Understanding What It Takes to Be Successful with the UIC Law School Ranking


Established in 1897, the UIC Law School in Chicago, Illinois, is a revered institution of legal training. Amidst city life, the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law comes with a dynamic learning environment where academics are matched with practical learning in the real world. The faculty are seasoned legal professionals who make an effort to help students achieve success in their careers and studies.

UIC Law graduates are prepared for many different legal professions. Other individuals achieve success in private practice, signing up for big law firms or even launching companies. Some others pursue careers in public interest law, improving social justice and improving their communities. Some find work in government departments while others pursue legal studies in certain areas. Generally, UIC Law prepares competent, ethical, and prosperous legal professionals for the present legal challenges.

University of Illinois Chicago John Marshal School of Law

Ranking Trends at UIC School of Law

Ranking trends at UIC Law School fluctuated in recent years. The school ranked 140 in 2020. Nevertheless, the ranking range moved to 147-193 in 2021 and 2022. The ranking improved to 159 in 2023 and 2024.

Ranking trends is crucial to your law school application. A greater ranking suggests the school is highly regarded in the legal community and could provide better online resources, professorial expertise, and social networking opportunities. Conversely, changes in rankings might reflect changes in faculty quality, student results, and resource allocation. Ranking trends alongside other variables like location, program specialties, along personal fit when applying to law schools can help you decide where to apply and attend.

University of Illinois Chicago Law School Rankings

Rankings in various legal fields are critical when applying to law schools. The rankings show the strengths and specialties of each law school, helping you determine which one best suits your job aspirations and interests. Higher rankings in some legal fields might signal higher education standards and more opportunities there, assisting you in making the correct choice and also improving your odds for a successful academic and professional career. Here are the rankings for UIC Law School.

USNW Best Law Schools #159
Part-Time Law #37
Business/Corporate Law #116
Clinical Training #78
Constitutional Law #140
Contracts/Commercial Law #95
Criminal Law #149
Environmental Law #131
Health Care Law #118
Intellectual Property Law #51
International Law #103
Legal Writing #25
Tax Law #99
Trial Advocacy #24

Methodology and Key Factors Influencing Rankings at UIC Law School

Exploring success at UIC Law School requires understanding and leveraging what drives its rankings. This listicle explores what aspiring law students must know, from academic reputation and faculty quality to bar passage rates, employment results, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. By strategically addressing these facets, applicants can boost their likelihood of admission and join the academic and professional community at UIC Law.

1. Academic Reputation

UIC’s reputation affects its academic rankings. Its research, diverse student body, and community involvement raise its global and national standing. Rankings could change because of changes in public opinion, evaluation techniques, and maintaining performance across disciplines. Still, academic excellence and contributions to various fields keep UIC in the research university image.

2. Faculty Quality

The faculty quality at UIC Law School drives its rankings. Known for their diversity and expertise, faculty members contribute experience and knowledge to the institution. Their emphasis on student achievement and academic excellence places the school as one of the nation’s and worldwide top law schools.

3. Bar Passage Rates

The 64% bar passage rate is crucial to the academic standing and reputation of UIC amongst law schools. This particular statistic affects the ranking of the school and a lower passage rate could suggest a need for improvement in curriculum and student support. Including exam rigor and student diversity is crucial. UIC’s initiatives to deal with these and enhance student success can help it preserve its reputation and ranking as a premier law school.

4. Employment Outcomes

The 41% employment rate is important to UIC’s rank and reputation. This particular figure shows how graduates are doing on the job market, and just how that ranks the school amongst peers. A lower rate suggests challenges in matching graduates with jobs or industry requirements. Nevertheless, employment outcomes are impacted by other factors as economic conditions and competitiveness in the market. UIC’s dedication to enhancing career services and industry contacts is crucial to its ranking and keeping its status as a high educational institution.

5. Diversity and Inclusion

With 60.3% females and 30.7% from ethnically or racially minoritized groups among its 987 students in 2023, UIC Law School shows they values diversity. This diverse community benefits the academic environment by offering various perspectives important for legal education. UIC’s inclusive values also help its ranking. Institutions encouraging diversity are frequently credited with creating equitable learning environments. The diverse community helps UIC Law School increase in ranking among Law schools nationwide and globally.

Concentrating on these top factors that affect rankings for UIC Law School will help you craft a balanced application that’s competitive. Make an effort for academic excellence, pursue professional development and involvement, and demonstrate your dedication to UIC Law values and objectives.

University of Illinois Chicago School of Law Stats

Numbers matter when applying to UIC Law School. Your GPA, LSAT score, and class rank can influence your application’s strength. Meeting or exceeding the average numbers for these metrics improves your odds of admission and also places you on the road to success in your legal profession. It’s important to know these numbers and make an effort to achieve them as they are going to affect your admission into UIC Law School.

UIC Law LSAT Median 152
University of Illinois Chicago Law School GPA 3.36
UIC Law School Acceptance Rate 66.40%
UIC John Marshall Law School Ranking No. 159 in Best Law Schools
University of Illinois Chicago Law School Tuition $30,604 to $42,270
University of Illinois Chicago Law School Bar Passage Rate 64%

Law students at UIC Law posing for a picture inside the classroom.

