Guide for Future Law School Students: Ohio State Law School Ranking and Admission Requirements


The Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University is consistently listed among the best law schools in the United States. As part of a major public institution, Ohio State Law School provides students access to various joint degree programs and practical learning opportunities. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Ohio State Law School ranking, programs offered, admission requirements, OSU Law School acceptance rate, and reputation.

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About Ohio State University Law School

The Moritz College of Law is the law school of Ohio State University, one of the largest universities in the country. As part of a world-class educational institution, Moritz has established itself as one of the top public law schools in the United States.

Founded in 1891, Moritz Law School has a long legacy of excellence in legal education. It is consistently ranked the #1 law school in Ohio. With around 570 students and over 50 faculty members, Moritz fosters a collaborative learning environment.

The school also emphasizes practical legal training. Moritz School of Law operates over 25 clinic programs that allow students to gain hands-on experience working on actual civil, criminal, and administrative cases. Additional experiential learning options include externships, simulation courses, and pro bono service.

With strong academics and real-world preparation, Moritz School of Law students go on to successful careers nationwide. Its 11,000 alumni include lawyers and leaders in private practice, government, the judiciary, business, and academia.

Programs Offered at Ohio State University School of Law

Juris Doctor (JD) Program

The JD program offers over 25 areas of study for students to specialize in. Moritz Law School faculty consists of top experts in their fields. The areas of study include: 

  • Administrative Law 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution 
  • Civil Rights 
  • Clinics and Experiential Learning 
  • Commercial and Consumer Law 
  • Constitutional Law 
  • Corporate Law 
  • Criminal Law 
  • Education Law and Policy 
  • Election Law, etc.

Dual-Degree Programs

Ohio State University is a top research university that offers many different programs. Moritz students can choose from four joint-degree programs: 

  • JD/MBA with Fisher College of Business 
  • JD/MHA with the College of Public Health
  • JD/MA in public policy with John Glenn College of Public Affairs 
  • JD/MD with College of Medicine.

Master of Laws (LLM) Program

The LLM program is for foreign law graduates and lawyers who want to advance their legal education and careers. Through seminars and journal participation, students can also improve their legal analysis, research, and writing abilities. They can pursue a general curriculum or specialize in one of six academic concentrations.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate or Business Law
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Law
  • International and Comparative Law
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Employment and Labor Law

Master in the Study of Law (MSL) Program

The MSL program is for professionals who work with the law or want to gain legal knowledge for career advancement. The MSL program provides a strong foundation for future growth and offers concentrations in areas like:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Compliance
  • Health Law
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Law

Regardless of your professional aspirations, Ohio State University School of Law offers a diverse range of programs to assist you in attaining them. For those seeking a comprehensive tool to explore and connect with others, Law School Numbers is the ultimate platform for prospective law school applicants.

Is Ohio State a Good Law School?

When evaluating law schools, key indicators include bar passage rates and employment outcomes. Based on these metrics, Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law is one of the top options for legal education nationwide.

Moritz students perform very well on the bar exam. For first-time test takers in 2021, the school’s bar passage rate was 93.7%. This significantly exceeds the 79.2% bar pass rate across all U.S. states. Strong preparation in core legal topics helps set up Moritz grads for bar exam success.

Employment outcomes for recent graduates also showcase Moritz’s strengths. For the Class of 2021, 94.4% of graduates were employed in full-time legal positions 10 months after graduation. This employment rate is well above the national law school average. Even at graduation, nearly 75% of 2021 Moritz grads had jobs secured.

Aside from the diverse programs that Ohio State Law School offers, the school provides students with a high-quality legal education and excellent career preparation. For those interested in attending Moritz College of Law, be aware of the LSAT test dates to better prepare for the exam. 

2023-2024 Ohio State Law School Ranking

Law School Program Rankings Rank
Best Law Schools (tie) 22
Business/Corporate Law (tie) 44
Clinical Training (tie) 78
Constitutional Law (tie) 24
Contracts/Commercial Law (tie) 35
Criminal Law (tie) 15
Dispute Resolution (tie) 2
Environmental Law (tie) 42
Health Care Law (tie) 15
Intellectual Property Law (tie) 51
International Law (tie) 58
Legal Writing (tie) 32
Tax Law (tie) 50
Trial Advocacy (tie) 40

The exceptional reputation of Ohio State University Moritz College of Law is well-established, as it consistently secures a prominent position among the top law schools nationwide. In fact, in U.S. News‘ most recent ranking for 2023, Ohio State Law School proudly stands at number 22 overall. This places Moritz in the top tier of U.S. law schools.

