University of Florida Law School Acceptance Rate: Boosting Your Admission Chances


The UF Levin Law School is ranked among the top 25 law schools in the US. The school is directed by a team of full-time teachers noted for their global competence, with a strong emphasis on creating a professional and varied learning environment. It provides a wide range of academic programs to ensure that students receive a comprehensive legal education. 

The institution also has a helpful global alumni network that helps with mentoring, career possibilities, and developing collaboration among graduates. This article seeks to provide you with a thorough picture of the University of Florida Law School acceptance rate, program offerings, and UF law school requirements.

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Overview of the University of Florida Law School

The UF Levin Law School, also known as UF Law, is the law school of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. It is recognized as the oldest operating public law school in Florida. Its excellent faculty of educators and legal academics has helped it become a leading legal education institution. They are experts in contemporary and historical legal issues due to their significant research and practical experience. UF Levin Law School is known for its academic rigor and practical experience, making it a leading legal scholarship and teaching institution.

UF Levin Law School’s externships and legal clinics set it apart. The Fredric G. Levin College of Law Clinics and Field Placements gives students real-world legal experience under professor supervision. These programs combine top-notch academics with legal advice, advocacy, and mediation abilities. Students can also get practical experience at government agencies, judicial offices, non-profits, and corporations across Florida and the US through the school’s Externship Program. The UF Law Pro Bono Program supplements these practical experiences. Promoting professional and ethical responsibility in students is central to the school’s aim. 

The University of Florida Law School acceptance rate has become more stringent. The notable decrease in admissions criteria from 61.8% in 2015 to 17% in 2023 indicates increased competition and elevated expectations for potential students. Applicants must take this tendency into account when assessing their prospects of being admitted.

University Of Florida Law School Acceptance Rate Trends

Year Percentage
2023 17%
2022 16.9%
2021 17.4%
2020 19.8%
2019 20.7%
2018 27.9%
2017 30.7%
2016 35.6%
2015 61.8%
2014 61.3%
2013 50.4%
2012 33.4%
2011 28.9%

The University of Florida Law School acceptance rate has become more stringent. The downward trend in percentages from 2011 to 2023 could be reflective of various factors impacting Florida law school admissions. This pattern suggests a growing competitiveness and a possible shift in the school’s admissions policy towards a more stringent selection process. 

The decrease, especially notable from 61.8% in 2015 to 17% in 2023, implies an increasing emphasis on higher qualifications and perhaps a more robust applicant pool. This information is crucial for potential applicants to understand the evolving landscape of law school admissions in Florida, highlighting the need for stronger applications to meet the rising standards.

Factors Influencing Acceptance at UF Law

The University of Florida Levin College of Law’s admissions process extends beyond just academic metrics. The school values vision, creativity, and a deep commitment to the legal profession. This approach is essential given the competitive nature of the University of Florida law school acceptance rate.

When assessing candidates, the school considers various factors, including academic records, LSAT scores, academic honors, and professional integrity. Importantly, they also weigh achievements in community service and leadership roles. This holistic approach guarantees the development of a diverse law school community where a range of viewpoints and experiences enhance the educational process.

2023-2024 University of Florida Law School Ranking

Rank Specialty
#22 Best Law Schools (tie)
#25 Business/Corporate Law (tie)
#69 Clinical Training (tie)
#29 Constitutional Law (tie)
#38 Contracts/Commercial Law (tie)
#45 Criminal Law (tie)
#18 Dispute Resolution (tie)
#19 Environmental Law (tie)
#46 Health Care Law (tie)
#67 Intellectual Property Law (tie)
#58 International Law (tie)
#68 Legal Writing (tie)
#2 Tax Law
#59 Trial Advocacy (tie)

The University of Florida Law School ranking indicates how demanding its academics and legal education are. The school is ranked an excellent No. 22 among the Best Law Schools in the country. A robust UF law school admission procedure ensures that only the best candidates are selected, as evidenced by the school’s excellent rating and commitment to providing a comprehensive legal education.

Beyond overall quality, Levin Law holds the #2 ranking for Tax Law on U.S. News’ influential list, making it an ideal choice for those seeking tax specialization. Its tax LL.M. program and associated centers cemented this specialty strength. With such respected faculty and resources in this critical legal area, students benefit greatly from expertise guiding their career paths.

Degree Programs

UF Law has five degrees, including the first S.J.D. in taxes in the country. The degrees range from the well-known J.D. to degrees earned after getting the J.D., so students can make their law school experience fit their needs.

  • Juris Doctor: The school offers a three-year Juris Doctor curriculum that emphasizes ethics and practice.

