A Comprehensive Guide Into Exploring UNLV Law School


The UNLV Law School, a.k.a. William S. Boyd School of Law, is a public Law School in Las Vegas, Nevada, established in 1998. It is distinguished by its legal education approach combining academic excellence with practical experience. The school’s Las Vegas location fuels its dynamic environment by offering unique opportunities for hands-on learning and discussion of legal issues in an urban setting. Concentrating on inclusion and diversity, UNLV Law offers a friendly environment where students of diverse backgrounds can flourish and work in concert.

With UNLV Law School, you have a chance to access a school of practitioners and scholars prepared to counsel and mentor you through your legal education. The school’s focus on practical skills training prepares you to flourish in an evolving legal environment. With a reputation for high standards and excellence, UNLV Law attracts top talent and is still a premier law school. From rankings and stats to tuition fees and the admission process, we’ll take you inside UNLV Law School.

Two students standing in front of the Thomas & Mack Moot Court Facility at William S. Boyd School of Law.-UNLV Law School

UNLV Law School Ranking

Rankings for any law school, such as the UNLV Law School ranking, are essential to your application since they provide you with insight into the school’s reputation and quality of education. A top law school will boost your career since it tells potential employers you received a stellar legal education. Moreover, a top law school typically gives you a big alumni network and top jobs. It also reflects the law school’s expertise, strength, and in general academic excellence, which means you can feel positive about the education you will get and the skills you will acquire.

USNW Best Law Schools #89
Part-time Law #8
Business/Corporate Law #66
Clinical Training #34
Constitutional Law #65
Contracts/Commercial Law #45
Criminal Law #50
Dispute Resolution #9
Environmental Law #80
Health Care Law #41
Intellectual Property Law #60
International Law #90
Legal Writing  #2
Tax Law #46
Trial Advocacy  #108

Boyd School of Law’s Diverse Academic Programs

With UNLV’s Boyd School of Law, the path to the legal profession is laid out with educational programs for aspiring law students. Whether you pursue a conventional J.D., pursue specialized knowledge through Dual Degree Programs, or pursue Gaming Law with an LL.M., UNLV’s Boyd Law School has pathways for your legal journey.

1. J.D. Programs

UNLV Law’s J.D. program offers a foundation in law that gives you legal knowledge and skills. Through practical experiences and coursework, you’ll develop critical thinking, legal advocacy, and writing skills for success in different legal areas. A J.D. from UNLV Law can result in private practice, business counsel, federal departments, or nonprofit organizations.

2. Dual Degree Programs

UNLV Law provides Dual Degree Programs in legal studies with minors in business, public administration, or social work. Such programs permit students to focus on areas where law intersects with other areas. Students of Dual Degree Programs are ready for professions requiring interdisciplinary awareness such as healthcare law, environmental law, or intellectual property law.

3. LL.M. in Gaming Law

For people keen on Gaming Law, UNLV Law provides an LL.M. in Gaming Law. This program examines regulatory frameworks, compliance problems, and emerging trends in gaming. Graduates of the LL.M. in Gaming Law degree are wanted for roles in gaming corporations, regulators, and law firms specialized in Gaming Law and international organizations dealing with gaming policy.

UNLV Law School is known for offering programs individualized to your legal interests. Whether you obtain a J.D., take advantage of Dual Degree Programs, or even concentrate on Gaming Law with the LL.M. program, you are ready for a productive legal career in most sectors. With UNLV Law, your path to becoming a versatile legal professional starts here.

The UNLV Law School Numbers

Paying attention to crucial law school numbers is essential when applying to places like UNLV Law School. These figures reveal the way the law school you’re considering offers quality education, opportunities, and competitiveness. It’s important to check out figures like bar passage rates, LSAT scores, acceptance rates, along median GPA to see what you have to attain to enhance your odds of admission. Knowing these numbers lets you tailor your application to the expectations and strengths of UNLV Law School to boost your approval rate.

Median UNLV Law School LSAT Score 160
Median GPA Required at UNLV Law 3.74
UNLV Law School Acceptance Rate 35.40
Current UNLV Law School Ranking No. 89 in the US Best Law Schools
2023 UNLV Law School Admissions 124 out of 886 applications
Annual UNLV Law School Tuition $42,578 to $71,268
UNLV Law School Bar Passage Rate 74%

The William S. Boyd Hall at the UNLV Law School.

UNLV Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition ranges from USD 42,578 to USD 71,268 yearly based on residency status and other aspects at UNLV Law School. However, the price shouldn’t discourage you from obtaining your legal education. There are financial aid options to relieve the burden. For instance, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Scholarship provides Native American students studying law. This law school scholarship gives legal aid and a sense of community to others in the legal profession. Additionally, there are law school loans for students to cover tuition and other legal expenses.