Ohio State also claims high ranks in specialty law programs. The school is tied for the #15 spot in Criminal Law rankings. Additionally, Moritz ties for the #2 Dispute Resolution program among law schools nationwide. These law school rankings reflect the strength of Ohio State’s academic offerings for JD students. 

Ohio State University Law School Acceptance Rate

The Ohio State Law School acceptance rate stands at 37.1% for 2022 entering class. Competition for admission is steep because of the quality of education and opportunities Ohio State provides. Applicants who wish to secure a spot at this prestigious public law school must showcase academic excellence, leadership skills, and motivation to study law. Take advantage of our LSAT prep resources to maximize your chances of acing the exam and getting into your dream law school.

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Ohio State Law School Requirements

Here’s an overview of everything you’ll need to submit your application and improve your chances of admission.

  1. Official Transcripts: You will require transcripts or academic records from all the colleges you have attended.

  2. The Application and Fee: You have to fill out an admission application and pay a $60 fee. The price is $70 if you are applying from another country.

  3. Resume: Keep it between 1-3 pages and make it relevant to law school.

  4. Personal Statement: Write a compelling law school personal statement to make your application stand out. Make it 2-3 pages long. Present your background, passions, and reasons for pursuing law in an authentic way. Show how you’ll contribute to the law school community.

  5. Optional Essays: If you have experience in leadership, have contributed to diverse settings, or are committed to the public interest, you can write optional essays about these topics.

  6. Two Letters of Recommendation: These should ideally come from faculty if you’re a current student or a recent graduate. Aim to get a law school letter of recommendation from professors who gave you high marks and can detail your intellectual strengths. Or ask managers from jobs or internships who can vouch for your work ethic, integrity, and potential as a lawyer.

  7. Character and Fitness: Fill this out carefully, as it’s a key part of your application.

What LSAT Score Do I Need For Ohio State?

To be a strong candidate for admission at Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, applicants need to have competitive LSAT scores. For students entering in 2021, the 25th-75th percentile LSAT score range was 159-166. The median LSAT score for Ohio State Law’s 2022 entering class was 164. 

Given the Ohio State Law School ranking and competitive acceptance rate, applicants should aim for an Ohio State LSAT score of 164 or higher. Students who meet or exceed Ohio State’s target score range demonstrate academic abilities aligned with the rigor of law school classes. This sets them up for success in the selective admissions process.

What GPA Do You Need to Get Into OSU Law School?

The 25th-75th percentile GPA range of 2022 entering class was 3.58-3.95. The median GPA was 3.86. It’s important to note that most admitted students have GPAs within the published 25th-75th percentile range. Outliers may get accepted below 3.58, but most admitted students land in the 3.58-3.95 range.

Ohio State University Law School Tuition And Financial Aid

Expenses Ohio Resident Nonresident
Tuition $34,040 $49,292
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $3,090 $3,090
Living Expenses, including Food and Housing $15,372 $15,372
Miscellaneous Expenses $3,210 $3,210
Transportation $1,404 $1,404
Loan Fees $196 $196
OSU Health Insurance** $3,530 $3,530
Total $59,842 $74,094

Ohio State Law School tuition of $34,040 per year for residents is one of the cheapest options among top law schools. They also offer merit law school scholarships based on factors like GPA and LSAT scores. The Moritz Scholars Program gives full-tuition scholarships to top applicants. 

Students can also get federal loans and need-based grants. The school aims to help students with financial need. Numerous students choose to engage in part-time employment throughout the school year or commit to full-time work during summer breaks to finance their education. Most students can afford law school at Ohio State University through scholarships, loans, and work.

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As you weigh your options for law school, consider all that Ohio State Law School offers. With various programs, from JD admissions to dual-degree programs and specialized master’s, there’s a path here for everyone.

The Ohio State Law School Ranking is another major perk. These rankings reflect Moritz’s strengths in delivering a rigorous legal education, pioneering faculty research, abundant experiential learning opportunities, and strong career outcomes for graduates.

Start preparing for the LSAT by taking advantage of our LSAT Free Consultation. This will provide personalized advice, helping you understand your strengths and areas for improvement. If you’re seeking a top-caliber legal education from a premier public law school, Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law is an exceptional choice.