Choosing the Right Law School: University of Florida Law School Ranking Unveiled


Established in 1909 in Gainesville, Florida, the University of Florida Law School is well-respected for its outstanding legal education. With a focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the school promotes diversity and inclusion, creating a supportive community for a comprehensive education. Graduates go on to succeed in private practice, public service, and corporate law, making UF Law a distinguished choice for those pursuing a successful legal career.

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University of Florida Law School Reputation and Rankings

The University of Florida Law School boasts a prestigious reputation, earning recognition as one of the nation’s top law schools, holding a commendable ranking at No. 22. Ranked No. 1 of the top law schools in Florida, its esteemed position is grounded in a strong academic legacy and a steadfast dedication to excellence, evident in its national law school rankings. Beyond rankings, the school is celebrated for nurturing a diverse and inclusive community, emphasizing its commitment to providing a supportive environment for students from various backgrounds. This positive reputation extends to the notable achievements of its alumni in private practice, public service, and corporate law, further solidifying the University of Florida Law School’s esteemed status in the legal community.

University of Florida Law School Rankings

Explore the academic standing of the University of Florida Law School through the following table, showcasing its consistent ranking among the nation’s top law schools. Delve into the institution’s prestigious position, reflecting its academic excellence and notable achievements in legal education.

Best Law Schools by US News #22
Business/Corporate Law #25
Clinical Training #69
Constitutional Law #29
Contracts/Commercial Law #38
Criminal Law #45
Dispute Resolution #18
Environmental Law #19
Health Care Law #46
Intellectual Property Law #67
International Law #58
Legal Writing #68
Tax Law #2
Trial Advocacy #59

Academic Programs at the University of Florida Law School

Explore a variety of academic programs at the Univ. of Florida Law School, designed for aspiring legal professionals. From the fundamental Juris Doctor program to specialized options like LL.M. and S.J.D. in Taxation, the school provides majors for law school with a well-rounded legal education consistent with its esteemed reputation.

Juris Doctor (JD) 

The Juris Doctor program at the University of Florida Law School is a cornerstone of top-tier legal education, showcasing the institution’s dedication to cultivating excellent legal professionals. Boasting a distinguished reputation reflected in the high UF Law School ranking, the JD program provides a comprehensive foundation in law, preparing students for diverse legal careers.

LL.M. in Taxation 

Boosting the University of Florida Law School’s options is the LL.M. in Taxation, a specialized program exploring the nuances of tax law. Tailored for legal minds aiming for expertise in this field, the program blends academic rigor with practical insights, preparing graduates for success in the dynamic world of tax law.

LL.M. in International Taxation 

Explore global perspectives with the LL.M. in International Taxation at the University of Florida Law School. This program equips students with insights into the international dimensions of tax law, empowering them to handle challenges in a global legal landscape.

S.J.D. in Taxation 

At the highest level of academic achievement, the S.J.D. in Taxation program embodies the University of Florida Law School’s commitment to advancing legal scholarship. This program encourages intellectual exploration and innovation and is designed for those passionate about tax law research.

Navigating the University of Florida Law School’s academic landscape isn’t just about choosing a program; it’s about shaping a future in law with a law school curriculum that stands out in majors for law school. Whether pursuing the foundational JD or specializing in tax law through the LL.M. and S.J.D. programs, students can expect a comprehensive legal education that aligns with the institution’s esteemed reputation.

The University of Florida Law School Numbers

Dive into the quantitative side of legal education with the University of Florida Law School Numbers table, providing a comprehensive snapshot of key figures that represent the institution’s academic landscape.

University of Florida Law School LSAT Median 169
University of Florida Law School GPA 3.90
UF Law School Acceptance Rate 16.90%
UF Law School Rank No. 22 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
University of Florida Law School Tuition $42,943.00 to $59,180.00

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University of Florida Law School Admissions

Entering the University of Florida Law School is an exciting goal for aspiring lawyers. With high admissions standards, the journey to becoming a Gator attorney offers both challenges and opportunities.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Law School Requirements

Before applying to the University of Florida Law School, aspiring law students should know the law school requirements. The university has high standards, requiring a median LSAT score of 169 and a median GPA of 3.90. Consider these benchmarks as your starting point for the application process.

  • Craft the Perfect Law School Personal Statement

Your Law School Personal Statement is your opportunity to shine. Beyond the numbers, the admissions committee wants to get to know the person behind the application. Take the time to articulate your passion for law, your unique experiences, and why the University of Florida is the perfect fit for your legal education. Make it personal, compelling, and genuine.

