How To Get Into University Of San Diego School Of Law


Considering a career in law? University of San Diego School of Law curriculum offers a balanced blend of theory and practical application to equip you for success in the legal field. Choose the University of San Diego School of Law (USD Law School) and be part of the upcoming generation of legal experts.

This guide provides an extensive overview of key elements—from San Diego Law School acceptance rate to tuition costs—that prospective students should consider. Read further to understand better this esteemed law school and what it can offer you.

About the University of San Diego School of Law

The University of San Diego Law School is uniquely situated at the intersection of academic excellence and social responsibility, set against the backdrop of one of America’s most beautiful campuses. Inspired by faith and rooted in contemporary Catholic values, the institution aims to cultivate innovative, confident, and original thinkers. These thinkers are prepared to address pressing global challenges, a mission made more impactful by the university’s location in San Diego—a global city marked by diversity and its proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border. This location offers students and faculty unique chances to apply legal theory, enhancing their academic and practical understanding of the law.

The school is committed to creating a compassionate culture and offers small class sizes with individual attention. The student body is diverse, representing 85 countries and all 50 states, providing a global perspective on legal education. Graduates benefit from personalized education, state-of-the-art resources, and study-abroad programs, preparing them for successful careers.

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Academic Opportunities At The University Of San Diego School Of Law

San Diego Law School’s top priority is providing a thorough, challenging, and ethical legal education. The school offers a customizable curriculum that caters to both newcomers and seasoned veterans in the legal field.

Programs Offered

  1. Juris Doctor (J.D.): The foundational law degree for aspiring lawyers. The institution offers both full-time and part-time class schedules.
  2. Masters of Laws (LLM): Tailored for JD or LLB graduates seeking further specialization.
  3. MS in Legal Studies: Designed for non-law professionals who would benefit from legal training.
  4. Paralegal: Prepares individuals to be effective team members under attorney supervision.

Global Learning Opportunities

USD School of Law enriches its standard curriculum with global study opportunities. With programs in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, students can gain international experience while continuing their legal education. These study abroad programs are fully integrated with the school’s existing international and comparative law courses, available in both summer and semester-long formats.

Hands-On Legal Experience

The institution strongly advocates for hands-on, practical experience achieved through various clinics and field placement programs. These initiatives allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world legal environments, enhancing their practical skills.

Advocacy And Competitive Programs

The University of San Diego School of Law offers multiple avenues for students to engage in national and international legal competitions. These advocacy programs include but are not limited to the National Mock Trial Team, Appellate Moot Court Board, Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Transactional Law Team, and Client Advocacy Team.

2023-2024  University Of San Diego School Of Law Rankings

Ranking Category
78 (tie) Best Law Schools
15 Part-time Law
36 (tie) Business/Corporate Law
106 (tie) Clinical Training
21 (tie) Constitutional Law
47 (tie) Contracts/Commercial Law
30 (tie) Criminal Law
71 (tie) Environmental Law
52 (tie) Health Care Law
22 (tie) Intellectual Property Law
58 (tie) International Law
18 (tie) Tax Law
47 (tie) Trial Advocacy

The University of San Diego School of Law has earned noteworthy national and specialized rankings distinctions. Specifically, the school is tied to the No. 78 position in Best Law Schools. Additionally, it is ranked No. 15 for Part-time Law programs. The USD Law School ranking testifies its commitment to academic excellence based on quality criteria and a flexible approach to catering to diverse students’ needs. 

USD Law School Acceptance Rate

The University of San Diego Law School acceptance rate of 34.5% indicates a competitive admissions landscape, highlighting the institution’s commitment to academic excellence. For prospective students, this figure emphasizes the need for a robust application, including strong academic credentials and LSAT scores. 

GPA and LSAT Score To Get Into USD School Of Law

Percentile GPA LSAT
25th 3.45 157
75th 3.86 163
Median 3.74 161

If you’re setting your sights on the USD School of Law, you’ll want to aim for the median GPA and LSAT scores or higher to stand a good chance of admission. Specifically, the median Law School GPA for entrants is 3.74, while the median USD Law School LSAT score is 161. 

Falling within or above these median figures could set you up for a successful application. These numbers are crucial indicators of your academic readiness and legal aptitude, so aim high to make your application stand out.

Do The University Of San Diego School Of Law Accept GRE Scores?

Yes, the school accepts GRE scores. When applying to USD Law School, you can submit either LSAT or GRE scores. If you choose the GRE, include all scores from the past five years. The last GRE score accepted is from the June exam, with no exceptions. To register for the GRE, head to the ETS website.

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Cost of Attending USD School Of Law

Here’s the full breakdown of the J.D. tuition and fees:

Full-Time Part-Time
Tuition $60,380 $44,630
Fees $481 $461
Books & Supplies $1,938 $1,486
Housing $14,461 14,461
Food $6,020 $6,020
Transportation $3,100 $3,100
Personal/Misc. $4,320 $4,320
TOTAL $90,700 $74,478

How much does law school cost? It’s a crucial question for anyone considering this educational path. At USD School of Law, the tuition and other expenses for a full-time JD program amount to approximately $90,700. For part-time students, the USD Law School tuition and related costs come to around $74,478. Knowing the total cost in advance helps manage finances and reduces stress during studies.