Utilizing these financial aid choices allows you to concentrate on your studies rather than your financial strain. This support can offer you opportunities and resources to succeed in your legal profession. Whether through scholarships such as the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians or loans geared toward law students, financial aid can make legal education more accessible and help you get a job in law.

Crucial UNLV Law School Admission Requirements

A strong application is the key that will get into UNLV Law School or any law school you would like. Meeting all requirements and submitting on time increases your chance of acceptance. To navigate the admissions process to UNLV law school or any law school requires attention to detail and preparation. Completing all these steps, like writing a personal statement, producing a resume, getting letters of recommendation, dealing with a weakness with an addendum, and completing the application deadline, boosts your application and positions you as a competitive applicant.

1. Make a Stellar Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement explains your experiences, abilities, and motives for being a lawyer. Craft a narrative that highlights your strengths and your dedication to the law. Like many, UNLV Law School seeks applicants with compelling reasons for choosing Law and possible contributions to the legal community.

2. Create an Impressive Resume

Your law school resume has to consist of your educational record, job experience, and extracurricular activities along with other skills or certifications. This document gives admissions committees a sense of your abilities and achievements. Customize your resume to reflect your interest in and fit for studying law at UNLV.

3. Get Strong Letters of Recommendation

Pick recommenders who speak to your academic skills, work ethic, and character. The best recommenders are professors, employers, or mentors who know you effectively and may provide you with candid comments about your capabilities. These law school letters of recommendation provide a third-party view of your qualifications and can bolster your application.

4. Create a Sincere Addendum

In case there are inconsistencies or weaknesses in your application (low GPA or LSAT score), submit a law school addendum. Use this additional essay to offer context, explanations, or updates concerning any concerns the admissions committee might have. A written addendum shows maturity, accountability, and a proactive response to challenges.

5. Adhere to the Law School Application Timeline

A strong application is important to getting into UNLV Law School or any law school. Following deadlines and meeting all requirements increases your chances of acceptance. With the UNLV Law School application deadline of March 15, preparation is vital. Watch the deadlines and criteria for UNLV Law and other institutions you’re applying to carefully. Missing deadlines or even sending in incomplete applications can truly damage your chances. Planning, following a law school application timeline, being organized, and making time for assembling requirements, writing essays, and obtaining suggestions are important.

5 Essential LSAT Prep Methods for Success

The LSAT is a crucial step to law school, and a high LSAT score can impact your acceptance to prestigious schools like UNLV Law. The LSAT proves your readiness for legal education and the basis for your academic and professional success in the legal arena. With Odyssey Test prep, your LSAT prep game is on stage to get you a high LSAT score in the law school of your choice.

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  • Admissions Roadmap

With Odyssey Test Prep, you receive an Admissions Roadmap crafted for the law school admissions process. This roadmap offers insight and methods to enhance your chances of admission to your dream law school. Follow this customized guidance to prepare for the admissions process with a strategic mindset.

  • LSAT Prep Course

Prepare for success at UNLV Law School with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Enhance your pathway to admission with our targeted LSAT Prep Courses, strategically located in key cities across the United States. Our expert instructors and comprehensive curriculum are finely tuned to bolster your logical reasoning and analytical skills—key elements for securing a coveted spot at UNLV Law School. This course prepares you for every section of the LSAT by providing you with the capabilities and methods to answer all questions sort confidently. With our assistance, you will be prepared for the LSAT and your desired score.

  • LSAT Tutoring

Ace the LSAT and stand out in your law school application with personalized tutoring. With individualized LSAT tutoring by Odyssey Test Prep, you receive personalized assistance addressing your unique weaknesses and strengths. Experienced tutors offer one-on-one guidance so you can work on certain areas or your entire overall performance. This focused approach may produce big score improvements and also enable you to reach your LSAT goals.

  • Law School Admissions Consulting

Navigate UNLV Law School’s admissions process with expert guidance, securing your spot in a community dedicated to your success. Seek assistance from Odyssey Test Prep’s Law School Admissions Consulting service. Get help composing a killer application that increases your odds of getting into your ideal law school.


Key facts about UNLV Law School are crucial as you pursue your legal ambitions. Its rankings, key numbers, and meeting criteria may assist with your law school admission application. It is as important as taking good LSAT Prep steps and partnering with resources like Odyssey Test Prep and also the LSAC that will help you along the way. By actively studying, getting ready with expert guidance, and also learning key facts about UNLV Law, you put yourself on a path to fulfill admission requirements and beyond. 

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You can overcome the LSAT and the admissions procedure with preparation and determination, making your dreams in law a reality.

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