Excelling in Faith-based Legal Education at Regent Law School


Established in 1986 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Regent Law School combines faith-based values with academic education. Led by a faculty of seasoned lawyers, the school provides students with legal knowledge in addition to ethical principles needed for legal achievement. Regent Law graduates are noted for their competence and integrity and commonly practice in areas of corporate law, public interest law, and government service. The school’s rigorous academic and ethical standards prepare graduates to tackle the difficulties of the legal field and serve society.

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Regent University School of Law Stats

The statistics at Regent University School of Law reflect the school’s dedication to excellence. Regent Law admits only the most committed and competent aspiring Law students through an application process. The high bar for admission reflects the school’s focus on creating top legal talent. By establishing ambitious goals and maintaining high standards, Regent Law prepares its students to succeed in their legal careers.

Regent Law School LSAT Median 157
Regent University Law School Median GPA 3.63
Regent Law School Ranking No. 125 in the US
Regent University School of Law Acceptance Rate 41.30%
Regent Law School Tuition $38,850 to $72,114
Regent University Law Bar Pass Rate 77%

5 Law Programs at Regent Law School: Choosing the Right Path for Your Legal Career

Picking out the right law program is essential to your legal journey. At Regent Law School, each program provides advantages tailored to certain areas of the Law enabling you to succeed in various capacities. Whether or not your ambition is to become a practicing lawyer, get a specialty in a particular legal domain, or get a handle on the Law without actually practicing, Regent Law School has programs and law school curricula that suit your requirements and job objectives.

1. Juris Doctor (J.D.)

This program at Regent Law School offers you the skills and knowledge to practice law effectively. Through a solid curriculum and hands-on learning, you will build critical thinking, analytical thought, and advocacy skills for the legal field. The best quality is its approach to legal education which prepares you for several careers in different practice areas.

2. Master of Arts in Law (M.A. in Law)

For non-lawyers keen on knowing their area from a legal standpoint, the M.A. in Law provides a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum. You’ll study pertinent legal principles for your profession and be able to resolve legal problems confidently. The great part is it enables you to develop like a lawyer without truly becoming one, which is perfect for professionals in the fields of business, medicine, or maybe an additional area.

3. Master of Laws (LL.M.)

This program is for practicing lawyers interested in specializing in a specific field of law. Concentrating on areas like American Legal Studies or Human Rights can expand your knowledge and career. This program is a customized one where you can customize your studies to suit your professional needs and interests.

4. LL.M. in American Legal Studies

Tailored for international students, the LL.M. in American Legal Studies emphasizes U.S. Law along with legal techniques. Whether online or in-person, it provides experiential learning and broad coursework to get you acquainted with cross-cultural legal skills and the American legal system. A distinctive component of the program is it prepares you to navigate the complexities of U.S. law, possibly getting a job in American law firms, multinational businesses, or international organizations. Furthermore, as an online student, you can complete this as a 2-year law school program, or the traditional three years according to your requirements and objectives.

5. LL.M. in Human Rights

For lawyers committed to human rights and social justice, the LL.M. in Human Rights program offers instruction and knowledge in this crucial area of law. You’ll study global human rights law, humanitarian law, or any other related fields and tackle pressing global problems. The best quality of the program is it prepares you to become a change agent in society by pursuing a legal profession.

Selecting the right Law program at Regent Law School can impact your legal journey and career path. Whether you wish to be a practicing lawyer, a professional in a particular area, or simply gain legal knowledge in a non-practicing capacity, each program gives customized benefits. Picking out the best program will enable you to develop a fulfilling legal career.

Regent University Law School Ranking

Rankings will help you make a wise choice regarding the law school. They gauge the standing and functionality of a law school in various legal fields. Regent Law School rankings by subject, like Human Rights Law or American Legal Studies, reveal where they excel in specific areas of law. These rankings will help you make an educated choice regarding which law school best suits your career goals and interests.

USNW Best Law Schools #125
Business/Corporate Law #186
Clinical Training #167
Constitutional Law #187
Contracts/Commercial Law #186
Criminal Law #186
Environmental Law #172
Health Care Law #184
Intellectual Property Law #193
International Law #170
Tax Law #177
Trial Advocacy #96

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Regent Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

For many law students like you, the yearly tuition fee is a huge payoff at Regent Law School, which costs $38,850 to $72,114. However, the school provides financial assistance to cover the cost. One example is the Regent Law Scholar Award, a merit-based law school scholarship provided for exceptional academic achievement and potential. This scholarship offers financial support and also demonstrates your dedication and ability in legal studies.

