT Tutoring

For personalized guidance, LSAT tutoring is an option to consider. Elevate your LSAT performance with personalized guidance from our experienced tutors. Working with our experienced tutors can help applicants identify areas for improvement and tailor their preparation accordingly.


In summary, UNT Law School stands as a compelling option for aspiring law students, marked by its commitment to affordability and quality education. The noteworthy recognition from LSAC further underscores the institution’s credibility and value in the legal education landscape.

With its competitive tuition rates and dedication to accessibility, UNT Law School positions itself as a promising choice for those seeking a well-rounded and reputable legal education experience.

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