  • The Importance of Law School Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation play a pivotal role in your application. Choose recommenders who can speak to your academic prowess, work ethic, and suitability for law school. Ensure that these letters provide a well-rounded view of your character and capabilities. A strong recommendation can bolster your application and provide the committee with insights beyond your grades and test scores.

  • Aim for Excellence

Given the competitive nature of the University of Florida Law School admissions, strive for academic excellence. While the median LSAT score and GPA are indicators, surpassing these benchmarks can significantly enhance your chances. Consider enrolling in LSAT preparation courses and maintaining a stellar GPA to stand out in the applicant pool.

  • Showcasing Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Florida values diversity and inclusion. Highlight any unique perspectives, experiences, or backgrounds you bring to the table. Emphasize how your presence would contribute to the vibrant and diverse community within the law school. Be genuine in your approach, letting your authentic self shine through in your application.

  • Start Early and Stay Organized

Successful applicants understand the importance of time management and organization. Begin your preparations well in advance, ensuring that all required documents, including transcripts and letters of recommendation, are ready to submit by the deadline. Procrastination can be a barrier; staying ahead of the game demonstrates commitment and responsibility.

  • Connect with the Law School Community

Get involved with the University of Florida Law School community to show your genuine interest. Attend info sessions, connect with students or alumni, and join events that demonstrate your commitment. This not only personalizes your application but also deepens your understanding of what sets the University of Florida apart.

Aspiring law students eyeing the University of Florida Law School should approach the admissions process strategically. Beyond meeting the numerical benchmarks, crafting a compelling personal statement, securing strong letters of recommendation, and showcasing a commitment to excellence and diversity are key elements that can set your application apart in this competitive landscape.

The University of Florida Law School Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

The University of Florida Law School tuition is a crucial aspect for prospective law students to consider as they plan their legal education journey. Understanding the costs at the University of Florida Law School is key. For new students, tuition varies from $42,943.00 to $59,180.00. If you started before fall 2018, the University of Florida Law School in-state tuition is $743.31 per credit hour, totaling $22,299.30 for 30 hours. These details are crucial for both prospective and current law students.

Law School Scholarships

At the University of Florida Law School, many students receive financial aid, including Merit-Based Scholarships awarded by the Law School Admissions Office. Admitted students are automatically considered, and an interview may precede law school scholarship offers. For need-based assistance, submission of the 2023/2024 FAFSA is required, with the application available from October 1, 2022. The school’s FAFSA code is 001535, and early submission is advised to enhance opportunities for financial support.

Law School Loans

UF Law advises applying for FAFSA before acceptance. The Federal Direct Stafford Loan allows borrowing up to $20,500 per year, and the Graduate PLUS Loan offers additional funds up to the Cost of Attendance, minus other aid received pending approval. These law school loans offer crucial financial support for students navigating the costs of legal education at the University of Florida Law School.

Foundational Steps in LSAT Preparation for the University of Florida Law School

A high LSAT score is crucial for admission, signaling a candidate’s legal studies aptitude and influencing the decision process. It increases chances of entry to UF Law, unlocking opportunities and scholarships for a successful legal education and career. This guide helps prospective students navigate LSAT preparation for admission success.

Personalized Guidance with LSAT Free Consultation

Take advantage of UF Law’s commitment to your success by exploring LSAT Free Consultation services. Get personalized advice on your LSAT journey, understanding how tailored strategies can elevate your application.

Master the LSAT with a Tailored Prep Course

Elevate your LSAT game with a comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Gain a competitive edge in your LSAT preparation tailored to the standards of the University of Florida Law School with our LSAT Prep Course. Uncover the secrets to tackling the exam, knowing that a well-prepared score can significantly boost your chances of joining the UF Law community.

One-on-One Support with LSAT Tutoring

Harness the power of individualized LSAT Tutoring to target your specific needs. Understand how honing your skills through personalized attention can make a difference in your UF Law School application. With the help of our professional tutors, you can master the LSAT with great confidence.

Strategic Application with Law School Admissions Consulting

Navigate the admissions process seamlessly with Law School Admissions Consulting. Learn how expert guidance can help you present the best version of yourself, aligning your strengths with UF Law’s expectations. Secure your spot at your dream law school with the help of our expert law school consultants. 


In conclusion, the University of Florida Law School’s impressive rankings, recognized by authoritative bodies such as LSAC, affirm its standing as a top-tier institution in legal education. These rankings reflect the school’s dedication to providing a high-quality academic experience, innovative programs, and a vibrant learning environment.

As prospective students consider their legal education options, the consistently strong rankings of UF Law underscore its commitment to excellence and its reputation as a leading choice in the legal education landscape.

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