Pace Law School Admission Guide: Requirements and Stats


Pace Law School is a leading institution for legal education located in White Plains, New York. Known for its programs in environmental and international law, Pace has built a strong reputation over nearly 50 years. The school is also home to clinics that allow students to gain hands-on legal experience.

If you are looking for a school that has renowned programs and real-world experience, Pace Law School is for you. This article will discuss the Pace Law School ranking, its admission statistics, requirements, and tips for securing successful admission.

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About Pace Law School

Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law offers an enriching law school curriculum designed to prepare students for the realities of legal practice. The curriculum spans a variety of legal fields with 13 areas of study, each designed to deepen knowledge and hone practical skills. Students can engage directly with the legal system through meticulously structured clinics, externships, and simulation courses that mirror real-world legal work. 

The law school is strategically located near a wealth of legal resources, including courthouses and leading law firms, enhancing the educational experience with opportunities to engage with the law in a dynamic setting. Since opening its doors in 1976, Elizabeth Hub School of Law has developed a robust global alumni network and a reputation for academic rigor and professional preparation. 

The school includes flexible scheduling for both full-time and part-time Juris Doctor degrees, along with specialized Master of Laws and Doctor of Laws programs. Students are not only part of the illustrious history of Pace University but also contribute to its ongoing legacy by participating in internationally recognized moot court competitions and utilizing the comprehensive resources of the Albert H. Kritzer CISG Database.

Academic Programs at Pace University Law School

Should I go to law school? Your decision should be based on whether it matches your career goals and whether the institution offers programs that are relevant to your interests. Pace University Law School caters to a diverse array of legal interests and career aspirations through its robust academic programs.

Juris Doctor Program (JD)

Haub Law’s Juris Doctor program has full-time and part-time day options. It prepares students to become lawyers by teaching academic, procedural, and lawyering skills. JD candidates can also earn Advanced Certificates in Environmental, International Law, or Health Law and Policy.

Dual Degree Program

Pace Law School’s joint degree programs offer an efficient route to gain comprehensive legal knowledge alongside another advanced degree. These programs are structured to save time, allowing full-time students to complete their studies in four years, while part-time students can finish in around six years. Candidates interested in this integrated educational approach must seek admission to both the law school and the partner institution of the respective joint degree program they are interested in.

  • JD/LLM in Environmental Law
  • JD/Master of Environmental Management with Yale School of the Environment
  • JD/MBA with Pace University Lubin School of Business
  • JD/MPA with Pace University Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Public Administration
  • JD/MS in Environmental Policy with Bard College – Center for Environmental Policy)JD/BA or JD/BS with Pace University Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
  • BBA/JD with Pace University Lubin School of Business
  • BA/JD with John Jay College
  • BA/JD with The College of Saint Rose
  • BA/JD or BS/JD with New Jersey Institute of Technology

Note: Certain joint degree programs like BA/JD or BS/JD are not available to those already enrolled solely in the JD program at Haub Law.

Master of Laws Program (LLM)

The Pace University School of Law offers top Master of Laws (LLM) programs in environmental law and comparative legal studies. Students can pick specializations within these programs based on their interests and goals.

  1. LLM in Environmental Law: This program is highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Students learn about climate change law, environmental justice, and energy policy. The program also provides opportunities to conduct in-depth research alongside faculty members who are leaders in the environmental law field.

  2. LLM in Comparative Legal Studies: This program is ideal for internationally-trained lawyers seeking an in-depth understanding of the US legal system, with optional specializations like International Business Law.

Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)

For those aiming to contribute to legal academia, the prestigious SJD program in Environmental Law offers an opportunity to pursue original research and scholarship under the guidance of expert faculty, culminating in a doctoral dissertation that contributes new insights to the field of environmental law.

2023-2024 Pace Law School Ranking

Rank Category
131 Best Law Schools
51 Part-time Law
116 Business/Corporate Law
106 Clinical Training
131 Constitutional Law
144 Contracts/Commercial Law
94 Criminal Law
1 Environmental Law
94 Health Care Law
130 Intellectual Property Law
103 International Law
74 Tax Law
24 Trial Advocacy

In the most recent U.S. News & World Report rankings, Pace Law School ranking is No. 131 in the list of Best Law Schools. Specifically, within part-time law programs, Pace Law achieved a ranking of No. 51. This demonstrates the strength of the school’s scheduling flexibility and commitment to providing quality legal education for working professionals.