Financial Assistance

Financial aid at USD School of Law aims to help students who can’t cover the costs independently. Various educational aid forms are available, such as scholarships, loans, and work-study jobs.

The school offers merit and need-based scholarships to help reduce the cost of your legal education. The school offers a robust financial aid program featuring over 350 scholarships and grants to support students with academic potential or financial need. Moreover, some of these awards are made possible by named donors, adding more community support to your educational experience.

USD Application Requirements And Deadlines

Understanding law school requirements is crucial for a smooth application process. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you meet the University of San Diego Law School application deadline.

Law School Requirements For USD School Of Law

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Must have from an approved college or university.
  • Test Scores: Valid LSAT or GRE General Test score (under five years old).
  • Complete Application: Includes CAS Report provided by LSAC.
  • Registration: All applicants must register with LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS).
  • Personal Statement: Required and must be sent through CAS.
  • Official Transcripts: Sent directly through CAS.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Sent directly through CAS.
  • Law School Resume: Current resume or list of employers required.

USD Law School Application Deadline

  • Regular Admission
    • Starts: Mid-September to Early October
    • Priority Deadline: February 1
    • Final Deadline: June 1
  • Early Admission
    • Deadline: December 1 (all requirements must be in)

How To Craft A Standout Application For USD School Of Law

Crafting a standout application for the University of San Diego School of Law involves more than meeting basic law school requirements. Present a compelling narrative that highlights your strengths, ambitions, and fit for the program with these helpful tips.

1. Ace the LSAT

The LSAT score is often one of the first things admission committees look at. A high score showcases your logical and analytical skills and sets you apart in a highly competitive applicant pool. Seeking expert guidance can significantly improve your chances of hitting your target score. Various resources are available to help you excel, including LSAT Prep Courses, individual tutoring, and admissions consulting.

LSAT Prep Course

An LSAT Prep Course is designed to offer a structured, comprehensive review of all exam sections, from logical reasoning to analytical thinking and reading comprehension. These courses usually include practice exams, strategy sessions, and timely feedback on your performance. Your USD Law Dreams Begin Here! A prep course could be a good investment if you’re looking for a well-rounded approach to tackle the LSAT. 

LSAT Tutoring

If you need personalized attention or struggle with specific areas, LSAT tutoring is an ideal option. A tutor can provide one-on-one coaching, targeted exercises, and strategies tailored to your needs. This customized approach can be particularly helpful if you’re close to your goal score but need that extra push to get you there. Stand Out for USD Law with LSAT Tutoring!

Law School Admissions Consulting

Once you’ve got your LSAT score and GPA, creating an exceptional application is the next step. Admissions consulting services can offer valuable insights into crafting compelling essays, choosing the right recommenders, and preparing for interviews. Consultants can also provide a timeline and checklist to ensure you meet all deadlines and requirements, improving your chance of acceptance. Prepare with experts for the University of San Diego Law program to gain the edge you need for admission.

2. Maintain a Strong GPA

Your undergraduate GPA provides a long-term view of your academic performance, making it another critical factor in your application. Aim to maintain a strong GPA throughout your academic career and take challenging courses that demonstrate your intellectual curiosity and ability.

3. Personal Statement: Tell Your Story

The personal statement is your opportunity to show who you are beyond grades and test scores. Be genuine and focused. Highlight experiences that have shaped your desire to study law, and explain why USD School of Law is the right place for you.

4. Be Mindful of Deadlines

Know the USD Law School application deadline and plan accordingly. The school has early admission and regular admission deadlines. Early application submission might show your desire and dedication.

5. Secure Impressive Recommendations

A strong letter of recommendation can offer admissions a different perspective on your qualifications. Approach professors, mentors, or employers who can speak specifically about your skills, character, and suitability for law school.

6. Showcase Your Experience in Your Law School Resume

When crafting your law school resume, showcase your academic accomplishments, work history, internships, and extracurricular involvement. Ensure it’s consistent with the other aspects of your application to present a unified image of yourself.

7. Financial Readiness

USD Law School tuition is a significant investment. Show that you are financially prepared by researching scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options. This can demonstrate your seriousness about attending law school and your resourcefulness in planning for it.

8. Conduct a Final Review

Before hitting ‘submit,’ double-check all application components. Ensure you’ve answered all questions, followed all guidelines, and proofread for errors. A well-polished application is a testament to your attention to detail.


When securing a spot at the University of San Diego School of Law, the journey is more than just grades and deadlines; it’s about meticulous preparation and informed decisions. With its competitive acceptance rate and focus on rankings, knowing the ins and outs of the admissions process is essential. This includes understanding the cost, meeting the law school requirements, and, most importantly, acing the LSAT. 

Seeking expert guidance like an LSAT Tutor can help you aim for a score that elevates your application. To get personalized advice on navigating this challenging but rewarding path, consider our LSAT Free Consultation. With the right guidance, you can make your law school dream a reality.

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