  • LL.M. in Taxation: Students are awarded the Master of Laws degree with a specialization in Taxation upon completion of their one-year full-time Master of Science program in Taxation.

  • LL.M. in International Taxation: The school also offers an LL.M. in International Taxation, expanding its Graduate Tax Program’s renowned offerings.

  • S.J.D. in Taxation: This program is ideal for those aspiring to teach or engage in tax law scholarship.

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University of Florida Law School Requirements

It is essential to clearly understand the requirements to apply to the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Here is a list of the requirements you must meet.

1. Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is a requirement for law school admission. Choosing the best major for law school is crucial for a strong legal foundation. Consider degrees that will improve your critical thinking and analytical skills —qualities that will be invaluable in law school. 

2. LSAT and CAS Report

Applicants must take the LSAT and register with LSAC’s CAS. Applicants must ensure their latest transcripts are on file with the CAS. A complete CAS report, including LSAT scores, writing sample, transcript information, and recommendation letters, will be requested upon application submission.

3. LSAT Writing Sample

To complete the LSAT, candidates must have a writing sample on file, either from an earlier administration or LSAT Writing. LSAT Writing opens eight days before each test administration. Candidates with a complete sample must complete LSAT Writing to see or release scores to schools.

4. Personal Statement

UF Law seeks diverse students with various backgrounds and academic skills to establish a diversified learning environment. You should submit a Personal Statement outlining your identity, interests, and motivations for enrolling in the institution for the admissions committee to evaluate these attributes. Keep it within the four-page limit.

5. Resume

A resume is essential, as it provides a complete summary of a candidate’s qualifications, education, achievements, extracurricular activities, publications, employment experience, military service, and language proficiency. Emphasizing clear time frames and detailed descriptions ensures a comprehensive assessment. Highlight any unique experiences that set you apart.

6. Letter of Recommendation

Candidates must submit one law school letter of recommendation, with up to four accepted. Recommenders evaluate the applicant’s academic performance, skills, activities, community service, and employment. Inform them about the specific aspects of your character and achievements you want them to emphasize. 

Applicants applying while enrolled or within six months of graduating should submit a letter attesting to their academic ability. Two options for submitting letters are the LSAC LOR Service, which is included with CAS registration, or directly to the college. Letters should be on letterhead and have the recommender’s contact information. 

7. Character & Fitness Documents

Be transparent in disclosing any character and fitness issues. Provide clear explanations and relevant documents to demonstrate your integrity and growth.

To not miss any admission deadlines, ensure a detailed law school application timeline is in place. This timeline should ideally start at least a year in advance, encompassing LSAT preparation, gathering documents, and drafting your personal statement and other application materials.

The University of Florida LSAT Score Percentile

The fall 2023 LSAT score percentiles for the UF Law School are 163 at the 25th, 169 at the median, and 171 at the 75th. The school admissions are tough, and these ratings reflect the excellent quality of applicants.

Making an impact on the admissions committee requires having a strong UF Law School LSAT score. It’s not necessary to receive a perfect score on the LSAT, but applying with a higher percentile improves your chances of getting into law school. A high LSAT score can lead to substantial financial prospects to fund your legal studies, as law school scholarships frequently consider this a primary criterion.

The University of Florida GPA Percentile

For Fall 2023, the GPA percentiles at the University of Florida Law School are as follows: 3.55 at the 25th percentile, 3.91 at the median, and 3.96 at the 75th percentile. Given the challenging nature of admissions, these GPA ranges show the academic excellence expected of applicants. 

Achieving a law school GPA within or above these percentiles can significantly strengthen your application profile. Maintaining a strong academic record is crucial to meeting the UF law school GPA standards for a competitive edge.

Get Into UF Levin Law School with Comprehensive LSAT Prep

The LSAT is an important part of law school applications because it allows admissions committees to fairly compare applicants based on a standardized predictor of first-year academic success. Schools rely heavily on applicants’ LSAT scores as it aim to measure essential skills essential to legal study. Therefore, thorough and structured preparation can significantly affect how you score and, ultimately, your admission outcomes. 

Achieving a high score on the LSAT is necessary, especially considering the competitive University of Florida law school acceptance rate. Odyssey Test Prep services will help you excel in the LSAT. They offer a comprehensive approach, including:

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UF Levin Law School’s strength is its comprehensive legal curriculum and distinguished faculty. When selecting one, consider how well a law school corresponds with your goals and interests. You also consider the University of Florida Law School acceptance rate because it is a key number that shows how competitive and picky the school is.

This rate should play a big role in your planning. It will help you tailor your application to the strict needs of the school and improve your chances of getting accepted.

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