While the Pace Law community takes pride in its strong performance across law school rankings, it recognizes that numbers only tell part of the story. The school has built an international reputation through its robust experiential learning opportunities, community impact, and specialty programs like environmental law.

Is It Hard To Get Into Pace Law School?

With an acceptance rate of 51.6%, it strikes a balance between accessibility and selectivity. This figure suggests that the school carefully reviews its applicants, seeking those who not only have strong academic credentials but also bring a diverse array of experiences and perspectives to their law program. 

Pace School of Law Admission Requirements

When preparing your application for Pace School of Law, it’s important to ensure that each component is completed with care and attention to detail. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the law school requirements:

1. Online Law School Application

First, complete the online application through the LSAC. This system makes it easy for you to submit all the required information. Should you encounter any accessibility hurdles, LSAC provides resources to assist you. Note that the application fee is waived for the Spring 2024 cycle, easing the initial financial commitment.

2. Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement is an opportunity to showcase your individuality, professional goals, and the distinct experiences that have propelled you toward a career in law. It should directly address your readiness for legal studies at Pace Law and how your background will contribute to the diversity and dynamism of the student body. Craft this statement with clarity and purpose, ensuring it reflects your commitment to pursuing a legal education and a career that follows.

3. Resume

Your resume should be a comprehensive summary of your educational and professional history. Include any honors or awards, relevant work or volunteer experiences, leadership roles, and significant projects or research. The resume should not only enumerate your experiences but also provide a glimpse into the skills and attributes you’ve developed along the way, which will be advantageous in law school.

4. Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report

The CAS Report is an organized collection of your academic records. Ensure you request transcripts from every post-secondary institution you have attended to be sent to LSAC. This report will allow Pace Law’s Admissions Committee to assess your academic performance in a standardized format alongside other applicants.

5. LSAT or GRE Scores

Lastly, you’ll need to provide a valid LSAT or GRE score. These exams are integral to the admissions process as they offer a standardized measure of your critical thinking, analytical writing, and logical reasoning skills — all of which are vital for success in law school.

An instructor holding a paper and talking to his students- Pace Law School

What LSAT Score Do I Need For Pace Law School?

To secure a place at Pace Law School, your LSAT score is pivotal in the admissions process. To be a strong candidate for admission, applicants need a Pace Law School LSAT score within the school’s 25th-75th percentile range of 150-154. The median LSAT score for students entering Pace Law is 152. 

While the LSAT is not the only factor in admissions decisions, it provides a standard measurement of an applicant’s logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and reading comprehension skills. For more detailed statistics and applicant profiles, consider visiting resources such as Law School Numbers, which provide a wealth of information on law school admissions.

What is the GPA for Pace Law School?

To be a strong applicant for admission to Pace Law School, candidates generally need an undergraduate GPA within the 25th-75th percentile range of 3.08-3.62. The median GPA for students entering Pace Law is 3.39.

Even though there are no Pace Law School GPA requirements, applicants aiming for admission should strive to achieve grades within Pace’s typical GPA range. While a competitive GPA is important, applicants should remember that it is one component among many in presenting a comprehensive application profile.

Pace Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-Time (JD) Part-Time (JD)
Tuition $52,778 $39,604
Student Activity Fee $90 $60
Institutional Fee $658 $636
Technology Fee $210 $120
University Health Service Fee $150 None
Total $53,886 $40,420

For a JD, full-time students at Pace Law School pay $52,778 per year, while part-time students pay $39,604 in tuition. However, the entire cost might vary depending on living expenditures, books, and supplies. Law school scholarships are available to students based on their merit or financial need, and these funds do not need to be repaid. 

While law school loans are often necessary to cover excess expenses, students should pursue scholarships. Scholarships from Pace Law and external organizations can significantly lower reliance on education debt. Pace Law aims to provide access to an excellent legal education for students from diverse backgrounds. By pursuing scholarships, grants, and federal loan assistance, prospective students can make law school an affordable investment in their future.

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Pace Law School’s admission process is meticulous, focusing on a candidate’s academic achievements and potential for legal innovation. The admissions team values a well-rounded application. This approach ensures that those admitted have the capability to excel academically and contribute significantly to the legal field, particularly in specializations like environmental and international law.

Stay informed on application timelines and requirements, and consider engaging in activities that showcase your commitment to legal and societal issues, particularly in areas where Pace Law excels.