Regent Law School also provides law school loans via the Federal Student Loan Program to students enrolled. These loans assist with tuition, fees, along other educational costs. Use these financial aid options to continue your legal education without feeling financially hampered.

The candidates for the Regent Law Scholar Award must show academic and leadership abilities and a desire to help others. Similarly, to have Federal Student Loans you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and also prove specific monetary qualifications. Fulfilling these requirements and utilizing available financial aid means you can concentrate on your profession and studies and not on money.

Crucial Requirements to Get Into Regent Law

The key admission requirements for law school are crucial to a successful application and acceptance. These requirements are standard at many law schools and will heavily shape your application. Concentrating on these and presenting a well-prepared application can help you meet the key admission requirements for law school and position yourself as an attractive applicant for admissions. Each requirement is a chance to showcase your strengths, readiness, and experiences for legal studies, and the result of your application.

1. Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement explains your character, experiences, and goals. Writing an original narrative about your attributes and motives can differentiate you from other applicants and demonstrate your fit for legal study.

2. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Strong law school letters of recommendation reflect your academic, work ethic, and character from respected individuals. Acquiring recommendations from professors, employers, or mentors who can attest to your capabilities along potential can help your application.

3. Law School Resume

Your law school resume states your educational background, extracurricular activities, job knowledge, and capabilities. A structured, detail-oriented resume demonstrates your qualifications and spotlights the experience that law school admissions committees require.

4. Law School Addendum

You might be required to provide a law school addendum to fix some flaws or discrepancies within your application – for instance, a big gap in your education or a reduced GPA. A concise explanation and proof of improvement or growth over time can mitigate concerns and increase your chances.

5. Law School Diversity Statement

A law school diversity statement expresses your specific perspectives, contributions, and experiences to an inclusive and diverse educational environment. By describing the way your background, identity, or experiences enrich the law school community, you can present your worth and boost the range of viewpoints in the student body.

Must-Take LSAT Prep Steps for Regent Law School

A good LSAT score is needed for many law school admissions, including Regent University Law School. This standardized test evaluates critical skills in legal disciplines like logical thinking and analytical reasoning. A competitive LSAT score boosts your admission chances and could be your first step to getting a legal education. For assistance in achieving your goals, consider working with Odyssey Test Prep. Because of the expertise and proven strategies, you can ace the LSAT and also get positioned for success in your legal education journey.

  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Ace the LSAT and secure your spot at Regents Law School with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Taking part in an LSAT prep course provided by Odyssey Test Prep can offer structured study materials, practice examinations, along expert advice on exam format and content.

  • Seek LSAT Tutoring

Get personalized LSAT Tutoring to maximize your scores and stand out in your law school application. Working one-on-one with an LSAT tutor offers you personalized training based on your learning style and areas for improvement. Our tutors can spot weaknesses, give practice targets, and also suggest ways to enhance test day. 

  • Practice Consistently

Spend regular time practicing LSAT questions and simulations to get at ease with the exam format. Practice under timed conditions to improve speed and accuracy, mimicking the pressures of the actual test environment.

  • Utilize Resources

Use LSAT prep books, internet resources, along practice tests as study aids. These resources consist of additional practice questions, explanations, and methods to help you reinforce your confidence and understanding.

  • Consider Law School Admissions Consulting

For assistance beyond LSAT preparation, consult a law school admissions advisor. Our expert professionals can shed light on admissions, craft a good application, and boost your odds of acceptance. Receive expert guidance and support through our Law School Admissions Consulting service, ensuring your application to Regents Law School shines.


Finally, Regent Law School is an excellent law school that teaches Christian concepts. By studying law at Regent, you get a great base in law and you receive a welcoming community that values faith-based values. A broad application and a solid LSAT score can land you various paths into the legal world. Using resources like Odyssey Test Prep for LSAT preparation and LSAC for application assistance can give you the tools and guidance to pursue your legal dreams. 

With determination, resources, and dedication you can make a difference in the legal profession by implementing Christian principles and legal knowledge.

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