The UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate and Admissions Process


Established in 1949, the UCLA Law School is a distinguished institution celebrated for its outstanding legal education and innovative research. Situated in Los Angeles, it provides an extensive and demanding curriculum that empowers students for successful pursuits in law and beyond.

This blog post will serve as your guide in learning the pivotal elements of the UCLA Law School acceptance rate and offer invaluable insights to guide you through your application journey. This article will shed light on the application process, all while considering the school’s ranking and GPA standards.

UCLA Law School LSAT Score and GPA Requirements: Setting the Standard

It’s not a surprise that GPA and LSAT scores are common Law school requirements at UCLA. When it comes to gaining admission to UCLA Law School, your academic performance during your undergraduate years plays a pivotal role. While UCLA Law School does not establish explicit GPA cutoffs, aiming for a high Law School GPA is essential to increase your chances of acceptance. Your academic achievements provide insight into your dedication to your studies and your potential to excel in the rigorous legal education that UCLA Law offers.

To give you a clearer perspective on the GPA standards that successful applicants often meet, let’s take a closer look at the class profile data for incoming J.D. students:

GPA Percentile UCLA Law School GPA
25th Percentile 3.57
Median 3.82
75th Percentile 3.92

While an explicit UCLA Law School average GPA might not be available based solely on the provided data, it’s evident that the competitive landscape requires candidates to strive for academic excellence. Aiming for a GPA above the median, which stands at 3.82, can significantly enhance your position as a competitive applicant.

UCLA LSAT Score Requirements

In tandem with your GPA, your LSAT score holds immense significance in the admissions process. While there’s no strict required LSAT score for UCLA Law, achieving a high LSAT score can undoubtedly bolster your application. The LSAT score you attain showcases your analytical and logical reasoning skills — traits that are fundamental for success in law school.

Let’s dig deeper into the LSAT score percentiles of incoming J.D. students to help you gauge the competitive landscape:

UCLA Law School LSAT Percentile UCLA Law LSAT Score
25th Percentile 166
UCLA LSAT Median 170
75th Percentile 171

While determining the exact UCLA Law School average LSAT score from this information alone can be challenging, achieving an LSAT score of 170 or higher places you in a favorable position. A score in this range demonstrates your readiness to tackle the academic demands of UCLA Law School and your dedication to your legal education journey.

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Is UCLA Actually Hard to Get Into?

UCLA School of Law acceptance rate is a topic that frequently generates curiosity and anxiety among applicants. The answer lies in the school’s impressive reputation and rigorous admissions process. 

While academic achievements like GPA and LSAT scores are important, the admissions process is holistic, considering factors like the law school resume and personal statement. Many candidates turn to Law School Admissions Consulting to refine their applications, recognizing the need for expert guidance to navigate the intricate application process. In this context, succeeding in gaining acceptance to UCLA Law involves not only academic expertise but also a well-crafted application that reflects one’s unique qualities and aspirations.

UCLA Law School Tuition

It’s important to be aware of the UCLA School of Law tuition and financial considerations. When it comes to the tuition for UCLA Law School, the full-time tuition stands at $53,910 for in-state students and $64,417 for out-of-state students.

What is UCLA’s Acceptance Rate and Factors Influencing It?

UCLA Law School maintains a competitive acceptance rate as evidenced by the Fall 2023 admission data. With a staggering 145,904 applicants, the institution admitted only 8.8% of them, highlighting its selective admissions process. This statistic underscores the stringent standards upheld by UCLA Law School and emphasizes the need for prospective applicants to strategically position themselves to stand out in a competitive applicant pool. 

Understanding UCLA Law’s acceptance rate involves learning the intricate interplay of various factors that shape the composition of its incoming classes. Here’s a breakdown of these top factors:

  • Application Volume

The sheer number of applications received significantly influences the acceptance rate. UCLA Law is a highly sought-after institution, attracting a substantial pool of candidates each year. This volume amplifies the competition for the limited spots available in the class.

  • Applicant Qualifications

The qualifications of applicants play a vital role in determining the acceptance rate. The admissions committee assesses each applicant’s academic achievements, which include GPAs and LSAT scores. While these quantitative measures matter, they’re not the sole criteria.