Law Degrees at UIC School of Law

1. Juris Doctor (JD)

At UIC Law School, obtaining a Juris Doctor (JD) teaches you about the Law to become a lawyer. You will learn about contracts, criminal law, and much more, making legal thinking and choices easier. When you obtain your JD, you can work in different legal tasks including a law firm or federal office or as a judge’s assistant.

2. Master of Laws (LLM)

With UIC Law School, the Master of Laws (LLM) program is open to Law students having a JD or other comparable Law degree. This program teaches you more about particular law types such as international law or taxes, and also makes you a specialist in that area. After you complete the LLM program you can get entry-level legal jobs including working for big businesses, international groups, special law firms, or universities.

3. Joint Degrees

With UIC Law School, you can do joint degrees – acquire your JD plus an additional degree at the very same time. Getting a joint degree like a JD / MBA or JD / MSW gives you special skills because you study law and other subjects. With a joint degree, you can do a lot of jobs with everything you learned in each, whether in businesses, healthcare, the environment, or assisting individuals with legal problems.

4. Part-time Law School

You can earn your law degree part-time at UIC Law with the Evening Program. This program is for working professionals or other commitments that prevent full-time attendance of classes throughout the day. With evening classes available, you can work, spend time and focus on your family, or other obligations while continuing your legal education. The law school part-time evening program has the same high-quality education and opportunities as the full-time Program but at a pace that matches your academic or career objectives.

UIC Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition fees at UIC Law School differ by out-of-state or in-state status. For the 2023-2024 academic year, in-state tuition is about USD 30,604, and out-of-state about USD 42,270 annually. But be assured that there are choices to help cover those expenses! You can apply for financial aid, including federal law school loans like the Graduate Plus Loan. These loans can cover your education along with other costs such as books and living costs so you can concentrate on your studies without worrying a lot about finances.

UIC Law School Admissions Process

Several important parts of your application to UIC Law School need special attention to present yourself effectively to the admissions committee. From writing a strong law school personal statement to obtaining letters of recommendation, every element will shape your application. We will discuss the major elements of your application and give you guidance regarding how to overcome the admissions process and enter into UIC Law.

1. Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement is crucial to UIC Law School. It’s where you tell the admissions team about yourself, why you want to study law, and what makes you unique. Write one truly good about your experiences, hobbies, and why you wish to study law at UIC. Be yourself, show why you love law, and tell them why you are going to be an excellent student.

2. Law School Letter of Recommendation

An excellent law school letter of recommendation can get you into the UIC School of Law. Ask folks who know you very well, like your bosses or professors, to write about you and what an excellent student you are. Send them letters in time so your application is done by the deadline.

3. Law School Resume

Your law school resume is your chance to prove that you know Law and have the skills for UIC Law School. Create a list of your grades, careers, and cool things you participated in. Be sure your resume reflects what UIC law is looking for and things that point out you are ready for law school and that you will fit right in the community.

4. Law School Curriculum

It’s important to know the law school curriculum at the University of Illinois Chicago Law School and make sure it matches everything you studied before. See their courses, clinics, and hands-on learning offerings. Take law classes at college, join pre-law programs or internships, and do things to show you’re prepared for law school at UIC.

5. Law School Diversity Statement

UIC Law School cares about getting different kinds of people, so your law school diversity statement lets you discuss just how you add to that mix. Think of your life, your roots, and times you have helped people who aren’t always heard. Show them exactly how those make you who you are and the reasons you want to keep it fair in the legal field.

Mastering the LSAT for UIC School of Law

The LSAT preparation is vital to your acceptance to the UIC School of Law as it is one of the most important requirements to qualify for this institution. Key strategies to ace the LSAT include making an admissions plan and also taking prep courses and one-on-one tutoring. With Odyssey Test Prep’s support, you’ll have the skills and confidence to pass the LSAT and also enter into UIC School of Law.

  • Create Your Admissions Roadmap

Start your path to UIC School of Law by building a solid admissions plan. Map out your LSAT preparation and application to match the profile you have to create a well-rounded law school application. Use tools like Odyssey Test Prep’s Admissions Roadmap for a straightforward, detailed guide to focusing on your LSAT readiness and application journey.

  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Obtain a much better LSAT score with a customized LSAT preparation course. Elevate your LSAT scores with our comprehensive prep course, tailored to help you succeed and secure your spot at UIC Law School. Make the most of stimulating lessons, practice examinations, and individualized feedback to achieve your full potential and prepare for the LSAT.

  • Benefit from LSAT Tutoring

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  • Law School Admissions Consulting

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Finally, knowing what factors impact UIC Law School rankings is critical to law school admissions. These rankings impact your application and future job in the legal profession. In addition, mastering the LSAT and achieving a high LSAT score can increase your chances of getting admitted to UIC Law School. You can join our LSAT free class to excel on the LSAT and boost your chances of gaining admission to UIC Law School.bBy making use of resources like Odyssey Test Prep and also LSAC, you get guidance and support to succeed in your LSAT preparation and law school applications.

Because of this assistance, you are prepared to experience the admissions hurdles and fight for UIC’s law school admission. Trust these resources to end up being your allies as you chase your dream in law.