  • Holistic Review Process

UCLA Law employs a holistic approach to admissions, considering not only academic metrics but also the law school’s personal statement and letters of recommendation. This comprehensive evaluation allows the committee to assess candidates’ passion for law, unique experiences, and potential contributions to the legal community.

  • Community Engagement

Demonstrating a genuine interest in engaging with the UCLA Law community, whether through campus visits, virtual events, or interactions with current students and faculty, can positively influence the admissions decision

Navigating these factors requires a strategic approach. Crafting a compelling law school personal statement that reflects your motivations and unique attributes is essential. By understanding the multifaceted nature of UCLA Law’s acceptance rate and addressing each aspect thoughtfully, you can position yourself as a strong contender for a spot in the incoming class.

Application and Admissions Process at UCLA Law

Setting foot on the path to UCLA Law School is a thrilling venture that demands meticulous planning and preparation. Explore the in-depth overview below, which intricately lays out the essential steps to masterfully navigate the application process:

  • Application Availability and Deadlines

Applications for the Fall 2024 term will be accessible through the LSAC online application service starting from September 1, 2023. To qualify for admission, submit your application by the February 1, 2024 deadline. Keep in mind that distinct LSAT and GRE cut-off dates apply to different application categories, including Early Decision, the Distinguished Scholars Award, and the Achievement Fellowship.

  • Standardized Test Requirement

If you’re applying through the regular decision process, make sure to take the LSAT or GRE no later than January 31, 2024. However, for students applying under special circumstances, such as Early Decision or for specific awards, distinct deadlines apply. If you’re seeking admission through Early Decision, you must complete your LSAT or GRE by either October 31, 2023, for priority consideration, or by January 31, 2024, for regular Early Decision. Similarly, applicants for the Distinguished Scholars Award must have their LSAT or GRE completed by October 31, 2023.

  • Application Components

Your application to UCLA Law School involves several components that collectively provide a holistic view of your qualifications. These include a personal statement, a separate essay, a current résumé, two letters of recommendation submitted through the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service, and official transcripts sent directly to LSAC. 

  • Application Fee and Payment

Ensure your payment is included with your signed Certification Letter. To complete your application, a non-refundable fee of $75 is necessary. You can conveniently pay this fee through electronic means via LSAC or opt for a check, money order, or international money order made payable to the Regents of the University of California.

  • Special Programs and Scholarships

If you’re applying to specific programs such as the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy, the Early Decision Program, the Distinguished Scholars Award, or the Achievement Fellowship Program, additional materials, and agreements might be necessary. Be sure to follow the respective guidelines and deadlines outlined for each program on their website.

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How to Get Into UCLA Law School: Tips and Advice

When it comes to securing a spot at UCLA Law School, your application serves as a powerful tool to showcase your potential and uniqueness. Crafting an application that stands out amidst the competition requires careful planning, strategic preparation, and a keen understanding of what the admissions committee is looking for. Here are invaluable tips and advice to guide you on your journey:

Start Early and Strategically

Begin your application journey well in advance. Research the application deadlines and requirements, and create a timeline to manage your tasks effectively. Consider enrolling in an LSAT Prep Course or seeking LSAT Tutoring if you’re taking the LSAT. These resources can provide structured guidance to help you perform at your best.

Leverage LSAT Resources

Utilize resources like LSAT Free Consultation services which can help you understand your scores better and plan your application timeline accordingly. It can also help you find a knowledgeable LSAT Tutor who can provide personalized insights and strategies to enhance your performance.

Focus on Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement is a chance to showcase your motivations, experiences, and aspirations. Craft a compelling narrative that connects your journey to your desire to attend UCLA Law. Use this platform to demonstrate your passion for the legal field and your potential contributions to the law school community.

Optimize Letters of Recommendation

Select recommenders who know you well and can speak to your abilities and character. Share your aspirations with them, so they can provide meaningful insights in their letters. These recommendations add depth to your application and provide a well-rounded perspective of your qualifications.

Seek Professional Guidance to Get Admitted to UCLA Law School

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